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Driving 89 Event Registrations For A Cybersecurity Company

We created a digital marketing strategy that was keyed in on driving event registrations and increased brand awareness. 

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The client was getting lost in the clutter of other cybersecurity companies and was looking for the creation of a detailed marketing strategy and subsequent B2B cybersecurity marketing campaigns. They had been searching for a digital marketing agency to execute their social media marketing campaigns over the course of several months. 

They were looking for an experienced cybersecurity marketing firm to provide recommendations to drive brand awareness, affinity, and purchase intent. Their main goals were lead generation to add to their inbound marketing efforts. We did this by promoting their product/service offering by focusing on key tenets such as: risk management, data security, data protection, and cyber threats.  








video icon

156,000 impressions


$0.08 cost per view

39% view rate

ticket icon
Events promotion

215,000 impressions

0.49% CTR

$0.46 cost per send

89 registrations

cart icon
brand awareness

178,000 impressions

1,000 clicks

0.57% CTR

1.12% engagement rate

Overall we were able to position this security company as a key thought leader through our cybersecurity advertising promoted posts, tweets, and video campaigns across all channels. We also saw a great share of event registrations which led to additional business opportunities for the client.

We utilized the following ad products across each platform:

  • Bumper ads (:06 videos)

  • Longer form video (:10 and 1:30)

  • Standard display banners (300x350, 728x90, 1200x628 and more)

  • AMB list (Account Based Marketing), targeting contact lists that were provided

  • InMails (email marketing on LinkedIn)

  • Sponsored content

We ran with the following target audiences:

  • Interests in network systems and services, and network enterprise security

    Specific industry conferences

  • Job titles, functional roles and specific industries pertaining to the client's niche

We chose a variety of different ad creatives that were made for these campaigns and A/B tested to eventually narrow down to the best-performing ones. We also promoted blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies (both gated and ungated).

Data shown is for a 4 month campaign flight



  • Recommend how much to spend on each type of media placements across LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Execute on ad buys for event marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

  • Optimize throughout each campaign, provide analysis and recommendations.



Developed a holistic marketing strategy and media plan specific to the client's goals.


Suggested creatives to promote: videos, landing page, digital ads, blogs, white papers and datasheets.


Aligned ad sets to target audiences across each platform, copywriting and set budgets and bids.



Created digital marketing strategy and media plan


Launched several event marketing campaigns to garner registrations


Launched video campaigns on YouTube and brand awareness campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter


Result: Multi-channel marketing campaigns all performed above benchmarks (through 3 months of running)


Total budget for digital and ad campaigns


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twitter icon
youtube icon






Some words from the client ...


Llama Lead Gen has played a crucial part in building Versive's digital marketing footprint over the course of several months that I've had the pleasure to work with them. LLG worked with us to build out a full marketing strategy and game plan for the types of platforms we should run on, appropriate budget, target audience, and even taught our team about different advertising and digital media metrics to watch out for. They also worked to craft our messaging, worked alongside our designer to generate our creatives, A/B tested, and set up our conversion tracking.


They are great at communication and highly skilled at what they do. Throughout our time working together, I felt at ease that LLG was in the driver's seat, walking us through every step of the way, and keeping us updated on ways to improve. I would highly recommend working with Llama Lead Gen to scale your team and company's digital marketing!

Jennifer Fowler
Jennifer Fowler

Director of Marketing @ Versive (now eSentire)

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