Snapchat Strategy Summary

How the Ad Council partnered with Llama Lead Gen to create one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.

Discover how Llama Lead Gen worked with the Ad Council to inform and educate vaccine hesitant audiences about the COVID-19 vaccine and drive traffic to reputable sources from which to conduct research in one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in history.


Snapchat is a creative advertisers dream. As one of the most visual platforms, advertising on Snapchat opens many doorways for creativity and with a diverse offering of advertising options it makes developing campaigns on Snapchat fun! 


The Ad Council campaign was no different. For this campaign we took advantage of custom lenses, story ads, and custom filters.

Custom lens

A custom Snapchat Lens was developed in May, 2021. As a user opened the lens their screen turned black and white with a prompt to “Raise your hand if you’ve taken the shot” a placard then appeared on the screen declaring that #IGotTheShot for all to share within their networks. 


A post-capture filter featuring the It’s Up to You logo was then provided to overlay onto their new photo. 


The beauty of the custom lens is that it amplifies our Word of Mouth reach by allowing the audience to spread our message on our behalf, which adds legitimacy to the message overall.

Story Ads

Three variations of Snapchat Story Ads were produced in 30 second spots; Let’s get back in the game - displaying our desire to get back into our recreational activities, general creative displaying healthcare workers and first responders, and a black lifestyle ads featuring African Americans in various everyday activities.


Phase I

Primary focus was to target lower-income households between the ages of 16-35.

May - June, 2021

1 Campaign

2 Ad Groups

7 Ads


Phase II

Incorporated Black Americans into the overall target audience.

July - September, 2021

1 Campaign

2 Ad Groups

18 Ads

Overall results






Swipe Ups





Swipe Up Rate






Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions



View-Through Rate


Site Sessions


Cost Per Site Session


Session Duration

Campaign highlights 


Second Lowest Overall Cost Per View

Top 4 in Multiple Categories

CPC: $1.99


Cost Per Site Session

CPV: $0.10


Bounce Rate

Top creatives


Phase I

Snapchat_Girls Trip.PNG

Girls Trip

  • Amount Spent - $30,722

  • Impressions - 3,712,262

  • Swipe Ups - 19,51

  • CPSU - $1.57

  • CTR - 0.53%


Phase II

Snapchat_Questions - Peers.PNG

Questions - Peer

  • Amount Spent - $13,879

  • Impressions - 715,945

  • Swipe Ups - 5,256

  • CPSU -$2.64

  • CTR - 0.73%



Snapchat_Why Should I Woman.PNG

Why Should I - Woman

  • Amount Spent - $30,569

  • Impressions - 10,467,938

  • Swipe Ups - 23,794

  • CPSU - $1.28

  • Swipe Up Rate - 0.53%

Snapchat post click metrics


45,530 Website Sessions

171,979 All-Platforms Average


1,158 FAQ Views

4,641 All-Platforms Average


0:11 Average Session Duration

0:19 All-Platforms Average


2.5% FAQ Conversion Rate

1.3 % All-Platforms Average


1.8 Pages Viewed Per Session

1.9 All-Platforms Average


Although the COVID-19 Vaccine Education campaign was still fairly new when Llama Lead Gen team was onboarded, I think it’s fair to say that we have had fantastic success with this campaign. The campaign has far and away exceeded expectations. To date, the campaign has generated $3.68M in spend, 497.7M impressions, 148.7M users reached, and 732.4K sessions to the website.

Rasheia Harris

Digital Media Director @ Ad Council

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