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Llama Lead Gen provides full-service digital marketing services to established pharmaceutical companies.

With a proven track record, we are the marketing partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies looking for a marketing partner that understands the healthcare industry.

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How Llama Lead Gen's pharmaceutical digital marketing agency can help you reach your business objectives?

Cost-Effective Pharmaceutical Advertising

Patient and Physician Lead Generation Marketing

Extensive Experience in Pharma and Healthcare Marketing

pharma marketing case studies and Resources
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Learn how we generated leads for a pharmaceutical company that wanted to sell their healthcare product offerings in bulk.


Advanced pharmaceutical marketing strategies and tactics, covering everything from pharmaceutical advertising campaigns to lead generation marketing.

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This article from our CEO Adam Yaeger was featured on Referral MD, and covers everything from using Linkedin to grow a healthcare practice to healthcare lead generation.

Our pharmaceutical marketing process

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We’ll dive into your offerings to establish a message that resonates with your target audience. This includes extensive competitive analysis, in-depth audience persona review, content marketing suggestions, platform-specific campaign ideas, and more!

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We'll identify key pieces of content that we can utilize to promote your offering; paired with ad copy and creatives that speak to your target audience.

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building your Pharma lead Gen campaigns

Establishing which platforms we will run on, developing a media plan, and building our B2B lead gen ad campaigns.

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email nurture and Marketing funnels

Developing a funnel oriented around the goal of nurturing and warming qualified leads, while crafting an email nurture sequence and sales outreach process within your CRM.

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marketing automation and crm review

We'll set up all necessary marketing and sales integrations for you. Ensure proper tagging is in place, as well as developing chatbots and pop-up forms to reduce lead flow friction and nurture our leads.

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launching and managing your Marketing campaigns

Our team will have strategy calls with you to review before we launch. Once our campaigns begin, we'll provide you with an extensive reporting dashboard and set up calls with you to review performance.

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Rinse and Repeat!

Capitalizing on our momentum by creating re-targeting campaigns for leads who have shown interest but who have not yet engaged. Establishing additional growth areas based on performance, insights, and marketing goals.

Pharmaceutical marketing examples and reporting

Pharmaceutical marketing FAQs

What is pharmaceutical lead generation?

Pharmaceutical lead generation is the act of acquiring leads (normally through paid acquisition efforts) that are in your target audience. You can use pharmaceutical marketing campaigns to generate leads patient leads (e.g. for your clinical trials) or physician leads (e.g. for market acess purposes). There are a variety of companies that do lead generation, most of which focus on list building to generate leads and/or lead generation through LinkedIn InMails (organically). We focus on neither. We instead focus on pharmaceutical lead generation through paid social media advertising (usually on LinkedIn).

How Llama Lead Gen can help my pharmaceutical business?

At Llama Lead Gen we have extensive experience helping companies in the pharmacutical and healthcare industries stand out and reach their business objectives using innovative online marketing solutions. We encourage you to read our pharmaceutical case studies, and talk to our team of experts to explore how our marketing solutions can help your business.

How much do pharmaceutical marketing campaigns typically cost?

Since this is our most frequently asked question, we’ve created a guide on How To Budget For Your Digital Advertising Campaigns. Use this as your LinkedIn ad budget calculator to spend and scale efficiently.

How experienced are you in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries?

Very! We've had a lot of pharmaceutical and healthcare clients that we have helped to run successful marketing campaigns for. Check out our screenshots above and our case study.

Can you help us reach physicians, consumers or both?

We can help you reach whomever your target audience is. We'll put together a strategy that works for your sales and marketing goals and back it up with key insights from our past experiences.

Can Llama Lead Gen help us with clinical trial advertising campaigns?

Yes! Clinical trials are one of the many specific ad ccampaigns we can help out with.

What are the best marketing channels for patient recruitment?

LinkedIn is usually the best.

Why should I choose a pharmaceutical marketing agency like yours?

  • We are one of the top pharmaceutical marketing companies according to Clutch reviews

  • We have run some of the largest healthcare marketing campaigns and have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry

  • Results-oriented around your pharmaceutical sales objectives

  • Expert level understanding to take your ad campaigns from 0 to 100 

  • Huge time-savings for your team 

  • You haven't quite found the results you're looking for just yet

  • Lack of internal resources and expertise to carry out a pharmaceutical lead generation strategy

  • Ability to keep pace with fast-moving and savvy competitors

Ready to generate qualified leads?