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Generating Qualified Leads for a Top International eCommerce Platform in APAC

Attracting U.S. small businesses to join an Asia-Pacific online marketplace is no easy task. When a client needed help delivering new inbound leads to their eCommerce platform, Llama Lead Gen led the way. 

Our client is a multibillion-dollar online commerce retailer, serving a large international consumer marketplace in the APAC region. The client provides opportunities for small and large businesses to sell products through their eCommerce platform while providing support services that make it easy to start doing business in the region. 

By developing effective marketing strategies and compelling creative executions, our team was able to help educate a B2B audience and generate valuable sales leads for our client.

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Conversion rate

Data shown is for a 3 month campaign flight


Qualified B2B leads generated


Sales meetings

Utilizing a LinkedIn Sponsored Ads strategy and Hubspot, Llama Lead Gen (LLG) developed targeted digital marketing campaigns that delivered 765 lead form opens with a 7.45% conversion rate and 57 leads generated. 


Through retargeting and email nurture sequences, LLG was able to help the client reach qualified customers. A total of 19 sales meetings resulted from campaigns that ran during one quarter. Leads were driven by informative checklist infographic and e-Book executions with CTAs to “Download the Guides.” 

Educate and attract U.S. based eCommerce shops with no prior international selling experience

Providing digital marketing for an eCommerce marketplace in the APAC region

By August of 2020, the global pandemic had increased both opportunities and challenges for online retailers. Our Asia-Pacific-based client was seeking ways to encourage U.S. based small businesses to begin selling on their online consumer marketplace. Their target was businesses with existing eCommerce shops who were seeking growth opportunities. Entrants to the marketplace faced significant uncertainty due to a lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the size and complexity of doing business in a foreign market, especially in the APAC region. 


The client needed a digital marketing partner who could help them successfully grow their US small business customer base through an effective, persuasive, and educational advertising campaign.  

Understand the barriers to entry into the APAC region to develop compelling content themes

​Llama Lead Gen got to work reviewing the client’s goals along with detailed information about the challenges that U.S. businesses faced when considering marketing their products in the APAC region. Our team needed to create digital marketing content themes that would highlight the significant support services and offerings that the client was able to provide to small businesses on the client’s platform. 

Develop a digital marketing strategy and choose the right marketing platforms

Our team developed an omnichannel digital marketing strategy with a focus on educating the target market. The solution required:


  1. Understanding personas and targeting specific B2B categories 

  2. Choosing the best platform for each campaign

  3. Selecting the most effective tools for campaign management and reporting 

Targeting the right customer segments

LLG developed an audience persona questionnaire to ensure that the target was well-understood and that creative executions would provide the right messages to the right audience. We identified core customer segments such as Fashion and Athleisure, Beauty and Cosmetics, Sports and Outdoors, Electronics, and Supplements. These segments would become a key part of our creative executions. 

Advertising assets

We recommended creating an e-book and checklist for getting started selling in the region. These acted as lead magnets for our ad campaigns. For the ads to be effective, our team developed video ad copy that delivered effective video completions and encouraged engagement, as well as lead magnet ad copy centered around delivering qualified leads. 

For each campaign, we had multiple, unique ad executions. They included:

  • 15 second and 30-second video ads

  • 8 checklist ads 

  • 10 e-Book ads (2 ads each for 5 selected industries) 

Digital marketing platforms

Using our in-depth experience with multiple platforms, we recommended LinkedIn and Hubspot to deliver highly targeted B2B campaigns. Our team used a combination of LinkedIn targeting tools coupled with ABM (account-based marketing), which leveraged data of both current and previous customers. We also helped to set up the client’s HubSpot account, including workflows, lists, and more. 

Reporting, campaign management, and website capture

For reporting and campaign management, we used Google Analytics (for monitoring of ROI and ROAS, management, and optimization), Google Tag Manager (for pixel management), and Google Data Studio (to house reporting).

Our team also set up workflow automation, including popups and chatbots within HubSpot, to ensure that visitors to the client website were also captured as leads and nurtured through the sales funnel we developed. 

Campaign strategy 1: video ads for awareness

The first strategy was to create an effective funnel utilizing LinkedIn Video Advertising (in-feed Sponsored Content Ads). We used both LinkedIn targeting and ABM (account-based marketing) lists to find Brand and Amazon sellers who were looking for growth in additional markets. The ads were focused on awareness and educating the target on selling in the specified APAC region.

International Video Ad 1
International Video Ad 3
Campaign strategy 2: provide a checklist asset for lead capture

The second strategy also utilized sponsored content on LinkedIn with targeting to top Amazon sellers. A total of 8 Ads were developed to encourage a download of the checklist, which included actionable insights and step-by-step guidance for those interested in learning more about how to sell in the APAC region. A lightbox appeared to download the asset and for email capture into HubSpot. 

We followed up with a 4-email nurture sequence that included an infographic, blog, e-book, and webinar.

International Checklist Ad 2
International Checklist Ad 8
Campaign strategy 3: provide an e-Book targeted to 5 different consumer goods industry segments

The third strategy was to provide an e-book lead magnet targeted to specific industries: Beauty and Cosmetics, Sports and Outdoors, Fashion and Athleisure, Supplements, and Electronics. The e-book focused on how to sell in the region, along with vertical-specific insights, and provided a strong value proposition, messaging, and testimonials. The CTA was to download/view. Similar to the checklist execution, a lightbox popup was used to capture emails. Then the lead entered the 4-step email nurture sequence we created, which included a video and a blog post, infographic, checklist, and webinar.

International Ebook Ad 1 Electronics
International Ebook Ad 1 Beauty and Cosmetics
International Ebook Ad 2 Fashion and Athleisure
International Ebook Ad 2 Sports and Outdoor
International Ebook Ad 1 Supplements
Retargeting campaigns

For all campaigns, once the lead had shown interest, they were placed in a retargeting campaign to further nurture them down the funnel we created.

International Marketing Funnel
Developing a digital marketing reporting process and managing the campaigns

We set up all of our clients’ marketing stack, including workflows and marketing automation tools. We also built reporting dashboards to review campaign performance. Once the campaigns were live, our team actively managed the campaigns, delivering A/B testing, optimizations, and targeting suggestions for improvement and scalable growth. Throughout the process, the Llama Lead Gen team had regular communication with the client team to ensure that campaigns performed well.

Campaign results

Llama Lead Gen was able to successfully deliver new leads to the client. The e-book and checklist campaigns on LinkedIn ran from April 2021 to early August 2021, generating:

  • 57 new B2B leads at an average CPL of $175

  • The engagement rate for the e-Book was .95% and for the checklist was .86%

  • The CTR was .36% for the overall campaign

Campaign Name
Lead Form Opens
Open Rate
Lead Form Completion Rate
CPL (Cost per Lead)

These two campaigns generated: 


  • 1,638 social actions

  • 2,837 total engagements

  • 370 LinkedIn company page clicks

  • 2,632 total clicks


As a result of the LinkedIn ad campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and email nurture sequence efforts that LLG spearheaded, the client was able to set up 19 new sales meetings with eCommerce businesses that would benefit from their products and services. 

Growing with Llama Lead Gen

We were pleased to help a large enterprise client in the international marketplace achieve their digital marketing goals. The client was so pleased with Llama Lead Gen’s services that our initial contract was renewed, and we were brought on to manage more campaigns and advertising activities for them. 

The Llama Lead Gen team stands ready to help you drive new, qualified leads to your business. Our team has both U.S. and international experience with businesses of every size. Get started with Llama Lead Gen today. 

Ready to take your digital
marketing efforts to the next level? 

Struggling to effectively and efficiently budget for your advertising campaigns? Save time, money, and resources by hiring Llama Lead Gen as your digital marketing expert.

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