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Generating 300 Qualified Leads For A Top Recruiting Firm In The U.S.

Using lead generation and B2B recruiting marketing strategies we were able to generate high quality leads and over 850 social engagements which enhanced their online footprint.

Illustration for Recruiting Lead Generation

We created multiple LinkedIn recruiting marketing campaigns to generate leads for a top recruiting agency in the U.S. We split up these social media marketing campaigns with different messaging based on its target audiences: job seekers who needed help with their job search and companies looking for candidates to fill their talent pipeline.


Targeting was based on the job role and location where the client had offices so that they could work hand in hand with each company to understand their ideal hiring process, job descriptions, and talent pools. Lead forms on LinkedIn were used to capture qualified candidates and interested companies.


After seeing positive results, the recruiting marketing strategy was expanded to Facebook for more lead generation ads and Google to initiate several search and display campaigns; optimizing based on keyword research and performance.







Data shown is for a 3 month campaign flight


Social actions
(likes, comments, shares)





  • We utilized multi-channel recruiting marketing strategies across a vast number of markets to serve dynamic advertisements to both target candidates and companies looking to work with a recruiting company for career opportunities and potential leads.

  • Content marketing strategies were created in order to effectively promote to potential candidates. The campaigns for job seekers were centered around candidate experience when working with the client and the campaigns for companies were centered around finding qualified candidates to apply for a job at their respective company. 

  • A/B tests were performed leading to the clients’ career page versus lead forms. Messaging was created based on the job role/function and specific lead forms were utilized to drive higher engagement for each target audience.

  • This generated a substantial social presence boost with over 850 social actions over the course of the campaigns. As a result of our strategy, monitoring, and optimizing, the campaigns generated 300 qualified leads.


Different messaging was used per each target audience: SDRs, BDRs, CSMs, etc. Bids and budgets were decided based on larger/smaller markets. Sponsored InMail was utilized to portray a more specific message than the sponsored ads already running. A weekly cost per conversion report was generated from top markets to understand where average CPL was trending.

Separate campaigns were created per the top-performing markets to further enhance engagement and make the ads more dynamic and personalized. Each recruiting campaign was monitored and optimized closely based on trending keywords, demographic data, engagements, and the average cost per lead per each market. The ABM (account-based marketing) lists allowed us to initiate a re-marketing campaign.

Ads and reporting

Linkedin Ads for HR Lead Generation Screenshots

Some words from the client ...


Adam and team recently worked with us on a lead generation campaign using LinkedIn. Over the past month, he built out the campaigns from scratch, including defining the audience, keywords, creating the ads, creating the lead forms, and optimizing campaigns.


LLG is great at keeping me informed of what he is working on, progress to milestones, plans for optimization, and program results. Based on our positive results with LinkedIn, we've expanded Adam's scope of work to include Google Adwords and Facebook ads for lead generation.

Janel Ahrens image
Janel Ahrens

VP of Marketing - Whitelabel on behalf of Betts Recruiting

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