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B2B, B2C, PPC, ROI, CPM, ROAS - we’re experts on all the acronyms. More important, though, we’re a top lead generation marketing company that’s here to help you define and execute your goals to get the results you’re looking for.


How our digital marketing firm generates leads

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Social media marketing paid advertising campaigns

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Ad copy creation, content themes, and messaging guidelines

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Consultation, marketing strategy, and account audits

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Reporting, analytics, A/B testing, and optimizations

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Campaign builds and management across all platforms

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Re-marketing and conversion tactics

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Marketing automations, funnel creation, and insight

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Extensive experience in B2B, B2C, PPC, display, video, and mobile advertising

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What clients say about us


What can I possibly say about the llamas to do this justice? What started as hiring Llama Lead Gen to put together and implement a social media ad campaign strategy, morphed into them essentially becoming our all around marketing ninjas. To date, they've done everything from build out our ad campaigns, create landing pages, schedule organic social media posts, quickly whip up campaigns to drive new opportunities with our database, joined potential client calls, etc.


Llama Lead Gen has also collaborated with multiple members of our team, almost as if they are fully integrated into the company. It's been an absolutely wonderful experience. LLG has impressed on every level. And this is coming from someone who has worked with WAY too many agencies on the marketing front, and have always been disappointed in one way or another. So far, not a complaint in the world.


Anyone hiring Adam and his team at Llama Lead Gen is in amazing hands. Can't promise I won't keep them very busy though and limit their free time for other projects :)

Justin Beegel Image
Justin Beegel

President @ Infographic World


Adam Yaeger and his team, Llama Lead Gen is an incredible asset to our Ad Council team. We needed someone to jump in to manage all of our Reddit campaigns. Adam was super reliable and always there to answer any questions that we had throughout the process.


They are incredibly savvy in managing our campaigns from start to finish. LLG helped us launch 3 very successful AMAs (Ask Me Anything). All of our campaigns were successful. Because of Llama Lead Gen's management of the media - we spent our budgets in full, had low CPMs, and reached our objectives. Their end-of-campaign reports they provided were exceptional.


They were our teammates through and through. I'm looking forward to working together with Adam in the future.

laurie keith

VP of Media @ Ad Council


Llama Lead Gen's knowledge is evident and they are very willing to test new strategies and approaches. We saw fantastic performance on a number of campaigns, AMAs, and were successful in launching beta campaigns and non-English creatives testings.


Adam and team are consistently quick to respond with clear and thorough answers and is a pleasure to work with. Having Adam in a meeting means you will quickly identify the ask, proposed solution, and plan; making each meeting efficient for everyone involved. Adam's clarity, speed, and depth of knowledge separate him from the rest. I'm convinced Adam does not have bad days. 

Kira Federer

Director of Marketing @ Reddit


Llama Lead Gen helped the end client achieve over 66 million impressions and maintain an efficient CTR on their delivered media. As a result, the client became a part of the top three traffic-driving platforms for the end client. Moreover, the vendor was transparent with their post-campaign report.

The communication is concise and seamless. My experience working with the Llama Lead Gen team is very enjoyable. I especially appreciated the transparency in post-campaign reporting and what was shared back with clients.

Hunter Mejaly

Senior Account Executive @ TikTok

campaign spotlight

Ad Council Covid Marketing Campaign


How many vaccinations does a billion impressions get you?

Discover how Llama Lead Gen worked with the Ad Council to inform and educate vaccine-hesitant audiences about the COVID-19 vaccine and drive traffic to reputable sources from which to conduct research in one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.

Learn from our digital marketing experts

Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn Advertising Illustration

LinkedIn is likely the most powerful tool in your lead generation arsenal. LLG is led by Adam Yaeger, an ex-LinkedIn marketer, so we’re well suited to show you how to get the most out of your LinkedIn advertising.

Ultimate Guide_Marketing Automation_Hero Illustration-02.png

Marketing automation allows you and your company more time to concentrate energy and creativity on other activities that increase revenue. In this marketing automation 101, we will discuss marketing automation platforms and tactics and how you can use them to boost your bottom line.

Marketing Campaign Budget Illustration

Sometimes budgeting can be confusing, and even a little scary. Luckily, you have this step-by-step guide to help you create a budget and translate your campaign's goals into tangible numbers.

Featured case studies

B2B SaaS Case Study Illustration

See how we generated 2,800+ qualified leads for an HR talent management company while becoming their outsourced CMO.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Illustration

Discover how we achieved a 12% conversion rate for a B2B pharma marketing campaign and 140+% follower growth by implementing paid ad lead generation campaigns.

Case Studies Epilogue-01.png

Garnered an overall CTR of 1.09% from our LinkedIn ad campaigns, as well as 490 qualified leads. 

We’re proud of our clients


Award Winning Digital Marketing

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What clients say about us


Llama Lead Gen ran our Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns. They started by leading an audit of our channels and then implemented recommendations based on the audit results. I liked that Adam used to work at LinkedIn because we lacked that expertise. After the initial results, I felt confident to let Adam run with the project. We've learned a lot, especially leveraging LinkedIn for campaigns. We performed lots of A/B testing, running hundreds and hundreds of campaigns. it added rigor and effectiveness to each campaign.


They’re open to whatever communication methods we asked for. Llama Lead Gen had a small team that allowed them to add a personal touch. They were accountable, engaged, and responsive. They were flexible with time zone differences. Adam would make himself available at crazy times of the evening for us. Llama Lead Gen is an organization that I plan to stay close with because you never know when you’ll need additional help.

Negin Kamangar

Head of SMB Marketing @ Cornerstone OnDemand


Adam and his team has played a crucial part in building Versive's digital marketing footprint. LLG worked with us to build out a full marketing strategy and game-plan for the types of platforms we should run on, appropriate budget, target audience, and even taught our team about different advertising and digital media metrics to watch out for. In addition, the llamas also worked to craft our messaging, worked alongside our designer to generate our creatives, A/B tested, and set up our conversion tracking.


Llama Lead Gen is great at communication and highly skilled at what they does. Throughout our time working together I felt at ease that they were in the driver's seat, walking us through every step of the way, and keeping us updated on ways to improve. I would highly recommend working with Adam and team to scale your team and company's digital marketing!

Jennifer Fowler

Director of Marketing @ Versive (now eSentire)


Stellar provider. LLG was strategic, experienced, professional and a great asset to our campaign. We feel lucky that we found Adam on Upwork. We are looking forward to working with them more. We recommend Adam and Llama Lead Gen to anyone especially targeting Linkedin as a platform.​

Adam is a very intelligent, creative thinker that obviously loves what he is doing. It is not common to find someone that has a powerful balance of professionalism, creativity and know-how. On top of all that Adam is very personable and a great person to deal with. I have no reservations recommending Adam!

Serhat Pala

CEO @ Test Country


Llama Lead Gen worked with us on a lead generation campaign using LinkedIn. They built out the campaigns from scratch, including defining the audience, keywords, creating the ads, creating the lead forms, and optimizing campaigns.


Adam and team are great at keeping me informed of what he is working on, progress to milestones, plans for optimization, and program results. Based on our positive results with LinkedIn, we've expanded LLG's scope of work to include Google Adwords and Facebook ads for lead generation.

Janel Ahrens

VP of Marketing @ Betts Recruiting


Llama Lead Gen's team comprised of specialists who were brought in as needed. Some of the areas covered were editing and publishing case studies, eBooks and other material, setting up our Marketing Automation/CRM system (Hubspot), sequence generation, etc. The composition changed as the project progressed.


However, we always had a single point of contact no matter who was handling the specific deliverable from Llama Lead Gen's team or ours. We were impressed with the fact that Adam and his team were ready to work with a broad scope which they helped break down into manageable chunks that could then be fine-tuned as needed. LLG acted as our stand-in digital marketing head all through and continues to do so.

Gopalakrishnan Satish

CEO @ Connixt


Adam and his team have helped us deliver successful results for our clients. When our clients see great results, they expand their contracts with us. These successful campaigns have driven 10x revenue growth from several of our clients, which is outstanding.


LLG assists in asset strategy, copywriting, creative building, pixel integration, and more. Adam and his team have awesome communication. They are very responsive and are great with setting expected deadlines (and exceeding them). They have a lot of processes in place that make the workflow during campaign planning very simple. I'm continuously impressed with their ability to take minimal direction and put a stellar campaign together.


Adam's expertise in paid LinkedIn advertising is unmatched! I'm very impressed with how knowledgeable he is on the platform, best practices, and nuances of LinkedIn lead gen ads. I was also very impressed with the quality of work. He has definitely surrounded himself with a great team of designers and copywriters and their quality of work really stood out to me. They are the best B2B paid social agency I've ever worked with!

Peter Sidney

Co-Founder and COO @ Relevize


I’m very pleased with the overall marketing campaign and strategy. Honestly, you guys are doing a phenomenal job. I’m particularly excited to see all the new Meta “likes” of the OneV page (ie. new followers we’ll be able to reach with future posts) and all the YouTube views. Thank you so much.

Allen Feliz
Co-Founder and Executive Director @ OneV
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