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How We Generated Over 50 Confirmed Bookings For A Nation-Wide Moving Company

We built 7 of their Facebook city pages from scratch and increased social media following by +128%.

Moving services lead generation illustration

The client offers moving services across the United States. As they were growing and moving into new markets, they needed help building awareness of their brand within the moving industry and obtaining more bookings in key markets. They are a startup so we needed to develop a moving company marketing strategy in order for them to see the ROI for their efforts.
We devised a plan to get this moving company lead generation, brand affinity, and qualified bookings. To do this we employed both organic and paid digital marketing efforts to help achieve the client’s goals. What started as 0 followers on all of their social accounts grew to 3,217 in 5 months. Our efforts also helped them to achieve 52 bookings. 








Like/follower increase MoM (Month over Month)

Data shown is for a 3 month campaign flight


Average social engagements per month (likes, comments, shares)


Confirmed bookings

  • We built 7 unique city pages from scratch (on Facebook) which had an organic engagement rate of 4.04% with an average of 460 likes in each city

  • We went from 0 to 3,217 likes in 5 months with an average cost of $2.19 per like

  • Average of 4,783 landing page views per month where people engaged from the content marketing in our social campaigns to book a move 

  • Across both paid ad campaigns, there were a total of 348,300 engagements (likes, follows, comments, and shares). This resulted in a 20% overall engagement rate and an average cost per engagement of just $0.11 for this moving business


  1. Increase number of likes/follows on new city-specific Facebook pages

  2. Encourage referrals and create brand advocates through sharing organic content that resonated with the target audience

  3. Increase number of qualified page views through new city-specific landing pages

Bonus: Increased their bookings as a result of our social strategy


Marketing Strategy

We devised marketing strategies that were suitable for our campaign goals. While crafting, we took into account their local SEO, search engines results, Google my business page information, Google ads, web design, trends in the moving industry, and ultimately their current online presence, and online reviews. We wanted to create an organic and paid social advertising campaign that fits with their other marketing activities but also brought them the results they desired. 

Organic social
  • Shared city and local moving guides with content that people are interested in when making a move

  • Used a mix of video and high-quality static images along with a mix of user-generated content and testimonials 

  • Identified target markets, each with their own respective social pages on Facebook (New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Seattle)

Facebook Bellhops Organicpost Screenshot.png
Facebook Bellhops Organic Post Screenshot.png
Facebook Bellhops Organic Post Screenshot.png
LIKES and Follow campaign
  • We researched what other moving companies were posting online and honed in on a few key competitors (both small businesses and larger companies) to see which posts were getting the best engagement 

  • Increased likes/follows on city-specific Facebook pages through user-generated content, customer testimonials, and brand advocates

  • Focused on client offerings and sorted into content clusters: stress-free, simple, friendly, etc.

  • Target audience: demographic and interest-based audiences (income level, new job, etc.), split by city and gender

Moving Company Facebook Ad Screenshot 1
Moving Company Facebook Ad Screenshot 2
Moving Company Facebook Ad Screenshot 3
booking campaign
  • Drove qualified traffic over to each cities’ booking page through paid social media advertising (Facebook campaigns

  • Utilized high-quality videos, as well as client testimonials, and user-generated content 

  • Targeted: demographic and interest-based audiences (income level, new job, etc.), split by city and gender

Moving Company Facebook Video Ad Screenshot 1
Moving Company Facebook Video Ad Screenshot 2

Some more words from the client ...


Wowee! Your team rocks - we really liked the ad copy you put together and I can already see that the likes and bookings are coming in!

Sarah Marshall Image
Sara Marshall

Senior Content Marketing Manager @ Bellhops

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