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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for B2Bs

Not getting enough leads from Google? Losing valuable website visits to your competitors? We've heard it all and we're ready to help!


Llama Lead Gen can help you increase your website traffic and conversions with a B2B SEO strategy specifically designed for your business. From strategy to execution, we've helped B2B companies across all verticals to find the SEO success they deserve.

How Llama Lead Gen can help you reach
your Search Engine Optimization objectives?

Understand How Your Competitors Get Traffic From Google

Create a Unique Content Marketing Strategy That brings Quality Traffic to Your Website

Optimize Your Website and Content for Google

our Search engine optimization resources

The Ultimate Guide to B2B SEO showcases the best strategies for getting customers from Google, answers frequently asked questions, and shows you how to create a B2B SEO strategy step-by-step.

Our SEO process

Technical SEO is one of the most important parts of SEO that often goes unnoticed. Your website need to be crawlable and indexable to even have a chance at ranking on Google, and that's why the first step of our process is to perform a thorough website audit.

Website and content Audit

A content audit is necessary in order to determine whether your website and business blog content should be kept as-is, updated, deleted or consolidated. If you are like most B2B companies, chances are that you spent a significant amount of time and money on creating your website and content. Carrying out a detailed audit of your audit and Google rankings is the first step in increasing your content ROI and bring more traffic to your website.

Search competitor analysis

Before we proceed with your website and content optimization, we first need to identify your search competitors. These consist of any websites that are competing for your desired keywords in organic search, and might be different from your business competitors. Understanding the SEO strategies that bring traffic to their websites is an excellent way to take out the guesswork from our SEO strategy.

B2B seo strategy

In this step of our B2B SEO process we will create a strategy that is designed to support your marketing and growth objectives. We will outline the required website optimization steps, and make a plan for creating and promoting content that appeals to businesses who are your target customers.

website & Business blog optimization

Website optimization is perhaps the most important aspect of B2B SEO. In this step of the process we will execute on our strategy recommendations by optimizing and improving your website. We are experienced in most website platforms, such as Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, and more.

Digital PR

Getting your business featured in quality news sites and blogs is a great way to get exposure, and signal to search engines that your website and business blog are trusted and authoritative source of information. At Llama Lead Gen we believe that quality is better than quantity, and our link-building approach leverages industry-leading organic and sustainable practices.

Search Engine Optimization examples and reporting

Why should I choose an SEO company like yours?

  • We are one of the top B2B marketing companies according to Clutch reviews

  • We have extensive SEO experience working with a variety of clients and industries

  • Results-oriented around your business objectives

  • Expert level understanding to take your SEO campaigns from 0 to 100 

  • Huge time-savings for your content and marketing team 

  • You haven't quite found the results you're looking for just yet

  • Lack of internal resources and expertise to carry out a holistic B2B SEO strategy

  • Ability to keep pace with fast-moving and savvy competitors

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