What's The Deal With The llamas

Llama Lead Gen was founded by Adam Yaeger while traveling around the world with a work/travel program called Remote Year. The name of his group was the Denali Llamas, and having spent significant time in South America, the llama made a memorable mark on him - literally and figuratively. 


Llama Lead Gen isn’t just a catchy name and cool logo - it’s a symbol of the birth of a global strategic marketing business at an exciting time in the evolving world of work as we know it. We have grown from an army of one to a global alliance of experienced marketers who are excited to tackle your marketing goals and challenges with you.


🦙 Llama fun fact: They are highly intelligent, easily navigate the rockiest terrain and the highest altitudes, and they don’t bite!

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Meet The Llamas

Adam Yaeger

Lead Llama | Founder & CEO, Results-Driven Digital Marketer

Brooklyn, NY, USA

I’m a digital marketing professional with years of experience working at LinkedIn helping advertisers implement their social media marketing and lead generation campaigns. I've also worked at Microsoft's ad agency as well as a video ad server, and have managed big brand accounts such as Mercedes, Macy's, Burger King, and many more!


I have extensive experience providing strategy, consultation, execution, and implementation of social media ad campaigns across all channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

Fun fact: I traveled around the world for a year, devouring the world's food supply one country at a time 😋

Meet Our Global Llama Herd

Sonny McWilliam

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Atlanta, GA, USA

I am an enthusiastic and creative digital marketer located in Atlanta, GA. I have a background in agency & account management and specialize in sales operations, CRM, & marketing automation strategy.

Fun Fact: I collect kitchen gadgets and have a full cabinet dedicated just to them.

Melissa Wickes

Content Marketing Manager

New York, NY, USA

My obsession with words and editorial experience have brought me into the copywriting world, while simultaneously forcing me to proofread the labels on all of my soda bottles and my menus. I love helping others turn their ideas into digestible and engaging content and I look forward to doing the same for your business.

Fun Fact: I was a real-life Troy Bolton in high school in that I rehearsed for the school musical in my uniform before playing in basketball games.

Cassie Gonzales

Senior UI/UX Designer

Toronto, Canada

I'm an Art Director and Product Designer with over a decade of experience in the digital landscape, passionate about crafting delightful solutions that are clean, intuitive, and fresh — and always with a smile 😄

Fun Fact: I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with bubble tea...

Weston Rothchild

Digital Marketing Manager

San Diego, CA,  USA

I'm a digital marketer with a background in eCommerce and lead generation. I love building and optimizing to help businesses achieve marketing success. My expertise is with Facebook ads; from copywriting and ad creatives to building, managing, and scaling campaigns.

Fun Fact: In a former life, I was an architect. After getting my degree and spending 2 years in the field, I decided to change course and pursue new adventures.


Pepper Coe

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Tulsa, OK, USA

I'm a marketing specialist with over ten years of experience developing comprehensive marketing strategies and managing campaigns for both the publishing and tradeshow industries and my experience spans from digital marketing strategy to more traditional marketing campaigns like direct mail and event management. I began my career as a marketing strategist for Gartner where I assisted clients in overall marketing strategy development. Love to work on SEO and marketing automation workflows but I'm happy to help you achieve your goals on whatever medium fits best!

Fun Fact: When I'm not working with you, I'm usually working with high school and college football teams to train their players using my virtual reality mobile app, 2MinuteDrill. If you ever want to talk football, I'm your guy!

Jason Brody

Senior Copywriter & Content Marketing Manager

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I’m a lifelong writer and storyteller who’s obsessed with bringing brand/company narratives into alignment. I have extensive experience creating content across a wide range of platforms for companies big and small, and thrive on elevating content to spur consumers toward those “aha, yes, this!” moments. A consulting client once called me a digital marketing Swiss Army knife and I’m happy to embrace that description—I love helping people get clarity on their “why” and figure out how to share it with the world! An OG New Yorker, I took a two-year turn roaming the earth, and currently call Los Angeles home.

Fun Fact: When I was a little kid I wanted to be a marine biologist. That definitely didn’t stick, but to this day I love the ocean and adventures in/on the sea!


Konstantinos Ntoukakis​

SEO Director

Dublin, Ireland

Coming from a software and SaaS background, I took my first SEO courses at UC Davis and never looked back. For the biggest part of the last decade, I combined my marketing & technical expertise to help startups and SMBs create content, run professional websites, and be found on Google by their target customers. At Llama Lead Gen I put these very skills to work for our startup, enterprise, and SMB clients alike.

Fun Fact: Within 5 years I’ve visited over 10 countries and lived in 4 different ones!


Joanna Formella

Google Ads Manager

Dublin, Ireland

I am a digital marketing consultant with years of experience in Google Ads and online marketing. Previously, I worked for Accenture@Google in Dublin, Ireland, where I helped identify ROI opportunities for large-scale e-commerce customers before advancing my career as a Google Ads instructor for new hires. Since 2017 I have been optimizing B2B, and B2C Google Ads accounts for clients from Europe (English and German), the GCC region, and the US as an independent consultant. One of my favorite areas to work on is Google Ads retargeting combined with display ads.

Fun Fact: I love organizing things like Marie Kondo, be it for work or at home. The one word that sounds like a melody to me is “project management”


Selvam Periyasamy

Performance Marketing Analyst

Toronto, Canada

I have 8+ years of experience with a strong focus in marketing analytics helping various clients in taking data driven decisions. Working with data is something that I have strong passion about and this led me to work as a mentor with Great Learning for one of their analytics programs.

Fun Fact: I am a movie buff who loves watching movies and TV shows on Netflix.


Berlyn Komar

Organic Social Media Manager

San Clemente, CA, USA

I'm a creative Photographer and Digital Marketing Specialist who specializes in Small Business Organic Growth with over 5 years of experience. I encourage brands to grow organically, be themselves, and build a community of lifelong customers.

Fun Fact: I'm one of 'those' Friends fans and can recite every single word of every single episode. 


Beliz Kirali

Digital Marketing Manager

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a Performance Marketing Analyst who loves to play with numbers and am motivated to make a difference.

Fun Fact: I get inspired by the power of music and I have a YouTube addiction.


Riya Jain

Executive Assistant & Operations

Hyderabad, India

I am 22 years old (I boast a little because people pamper me! :P). I am super tech-savvy and love exploring new ways to simplify complicated stuff. 

Fun Fact: I love animals more than humans. The only sport I am good at is Badminton. 


Nicole Stirling

Email Marketing and Automations Specialist

Brisbane, Australia

Don’t encourage me to talk about marketing because I can until we’re both blue in the face! I’m an all-rounder marketer who loves working for tech startups (because it’s such a fun and fast-paced space!). I have hands-on experience from strategy to execution including events, channel partner activities, product launches, sponsorships, webinars and virtual conferences, content creation, digital marketing and media relations.

Fun Fact: 3 years, 3 holidays and they’ve all included at last 1 marathon (sometimes 2!), a lot of park runs and a multi-day trail running tours.


George Metaxas

UI/UX Designer

Melbourne, Australia

I'm experienced in end-to-end UI/UX design bringing digital experiences to life and producing engaging design that gets leads and sells. I specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization and have a background in front-end development. 

Fun Fact: Big TV and movie nerd and co-hosted a drive home radio show back in the day.


Natalia Wieczorek

Digital Marketing Manager

London, UK

I'm an ex-Facebook marketer and educated in cultural anthropology. I've brought my passion for human culture to the marketing world through work at wonderful companies like Sumo, Facebook, and now Llama Lead Gen. Originally trained in Facebook advertising, I've loved exploring how other marketing channels (armed with in-depth data analytics!) can enhance and boost a business's growth.

Fun Fact: My two main loves in life are travel and musical theater, which is why I'm currently living in London: easy access to both!


Lauren Fellure​

SEO and SEM Manager

Denver, CO, USA

I specialize in SEO, paid social, paid search, mobile growth, and product marketing. Prior to consulting, I managed the launch of 15+ mobile apps and ran growth for a startup agency in Chicago. 

Fun Fact: I've lived out of my truck camper with my dog and boyfriend for the last 2 years, and have traveled from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost tip of Florida, and everywhere in between.


Amar Rehal

Google Ads and Analytics Manager

Chicago, IL, USA

My background as a network engineer, creative writer and business owner has given me the foundation to help businesses succeed in Google Ads and Analytics, a natural extension of my abilities. I've worked with a variety of clients: startups to mid size, B2B and B2C, eCommerce and local services. From detailed audit reports on how to improve current accounts to creating new campaigns targeted for your audience, I look forward to learning about your business and how we can help you succeed.

Fun Fact: I love film and write screenplays.


Selena Cintron


Bethlehem, PA, USA

I am a writer, social media manager, and marketer who has over seven years of experience. What started off as a few small gigs to make extra money on the side in college, turned out to be my full-time job. I love working from home, expanding my boundaries, and challenging myself daily. I work with individuals and companies who seek my experience to better market their services and/or products to their audience. My favorite part about the job is finding a balance between turning off my voice and adopting the voice of a brand. I am excited to see where my career takes me, one ad copy at a time!

Fun Fact: In elementary school, I used to watch Dr. 90210. I knew I wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon. Throughout middle and high school I would watch youtube videos on surgeries. When I went to college to first achieve my RN degree to help put my way through Med School, I found out Science and I do not get along and I no longer have the stomach for blood. I transferred and graduated from business school instead 😄

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