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Digital Marketing Case Studies

campaign spotlight

Ad Council Covid Marketing Campaign


How many vaccinations does a billion impressions get you?

Discover how Llama Lead Gen worked with the Ad Council to inform and educate vaccine-hesitant audiences about the COVID-19 vaccine and drive traffic to reputable sources from which to conduct research in one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.

Get an in-depth look at our strategy for Ad Council for each of these channels:

Sponsored Content and InMail Guide 5-01.png

AARP, Ad Council, and Llama Lead Gen's campaign on Meta resulted in an 11% CTR, 61% conversion rate, and 6,200 completed retirement quizzes for Americans 40+.

HR Management SaaS Case Study Illustration.png

Follow along as we show you how we led digital marketing efforts for Cornerstone OnDemand, a top HR learning and development SaaS leader.

Campaign Builds and Execution-04.png

Brand Awareness & Engagement

We teamed up with Pets and People for a YouTube campaign, yielding 2.2M engagements and 8.7M views.

Community Engagement-01.png

Community Engagement SaaS

We identified creative concepts to drive campaigns that resulted in a reduction of average cost per lead (CPL) for Co.Tribute.

Case Studies Epilogue-03.png

We garnered an overall CTR of 1.09% from our LinkedIn ad campaigns, as well as 490 qualified leads for Connixt. 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

See how we hit a CTR 9x higher benchmark than the prior year's campaign for diversity, equity and inclusion with YouTube.

Case Study Daily Dumb Cat-01.png


See how we built an eCommerce platform from scratch, designed the merchandise, and used targeted social media campaigns for a successful launch and steady growth.

Event Marketing Case Study-01.png

Discover how Llama Lead Gen used Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to drive 155 attributed registrations (a $92,845 value) for a financial expo.

 Emergency Preparedness-05.png

FEMA - Bilingual

The bilingual "Emergency Preparedness" campaign by Ad Council, FEMA, and Llama Lead Gen saw a 54% CPL cost reduction, 19M impressions, 180k visits, with a 70% retention rate on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Google Ads

Learn how we helped CodeSignal get a 284% increase in qualified leads and a 46% CPL decrease with Google Ads. 

Case Studies Healthread-01.png


We came up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and several marketing campaigns which lead to over 15K downloads.

Higher Education Marketing-03.png

Higher Education

From full funnel planning to multi-channel execution and optimization, see how we maneuvered through the complexity of reaching a hyper-focused niche with potential friction.

Case Studies Prolifics-01.png

IT Consulting

Developing a holistic marketing strategy, organic social content calendar, leading a CRM migration, building and managing paid social campaigns.


IT Cybersecurity

We helped cybersecurity company Versive position itself as a thought leader through promoted LinkedIn video and event campaigns.

Service Page SEO-02.png

Landing Page Design

Discover key insights for creating effective landing pages that drive results.

Moving Services-03.png

Moving Services

We employed both organic and paid marketing efforts to help grow social media presence and generate leads for the startup Bellhops.



Find out how we increased conversions for TestCountry and drove sales of drug testing kits to fight against drug abuse in the workplace.

Case Studies AC - Politics-02.png


See how we set up and managed an AMA and ad campaign on Reddit for the 2020 election.

Case Study Rakuten International-02.png

Rakuten - International

Learn how we attracted US small businesses to join an Asia-Pacific online marketplace.



Find out how we helped American Lung Association's Vaping Education Campaign Attain 25% Conversion and 80% User Retention using Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Smokey the Bear

Discover how we lead Smokey the Bear's iconic campaign to new heights, resulting in 35M video impressions, 1.6M views, 853K clicks, 547K web sessions, and 35K views of Prevention Resources.


Social Impact

See how we reached an 81% completion rate on YouTube and a 67% CTR for Meta ads with a campaign for Mental Health Advocacy.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook _ Instagram Marketing 1-2.png


Discover how we helped Feeding America achieve 7.8M impressions, 1.4M views, and 125K clicks to the site, with 68% resulting in landing page views.

Case Study Connixt-01.png


Find out how we implemented a digital marketing strategy and garnered 1,501 social engagements for a SaaS digital transportation company in the transportation space.


Video Marketing

We partnered with the Ad Council and VA for a YouTube "Veteran Crisis Prevention" campaign, achieving 30M impressions, 8.7M views, and 27K clicks to the landing page.

Case Studies OneV-01.png


Llama Lead Gen got over 275 new users to sign up and a 1.36% CTR on our social media ads.

Website Design Service Page2.png

Website Design

Dive into a real-world website design success stories using best practices and strategies.



Ad Council and Llama Lead Gen's campaign on YouTube with 1.75% CTR, 27% Conversion, and over 76,000 young adults engaging with educational content around the dangers of fentanyl.

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