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Generating Qualified Leads for Digital Transformation Company

Garnered an overall CTR of 1.09% from our LinkedIn ad campaigns, as well as 490 qualified leads. 

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Our client, a company that helps HR and Learning and Development teams build documentation processes faster, wanted to generate qualified leads. They were hoping to attract more leads through digital marketing efforts, including paid social advertising, email nurture sequences, and marketing automation tactics.


Aiming to find a digital marketing partner skilled at developing strong messaging and ad creatives, particularly on LinkedIn, they approached Llama Lead Gen. We built a robust digital marketing strategy that included optimizing their LinkedIn pages and developing a paid social ad campaign with the goal of generating qualified leads. Our team also attracted leads by using CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategies, by simplifying landing pages to ensure strong CTA and messaging.








Ad campaign CTR


Qualified leads

Data is shown over a two-year period


Closed-won client deals

  • Social media ad campaign had a CTR of 1.09%

  • Freemium offer ad had a CTR of 0.66%

  • 490 qualified leads

  • 87 closed-won client deals

About the client

The client is a digital transformation company aimed at helping IT and training departments (HR teams) build documentation processes quicker and in a more organized fashion. Their goal is to ensure software adaptation is as simple as possible. With their solution, businesses can optimize ROI for software investments, enhance employee productivity, reduce errors, and make the best data-driven decisions about training and support.


They offer platform solutions for various software, including:

  • Oracle

  • SAP

  • Workday


The client developed their own cloud/SaaS digital adoption solution that focused on critical and complex applications for medium-size to enterprise entities. However, they knew they needed to improve their marketing efforts and brand awareness. Additionally, they wanted to see higher engagement on social media channels to drive conversions and cultivate a consistent number of leads.

Our responsibilities
  • Creating a holistic strategy for omni-channel lead generation

  • Optimize client’s website and LinkedIn pages

  • Design paid social media ads to increase generate leads

  • Build sales and marketing funnels as well as CRM and Zapier workflows

  • Craft email nurture sequences

Our approach - Execution and implementation

We implemented digital marketing methods in several ways, including:

Lead Gen Form Campaigns

We aimed to keep users within the ad platform, reducing the number of steps for leads. By making it more straightforward for potential leads to supply their information, we could increase the number of leads for the client.


Our team optimized the client’s landing pages and lead gen forms to ensure that CTAs were clear and ad messaging matched up to the landing page. We reviewed the landing pages to ensure they had the best messaging for the intended audience Our team also made sure that form fills were above the fold so that it was easy for leads to fill out.

Social media

Freemium Offer

We aimed to attract new leads with a freemium offer so potentials users could trial the product and see its benefits. The campaign saw a CTR of 0.66%.

Smart Documentation


To gain more leads for the client, we ran a smart documentation campaign that saw a CTR of 0.45%, with 690 clicks.

Campaigns ranged from freemium offers to short, creative videos to garner attention for the client. Some of the campaigns included:


One of the lead generation campaigns our team organized for the client saw over 60,000 impressions, 350+ clicks, and a CTR of 0.55.


Earning leads was one of the prime goals we had for this campaign, which saw a total of 277,113 impressions, 1,185 clicks, and a CTR of 0.43%.