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Want quality leads? Trying to kickstart your marketing efforts? Looking for strategic advice on how to market your product/service? 


Whatever your problem, we'll work with you to create an actionable game plan and clear steps to reach your goals.

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Digital Marketing Services

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Your full competitive audit and marketing strategy includes:

A seasoned digital marketing company, we work with you to create a holistic marketing strategy for your business goals and objectives. We’ll ensure that your marketing strategy is tailored to your specific industry and business goals.

Marketing strategy and consultation

  • Social media marketing strategy on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and more

  • Target demographic analysis on each platform

  • Competitive analysis - discover your competitors’ digital footprint

  • How to build your accounts and campaigns

  • Content themes and messaging breakdown/ideas for your product or brand

  • Platforms breakout - where to advertise and where your audience lives

  • Recommendations on how to create brand awareness through social media, content marketing, and organic marketing efforts

  • Lead gen strategies to move prospects through your sales pipeline

  • Campaign goals, KPIs, and estimated timelines

  • Paid advertising strategies and methodologies

  • Mapping out your daily/total budget, bids, and flights (dates)

  • Remarketing strategies, conversion optimizations, and A/B testing goals

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We delivered a holistic digital marketing strategy including competitive analysis, social media platforms to advertise on, organic marketing, and strategies to improve lead generation and drive qualified signups.


Campaign builds and execution

As an experienced B2B lead generation company made up of ex-LinkedIn and ex-Facebook marketers, we’re well versed in working with social media ad accounts across multiple platforms as well as multiple CRMs, chatbots, and email service providers. We specialize in building and executing integrated campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, Reddit, and more. There are few social media marketing puzzles our team can’t solve with its collective wisdom and experience. 

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Campaign buildout and execution services include:

  • Generating a consistent stream of high-quality B2B leads for your sales development

  • Paid advertising campaign builds and management

  • Creating milestones and timelines for each step 

  • Generating content themes based on the target audience’s needs and pain points, and the unique value proposition of your product or service 

  • Creating content marketing messaging, content, ad copy, CTAs, and images/videos/carousels to promote

  • Designing creative assets and/or tweaking mockups of existing ad creatives to promote 

  • Optimizations for your landing pages to include a clear CTA and messaging

  • Scoping out your target audiences - channel-specific targeting, lookalike audiences, and ABM lists

  • Bids, estimated reach, setting totals, and daily budgets

  • Budgeting and forecasting based on benchmarks for your industry

  • Installing pixels to gather data on target audiences and measure ROI and effectiveness of ad campaigns

  • Setting up conversion tracking actions and values to measure ROI and ROAS

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We built paid social media campaigns across a variety of channels. We also set up marketing automation chatbots and heat-mapping analysis to improve lead generation performance.

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Campaign management and optimization

Monitoring the numbers is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. Let us do it for you using custom reporting, analytics dashboards, and KPIs we align on to measure ROI and ROAS. We’ll also suggest remarketing and retargeting tactics to further engage leads through your sales funnel.

Campaign management and optimization services include:

  • Creative refreshes and ad copy edits and updates as we learn from the data

  • A/B testing images/videos, ad copy, and/or landing pages

  • Detailed reporting dashboards including key performance metrics, insights, and analytics

  • Reporting metrics based on analyzing the data 

  • Optimizations based on campaign goals

  • Nurture sequences for sales leads 

  • Suggestions for remarketing campaigns to test 

  • New strategies and demand generation ideas to take your campaigns to the next level!

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We provided B2B lead generation services and managed 12 of their LinkedIn and Google ad campaigns, monitoring ROI and ad effectiveness, running A/B tests, and optimizing based on benchmarks and KPIs we set forth from the beginning of each campaign.


Email Nurture Sequences, CRM, and Marketing Automation

There’s nothing like a well-oiled, automated marketing machine to ensure that campaigns run smoothly and all integrations are working. Without a clean and effective UX, you risk lead flow friction and potential customers dropping off. We’ll make sure there are zero obstacles to nurturing your leads through the funnel we create.

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Email Nurture Sequences, CRM, and Marketing Automation include:

  • Sales funnel creation and/or review

  • Setting up marketing automation pipelines to alert you as new leads come in

  • Crafting drip email nurture sequences that drive our target audience to take a specific action, whether that’s scheduling a demo, booking a call with a salesperson/you, registering for an event/webinar, or purchasing online 

  • Building Zapier connectors and integrations to ensure all systems talk to one another 

  • Making sure your CRM and funnels are set up correctly

  • Capturing all essential information and ensuring each lead goes through the sequence we create

  • CRM analysis and integrations, as well as pipeline, sales funnel, and overall CRM optimization

  • Building chatbots to reduce lead friction and further nurture prospects through the sales funnel 

  • Any additional automation that will enhance lead flow and reduce friction (heat-mapping tools, pop-up banners, slide-ins, etc.)

  • Ongoing CRM support and design of new emails (in your ESP) on an as-needed basis (usually per campaign)


Why should you work with Llama Lead Gen?

  • You want to save time and unburden your team with complex marketing strategies, digital marketing tactics, and execution they may not fully understand 

  • You haven't found the results you're looking for yet

  • You need to keep pace with fast-moving, savvy competitors

  • You lack the internal resources and expertise to carry out a successful digital marketing strategy

  • You want expert, results-oriented work that aligns with your business objectives

  • You place confidence in the fact that LLG is run by an ex-LinkedIn marketer and has been named one of the top digital marketing companies by Clutch

What you need to know

  • Our best customers understand the power of digital advertising and know that it takes time to perfect

  • This should be seen as a long-term part of your marketing strategy, not a quick fix

  • The leads that come from one strategy will be different than the leads you get from another; the best marketing programs include a mix of effective strategies, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket

  • If you’re bargain hunting for leads or expect to see ROI faster than your normal sales process (i.e., you have a typical sales cycle of 9 months, but want to see revenue within the first 3-4 months), LLG is probably not for you

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?

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