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What's The Deal With The llamas

Llama Lead Gen was founded by Adam Yaeger while traveling around the world with a work/travel program called Remote Year. The name of his group was the Denali Llamas, and having spent significant time in South America, the llama made a memorable mark on him - literally and figuratively. 


Llama Lead Gen isn’t just a catchy name and cool logo - it’s a symbol of the birth of a global strategic marketing business at an exciting time in the evolving world of work as we know it. We have grown from an army of one to a global alliance of experienced marketers who are excited to tackle your marketing goals and challenges with you.


🦙 Llama fun fact: They are highly intelligent, easily navigate the rockiest terrain and the highest altitudes, and they don’t bite!

Meet The Llamas

Adam Yaeger.

Adam Yaeger

Lead Llama | Founder & CEO, Results-Driven Digital Marketer

Brooklyn, NY, USA

I’m a digital marketing professional with years of experience working at LinkedIn helping advertisers implement their social media marketing and lead generation campaigns. I've also worked at Microsoft's ad agency as well as a video ad server, and have managed big brand accounts such as Mercedes, Macy's, Burger King, and many more!


I have extensive experience providing strategy, consultation, execution, and implementation of social media ad campaigns across all channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

Fun fact: I traveled around the world for a year, devouring the world's food supply one country at a time 😋

Meet Our Global Llama Herd


Dom Cabal

Digital Marketing Director

Chicago, IL, USA

Dominick Cabal is a digital marketing professional with 10 years of experience in agency and ad-tech knowledge.  He has experience working strategically, tactically and managerially in both paid and organic digital media as well as traditional and event marketing, often acting as a translator and facilitator between the creative, analytics, data, and client services departments.

Fun Fact: Despite his Filipino face and American nationality, his soul yearns to be Colombian. ¿Qué más pues parce?


Sona Hovhannisyan

Project Manager

Yerevan, Armenia

A marketing project manager with over 8 years of experience in marketing and project management, who has worked at all levels of companies from large corporates to early-stage start-ups. Organization and time management are among my top skills according to my coworkers. My motto is "Plans are nothing, but planning is everything!"

Fun Fact: I used to speak 5 languages fluently - English, Armenian, Russian, French and German!


Konstantinos Ntoukakis​

SEO Director

Dublin, Ireland

Coming from a software and SaaS background, I took my first SEO courses at UC Davis and never looked back. For the biggest part of the last decade, I combined my marketing & technical expertise to help startups and SMBs create content, run professional websites, and be found on Google by their target customers. At Llama Lead Gen I put these very skills to work for our startup, enterprise, and SMB clients alike.

Fun Fact: Within 5 years I’ve visited over 10 countries and lived in 4 different ones!

IMG_8522 2.JPG

Cassie Gonzales

Senior Designer and UX Lead

Toronto, Canada

I'm an Art Director and Product Designer with over a decade of experience in the digital landscape, passionate about crafting delightful solutions that are clean, intuitive, and fresh — and always with a smile 😄

Fun Fact: I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with bubble tea...


Victor Larranaga

Digital Marketing Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

I'm a digital marketer from Brazil, experienced in Social Media, Media Buying, and Design. I've worked with (almost) all of the current digital platforms available, developing, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns for a large number of clients within the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, and Technology markets. I'm a hard-working, disciplined, detail-oriented, and agile worker that's looking forward to helping out your business.

Fun Fact: I was a regional swimming champion in Brazil when I was younger. Also, huge nerd/video-game fanatic here.


Sonny McWilliam

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Atlanta, GA, USA

I am an enthusiastic and creative digital marketer located in Atlanta, GA. I have a background in agency & account management and specialize in sales operations, CRM, & marketing automation strategy.

Fun Fact: I collect kitchen gadgets and have a full cabinet dedicated just to them.


Dan Greenberg

Senior Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada

With over 20 years of experience solving problems in the software industry, Dan brings many technical skills to the table, including software development and project management. Having worked with many teams across many different companies and industries, Dan has a broad understanding of business requirements balanced with technical know-how to solve complex problems in technology.

Fun fact: I used to moonlight as a professional musician once upon a time.

Chatta Falls Pic.jpg

Ben Chimento

Director Of Paid Search

Atlanta, Georgia

I'm a paid search expert with agency and freelance experience in the automotive + service provider niche's. My primary focus is on Google Ads; Although, I've also led multiple projects between development and Social Media marketing teams to create new product offerings

Fun Fact: I'm an animal lover with 1 cat, 2 dogs, 10 chickens and a love-hate relationship with hiking.


Maria Cruz

Marketing Automation Manager

Tuscon, AZ

Over 10+ years of hands-on experience setting up complex, integrated campaigns within Marketo. I have worked with clients to provide Marketing Automation expertise regarding their campaign operational plan such as best practices in creating email templates, assisting with forms and landing page set up, configuring cloud connectors, integrating data with a DMP and a CRM. I have experience configuring complex dynamic content, lead scoring and progressive profiling.

Fun Fact: My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. We always do family themed costumes. 

Francia_Fun Photo.jpeg

Jon Francia

Content Marketing Manager

Chicago, IL

I am a content marketer. Content marketing. Best content marketer. B2B content marketing. What is content marketing? (Sorry for the lousy SEO joke) Outside of conquesting keywords and crafting brand voices, I have hit a decade of marketing experience spanning prominent to mid-tiered agencies and brand direct. From crafting dynamic email flows to thumb-stopping copy, know that your viewers will pay attention to your message.

Fun Fact: Not the greatest singer, but I found some of my favorite people around the world in a karaoke bar! Join the queue with me! 


Melissa Wickes

Content Marketing Manager

New York, NY, USA

My obsession with words and editorial experience have brought me into the copywriting world, while simultaneously forcing me to proofread the labels on all of my soda bottles and my menus. I love helping others turn their ideas into digestible and engaging content and I look forward to doing the same for your business.

Fun Fact: I was a real-life Troy Bolton in high school in that I rehearsed for the school musical in my uniform before playing in basketball games.


Pepper Coe

Senior Content Marketer

Tulsa, OK, USA

I'm a marketing specialist with over ten years of experience developing comprehensive marketing strategies and managing campaigns for both the publishing and tradeshow industries and my experience spans from digital marketing strategy to more traditional marketing campaigns like direct mail and event management. I began my career as a marketing strategist for Gartner where I assisted clients in overall marketing strategy development. Love to work on SEO and marketing automation workflows but I'm happy to help you achieve your goals on whatever medium fits best!

Fun Fact: When I'm not working with you, I'm usually working with high school and college football teams to train their players using my virtual reality mobile app, 2MinuteDrill. If you ever want to talk football, I'm your guy!


Holly Grace Callis


London, UK

A copywriter for five years, Holly has experience working for some of the biggest bands in tech, HR, and finance across the globe before joining the Llama Lead Gen team. With a love of literature and crafting the written word, Holly's biggest career ambition is to write a bestselling crime novel --- watch this space! 

Fun Fact: I spend half the year in Mexico and love learning Spanish.

Fun_Silly Photo.JPG

Robbie Medina

Social Media Manager

Stroudsburg, PA

I’m a social media and community manager with years of experience working at several non-profit organizations to guide them in building stronger communities and communicating more efficiently. I’m passionate about sharing how genuine connections can make a long lasting impact, and I love helping others build relationships with people from all around the world!

Fun Fact: In college, I was known as “Mr. Music” for not only being a huge music head but for also busting out some intense freestyle moves whenever a dance floor was near. I’m here if you ever want to listen to something new!


Corey Brausch Hurley

Director of Organic Social

Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Over a decade of professional social media experience (management, marketing, content). I started off as a photographer, using social media to grow my business and build my clientele. I then stepped into the yoga studio space and began trying my hand at content creation and social media management. Eventually, I became a marketing manager at a startup in Charlotte, NC where I was deep into the marketing world, but realized creating content and managing social media pages is where my passion resided, especially when it came to using organic strategies to build communities and relationships with others utilizing social media tools. I have been a social media agency owner since 2018! 

Fun Fact: Is a Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher.


Debbie Wong

Digital Marketing Manager

Chicago, IL

Debbie is a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 8 years of dynamic experience across agencies, ad tech firms, and renowned brands. Over the past 6 years, she has carved her niche in the world of paid social, overseeing campaign strategy, refining testing approaches, and conducting insightful analyses of performance data. In her last role with a music company, Debbie oversaw the comprehensive analysis of growth across both paid and organic social activities!

Fun Fact: I am an artist by the name of beetlebob and have painted murals in NY, Chicago, and even Medellin, Colombia!

silly photo.jpg

Adriana Acosta

Content & Brand Strategist

San Clemente, CA

I have 10+ years of marketing experience and love all things digital marketing! I’ve executed tactics to build brand value & trust, developed smart and culturally relevant content strategies with a hyper-focus on driving revenue and audience growth at scale. I’ve worked at Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, The New York Times, and Conde Nast.

Fun Fact: I am a huge Swiftie!


Angelica Guadalupe

Organic Social Media Manager

New York, NY

I’ve gained a love for social media marketing and content creation. I have worked with multiple agencies for the past 3+ years crafting niche content for influencers, realtors, recruiters, lawyers, designers, copywriters, and more. My copywriting skills, strategist skills, and creation skills are high, and my determination to help others build a voice for themselves and their brand is even higher. 

Fun Fact: I run my own nutrition and wellness counseling business, Purposely Angelica, which is a huge passion of mine. I have two dogs that are my life & I almost always have a cold brew in hand. When I’m not working, you can catch me at my gym taking dance classes for fun!


George Metaxas

UI/UX Designer

Melbourne, Australia

Lauren Fellure LyteYear Digital Marketing SEO, Paid Social, Mobile Growth_edited.jpg

Lauren Fellure​

SEO and SEM Director

Denver, Colorado


Joanna Formella

Google Ads Manager

Dublin, Ireland


Etrit Haxhiu

Creative Director

Prishtina, Kosovo


Natalia Wieczorek

Paid Ads Specialist

London, UK


Jason Brody

Senior Copywriter

Los Angeles, California

Artboard 1 copy 33_2x_edited.png

Ana Novoselova

Graphic Designer



Weston Rothchild

Digital Marketing Manager

San Diego, California

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 4.55.08 PM.png

Selena Cintron


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Nicole Slovenia.jpg

Nicole Stirling

Email Marketing and Automation Specialist

Brisbane, Australia

fun pic.jpeg

Mikail Khan

Digital Marketing Manager

Hyderabad, India


Marcelo Narvaez

Comment Moderator - Spanish Language

Envigado, Colombia


Berlyn Komar

Influencer Marketing


San Clemente, California


Selvam Periyasamy

Performance Marketing Analyst

Toronto, Canada


Candace Vidyanand

Email Marketing Strategist

Durban, KZN, South Africa

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