Pinterest Strategy Summary

How the Ad Council partnered with Llama Lead Gen to create one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.

Discover how Llama Lead Gen worked with the Ad Council to inform and educate vaccine hesitant audiences about the COVID-19 vaccine and drive traffic to reputable sources from which to conduct research in one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.


Throughout 2021 the Ad Council and Llama Lead Gen collaborated on Pinterest paid ad campaigns broken into three phases. These campaigns were primarily aimed toward rural and conservative Americans. Specifically, Open and Intending (non-Conservative geographies) & Resistant Skeptical (conservative and URM geographies). 


The goal of the campaign was to promote and educate users on Pinterest to the benefits and safety of the COVID vaccines, using informative, influential, and credible sources in the ads.


With a $1 million dollar budget, the ads targeted Pinners who lived primarily in rural areas of the US. There were a variety of creative assets that ran across the platform. The creative types included single images, carousels, banners, & custom pins. 


The key performance indicators of this campaign include: number of people reached, ad engagement, and site visits.

Pinterest Campaigns


Phase I

The testing phase, using our audience and messaging assumptions a small cohort was developed and awareness campaigns were designed to target these groups at a high frequency. The primary goal was to spread awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine but secondarily we intended on obtaining more data to optimize larger scale campaigns for Phase II.

March - May, 2021

3 Campaigns 

10 Ad Groups

15 Ads


Phase II

Expanding our audience using the learnings from Phase I to increase both the quality and quantity of our key performance metrics.

June - September, 2021

3 Campaigns 

7 Ad Groups

19 Ads


Phase III

A third round of optimizations was implemented to target the most vaccine hesitant states and parent demographics.

October - November, 2021

2 Campaigns 

4 Ad Groups

15 Ads

performance - click through rate (ctr)

The click-thru-rate of all our campaigns remained consistently low - around 0.1% - until our final Phase 3 campaigns.


Between our optimized targeting and creatives, we saw a significant spike in ad engagement and clicks.

Overall results







Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions






View-Through Rate






Click-Through Rate


Site Sessions


Cost Per Site Session


Session Duration

Campaign highlights


Highest Performing Single-Image

Updated Q&A - Long Covid

  • Amount Spent - $56,455

  • Impressions - 3,200,938

  • Pin Clicks - 44,381

  • CPC - $1.27

  • CTR - 1.39%


Highest Performing Video

Get Vaccine Answers

  • Amount Spent - $26,554

  • Impressions - 5,040,026

  • Pin Clicks - 4,573

  • CPC - $5.81

  • CTR - 0.09%


Highest Performing Carousel

Get Vaccine Answers

  • Amount Spent - $52,272

  • Impressions - 10,001,831

  • Pin Clicks - 12,730

  • CPC - $4.19

  • CTR - 0.12%

Pinterest post click metrics


27,699 Website Sessions

171,979 All-Platforms Average


3,159 FAQ Views

4,641 All-Platforms Average


0:27 Average Session Duration

0:19 All-Platforms Average


11.4% FAQ Conversion Rate

1.3 % All-Platforms Average


2.3 Pages Viewed Per Session

1.9 All-Platforms Average


Although the COVID-19 Vaccine Education campaign was still fairly new when Llama Lead Gen team was onboarded, I think it’s fair to say that we have had fantastic success with this campaign. The campaign has far and away exceeded expectations. To date, the campaign has generated $3.68M in spend, 497.7M impressions, 148.7M users reached, and 732.4K sessions to the website.

Rasheia Harris

Digital Media Director @ Ad Council

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