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How We Scaled eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Drove Product Purchases

We built a client’s eCommerce platform from scratch, designed the merchandise, and used targeted social media campaigns for a successful launch and steady growth in their followers and customer base.

Case Study Daily Dumb Cat-01.png











Total Add to Carts



Data shown is for a 7 month campaign flight


Engagement Rate

  • We saw a purchase conversion value of $390 

  • Click-through rates (CTR) on our ads and posts averaged 2.07% for Facebook and Pinterest 

  • Cost per click (CPC) averaged only $0.23 for Pinterest and $1.11 for Facebook and Instagram

  • Since the campaign launch, we’ve achieved a total of 143,798 engagements across all paid ad campaigns. This includes 13,808 likes, 260 comments, 7,323 reactions, 1,043 post saves, and 686 post shares 

The Client

Daily Dumb Cat
DDC Logo.jpg

Daily Dumb Cat is an ongoing series of whimsical drawings created by David Nigh. His colorful imaginings depict the antics of a quirky feline who isn’t the brightest kitty on the block. Dumb Cat doesn’t make smart decisions and is often busy daydreaming, but his goofy personality and clueless, wide-eyed stare, along with the humor infused into each panel, have endeared the character to a loyal, online audience sympathetic to his daily struggles. 

Marketing goals

David was ready to broaden Daily Dumb Cat’s brand with a merchandise line. He wanted to use merchandise to increase engagement with his current followers and connect with an even larger fanbase. He sought a long-term partnership with a digital marketing company that could help him effectively tap into both old and new audiences plus drive traffic to the Daily Dumb Cat online store. He also needed systems in place that would easily allow for continued expansion over time. 

our responsibilities
  • Build the Daily Dumb Cat store from the ground up, and create a full line of merchandise 

  • Develop in-depth digital marketing strategies using socially promoted posts and paid ad campaigns to build brand awareness and accelerate growth

  • Oversee campaign management, collect data analytics, automate systems, and adapt the strategies as needed

Our approach and execution

Because Daily Dumb Cat had a solid presence on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to create and build our strategies around these platforms, strengthening the foundation already in place and adding new layers to it. Our work together encompassed the following stages: 

Stage 1: Digital marketing development plan
  • Completed a full audit analyzing and identifying Daily Dumb Cat’s target audience demographics as well as competitors in the marketplace

  • Outlined social media strategies to build brand awareness through organic posts and paid ad campaigns 

  • Locked in content themes to establish a clear voice on social channels that resonates with Daily Dumb Cat fans and also attracts brand advocates 

Stage 2: Campaign building and content creation

Platforms used: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Buffer, Shopify

  • Set up Daily Dumb Cat’s marketing stack for overall project management, including Buffer for social media brand building and Shopify for selling the products 

  • Constructed the Shopify store and designed a full line of merchandise including tees, hoodies, mugs, accessories, and more 

  • Drafted paid ad copy and mocked-up creatives for client review and approval 

  • Created a 90-day content calendar of original, organic social posts with copy, hashtags, and Daily Dumb Cat related images and videos 

  • Mapped out an outreach plan encouraging current Daily Dumb Cat fans to share user-generated content (UGC) with us in exchange for discounted products in the store 

Behind the scenes: an inside look at the campaigns

Organic Social Posts
Organic Facebook Post.
Organic Instagram Post.
Organic Facebook Post.
Organic Instagram Post.
Facebook & Instagram Like/Follow campaigns 
Instagram like/follow campaign.
Facebook like/follow campaign.
Facebook like/follow campaign.
Instagram like/follow campaign.
Facebook like/follow campaign.
Instagram like/follow campaign.
Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads

Looking ahead

As our partnership progresses, we’re branching out and bringing the Daily Dumb Cat brand to more online platforms and a wider target audience. We’re also incorporating affiliate and influencer campaigns as well as an SEO strategy. Both our team and our client are excited to see this project evolve so more fans can enjoy Dumb Cat’s funky feline shenanigans online and take a piece of his cattitude home. 

Some words from the client:


There is a real, one-on-one sense of collaboration and working together. Adam, Konstantinos, and Cassie, have been a goldmine of help in that every time I proposed something, or explained a problem, they seemed to come back with an answer. To me, the metric of progress and success so far has been LLG's constant communication and transparency along the way and how dependable his organization has been. 


Apart from dependability and expertise in the core asks of my marketing plan, we're continually impressed with their efforts to give us little 'marketing nuggets' along the way; sometimes it's a text message with an interesting article, or an email explaining the latest tech innovation on Instagram, or a video they recorded walking me through, step by step, how to set up this or that. All of these are unsolicited and really appreciated!


Adam and Llama are truly now my go-to partner!”

David Nigh

Content Creator @ Daily Dumb Cat


Successful social media growth and lead generation rely on robust digital marketing strategies that clearly communicate the unique value proposition of your offering to your target audience. Whether you’re getting your marketing off the ground, looking to streamline your efforts, or take your campaigns to new heights, you can count on Llama Lead Gen to develop a winning strategy tailored to your business goals. 


Book a call today to find out how we can help you convert more prospects into paying customers. 

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