Facebook and Instagram Marketing Services

Llama Lead Gen’s team is comprised of ex-Facebook and ex-LinkedIn marketers. With years of experience in social media marketing, and with our unique positioning, having worked at these companies, we're focused on helping you reach your end goal - to drive qualified leads for your business.


Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is important for your business's success but you haven’t cracked the code yet. Whether you’re new to advertising, have run campaigns but with lackluster results, or are looking for an expert to optimize your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns, we can help you reach your marketing goals.

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Our Facebook and Instagram Marketing Process

Facebook and Instagram strategy icon

Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business' goals. This includes a robust competitive analysis (what is their digital footprint and how we can emulate), what ads they are running on Facebook and Instagram, an in-depth audience persona analysis, messaging suggestions, Facebook and Instagram targeting breakdowns, and more!

Ads and creatives icon
creation of copy and creatives

Identifying key pieces of content that we'll use to promote your product or service offering. We'll create ad copy, as well as images, videos, and/or carousel creatives to speak to your target audience's challenges.

Campaign build icon
building your facebook and instagram campaigns

Setting up your Facebook ads manager account, campaign(s), ad group(s), specific ad(s), building instant form(s), scoping out your target audience(s), setting bids and budgets, and implementing your Facebook pixel to track and measure ROI.

Email nurture and funnels icon
email nurture and funnel creation

Creating a marketing funnel that establishes multiple touchpoints to warm our leads to your desired CTA. Writing email nurture sequences to nurture each lead further down our marketing funnel to educate and inform throughout the lifecycle of our campaign.

Marketing automation and crm icon
marketing automation and crm analysis

Connecting all marketing and sales software, capturing each lead within your CRM, assigning to your salesperson, and building marketing automation to nurture leads and scale inbound marketing efforts.

Campaign launch and management icon
launching and managing your campaigns

Monitoring your Facebook and Instagram ad account, A/B testing and optimizations based on performance, and providing you with a thorough breakdown into the campaign(s) performance through detailed reporting dashboards.

Repeat icon

Rinse and Repeat!

Capitalizing on performance by creating re-targeting and lookalike campaigns for abandoned cart leads who have shown interest but who have not yet engaged. Establishing additional growth areas based on performance, insights, and marketing goals.

Facebook and Instagram: Ad Examples and Reporting

Facebook and Instagram Advertising FAQs

What are Facebook and Instagram paid ads?

Facebook and Instagram ads are a way to connect with your prospective buyer on both platforms. They can be images or videos, similar to how you’d normally post on Facebook or Instagram, and show up in your target demographics’ feed.

Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is not only worth it, but a necessity (nowadays) for most businesses to market their products or services. Many advertisers have seen a return on investment (ROI) of anywhere from 4-8x as much as they put into their campaign.

How do you advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Set up your Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager, and company page. Add your billing details and start setting up your campaigns, ad sets with targeting parameters, and crafting your ads. For an in-depth how to, check out the Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook and instagram?

The cost of advertising on Facebook and Instagram will vary based on a variety of factors. Typically, for ads run on Facebook, the cost per click (CPC) is $2 or less. Ultimately, though, it really depends on your campaign, objective, targeting, what you are promoting, your CTA, and how your ad copy and creatives are resonating with your audience. For an in-depth overview of budgeting, check out our Ultimate Guide To Budgeting For Your Advertising Campaigns.

Do I need a Facebook page to run ads?

Yes! You need to have a Facebook page (preferably your company’s page) to run ads on Facebook. If you want to run ads on Instagram, you can set up your Instagram account and connect it to your Facebook Ads Manager.

Can you run Instagram ads without a Facebook page?

Yes! You can simply connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Ads Manager.

How do I advertise my small business on Facebook?

Facebook has a variety of tools to help you advertise your small business. You can set your budget smaller (at first), A/B test ad copy and creatives, and choose a target audience that is specific to the people you want to reach to promote your business.

Does Facebook advertising work for small businesses?

It sure does! We advertise for tons of small businesses like yourself and see fantastic results. Check out some of our case studies for insights into tips and tricks to run your Facebook advertising campaigns.

What is the most effective way to advertise on Facebook?

This all depends on your goal. If your goal is to generate sales, then you should choose a lead generation objective. If your goal is to increase followers, you can do this by creating a like/follow campaign aimed at generating followers to your Facebook company page. A combination of well thought out targeting, objectives, and ad copy and creatives that speak to your target audience is a winning combination.

What is the best day to advertise on Facebook?

There is no best day, however you can choose a certain day and time to run your ads if you’d like. However, this is not advised because it will significantly decrease your reach and impressions served.

How long does it take for Facebook ads to work?

Typically, we see consistent results in 3-4 months. This is highly dependent on your sales cycle (how long it takes for you to close a lead), what you are promoting (a downloadable guide, a webinar, a demo, a product, etc.), and what you sell your product or service for, who your target audience is, and what creatives and ad copy is resonating.

Why should I choose a Facebook and Instagram marketing agency like yours?

  • Our team is comprised of ex-Facebook and ex-LinkedIn marketers

  • Results-oriented around your marketing/business objectives

  • Expert level understanding to take your campaigns from 0 to 100 

  • Time-saving for you and your team 

  • You’ve done Facebook/Instagram marketing before but with limited to 0 results 

  • Lack of internal resources and expertise to carry out a Facebook/Instagram marketing strategy/plan

  • Ability to keep pace with fast-moving and savvy competitors

Ready to take your Facebook and Instagram digital marketing efforts to the next level?