What's in a name?

Llama Lead Gen, besides its catchy moniker and cool logo, has a special meaning. I spent one year travelling around the world with a work/travel program called Remote Year and our group name was the Denali Llamas.


I formed Llama Lead Gen while travelling around the world, working remotely. The goal and mission of Llama Lead Gen are to be the strategic marketing arm for your business. We are experienced marketers excited to tackle your marketing goals and challenges with you!

Meet the Lead Llama


Adam Yaeger

Experienced Digital Marketer

      Brooklyn, NY

I’m a digital marketing professional with years of experience working at LinkedIn helping advertisers implement their social media marketing and lead generation campaigns. I've also worked at Microsoft's ad agency as well as a video ad server and have managed big brand accounts such as Mercedes, Macy's, Burger King, and many more!


I have extensive experience providing strategy, consultation, execution, and implementation of social media ad campaigns across all channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

Fun fact: I traveled around the world for a year, devouring the world's food supply one country at a time 😋

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Meet the rest of the Llamas

Melissa Wickes

Content Marketing Manager

    New York, USA

My obsession with words and editorial experience have brought me into the copywriting world, while simultaneously forcing me to proofread the labels on all of my soda bottles and my menus. I love helping others turn their ideas into digestible and engaging content and I look forward to doing the same for your business.

Fun fact:

I was a real-life Troy Bolton in high school in that I rehearsed for the school musical in my uniform before playing in basketball games.

Beliz Kirali​

Performance Marketing Analyst

    Istanbul, Turkey

I'm a Performance Marketing Analyst who loves to play with numbers and am motivated to make a difference.

Fun fact: 
I get inspired by the power of music and I have a YouTube addiction.

Lauren Fellure​

SEO and SEM Manager

    Denver, USA

I specialize in SEO, paid social, paid search, mobile growth, and product marketing. Prior to consulting, I managed the launch of 15+ mobile apps and ran growth for a startup agency in Chicago.

Fun fact: 
I've lived out of my truck camper with my dog and boyfriend for the last 2 years, and have traveled from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost tip of Florida, and everywhere in between.

Amar Rehal​

Google Ads and Analytics Manager

    Chicago, USA

My background as a network engineer, creative writer and business owner has given me the foundation to help businesses succeed in Google Ads and Analytics, a natural extension of my abilities. I've worked with a variety of clients: startups to mid size, B2B and B2C, eCommerce and local services. From detailed audit reports on how to improve current accounts to creating new campaigns targeted for your audience, I look forward to learning about your business and how we can help you succeed.

Fun fact: 
I love film and write screenplays.

Natalia Wieczorek

Digital Marketing Manager

    London, UK

I'm an ex-Facebook marketer and educated in cultural anthropology. I've brought my passion for human culture to the marketing world through work at wonderful companies like Sumo, Facebook, and now Llama Lead Gen. Originally trained in Facebook advertising, I've loved exploring how other marketing channels (armed with in-depth data analytics!) can enhance and boost a business's growth.

Fun fact: 

My two main loves in life are travel and musical theater, which is why I'm currently living in London: easy access to both!

George Metaxas​

UI/UX Designer

    Melbourne, Australia

I'm experienced in end-to-end UI/UX design bringing digital experiences to life and producing engaging design that gets leads and sells. I specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization and have a background in front-end development.

Fun fact:

Big TV and movie nerd and co-hosted a drive home radio show back in the day.

Nicole Stirling

Email Marketing and Automations Specialist 

    Brisbane, Australia

Don’t encourage me to talk about marketing because I can until we’re both blue in the face! I’m an all-rounder marketer who loves working for tech startups (because it’s such a fun and fast-paced space!). I have hands-on experience from strategy to execution including events, channel partner activities, product launches, sponsorships, webinars and virtual conferences, content creation, digital marketing and media relations.

Fun fact: 

3 years, 3 holidays and they’ve all included at last 1 marathon (sometimes 2!), a lot of park runs and a multi-day trail running tours.


Riya Jain

Executive Assistant & Operations 

    Hyderabad, India

I am 22 years old (I boast a little because people pamper me! :P). I am super tech-savvy and love exploring new ways to simplify complicated stuff.  

Fun fact: 

I love animals more than humans. The only sport I am good at is Badminton. 

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