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Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Marketing

Surveying other social media networks to understand why you should choose LinkedIn for your marketing efforts. Marketing on LinkedIn can help you to build networks, connect with the people you are trying to sell your products and services to, and build brand awareness.

The emergence of social media marketing has made it possible for companies to market their products to millions of people simultaneously. But marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may not be as effective as marketing on LinkedIn (depending on your goals and who you are trying to reach). Your target audience on these platforms might not be within the right mindset to be ready to make a purchasing decision, consume your content, register for your webinar, attend your event, etc.

A platform like LinkedIn can help you connect your business with clients interested in your product or service when they are in that right mindset. Why? Because they are already on LinkedIn to serve a purpose: to connect with B2B companies and LinkedIn members who will help them in their day-to-day jobs. Before we dive into LinkedIn, here's an overview of the social media marketing landscape to see what all available options are.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram have millions of users. There is no denying that marketing on such platforms gives a company great exposure. Approximately 88% of marketers use Facebook as an advertising platform. Is this exposure useful to your company? Will it help to turn followers into a target audience? The more likely outcome is no. Research shows that about 50% of Facebook accounts are not authentic.

Instagram is another platform where people spend most of their time. However, marketing on such a platform is quite tricky (especially if you don't have high-quality imagery to utilize). To succeed on Instagram you need to showcase your life, product, and/or service to your followers. Moreover, people use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for a variety of reasons such as connecting with family and friends, responding to event invites, salivating over delicious food photos, sharing dank memes, and talking about the latest celebrity gossip.

With this in mind, LinkedIn would be a better choice for your advertising campaigns because people on LinkedIn have baked in intent which is highly sought after and harder to get by marketing on the other social media platforms. The question most marketing executives and business leaders usually ask is, what channels should I advertise on? These should be channels that can help you grow brand awareness, create a professional network, build connections, and most importantly share thought leadership with your ideal prospects. That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

LinkedIn marketing guide

LinkedIn allows you to connect with more than 660 million professionals across the world. This helps you make strategic partnerships, grow your brand, and create awareness about your product or service offering.

Your LinkedIn profile acts as the first impression your company has on your target audience. Your profile should be regularly updated to impress your audience. People often judge you at face value and oftentimes you only have a few seconds to impress, so it’s imperative that your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while working on your LinkedIn profile:

  • Be authentic and make it personal

  • Include your achievements and cite some examples of projects, products, and services you’re involved in

  • Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile regularly

LinkedIn marketing versus Facebook marketing

LinkedIn is very different from other social media networks in that it’s the premier B2B platform and it is a professional network. There are approximately 30 million companies on LinkedIn, making it the best option for B2B marketers.

Marketing on LinkedIn also has a higher Return on Investment (ROI). According to Hootsuite, approximately 62% of B2B marketers stated that LinkedIn ads are best for lead generation. People are on LinkedIn to do the following:

  • Connect with other businesses

  • Network with thought leaders

  • Advance their careers

  • Learn new things that could help them improve their trade

Targeting on LinkedIn is more insightful than other social media networks because most people include their job titles. On the other hand, approximately 67% of people on Facebook have not included their job titles within their profiles.

Why you should use LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting options so you can narrow down your audience. This means that you can decide to target by job seniorities such as Vice Presidents, a certain function such as Engineering, or a certain skill set such as People Management. You can target individuals based on the professional experiences they list on their LinkedIn profiles. The platform lets you target by the following options: the level of experience (also known as seniority or years of experience -- another way to target), company size, industry, function, title, groups, and many more facets. For a more detailed breakdown of all LinkedIn's targeting facets, check out our Complete Guide To Successful LinkedIn Targeting.

Let’s say you want marketers with email marketing skills. You can target these skills and/or any others listed on their profile. You can also use LinkedIn to target marketers who attend a specific event or are from a particular industry.

What makes marketing on LinkedIn unique is that it allows you to target by company lists (something that Facebook and other social media networks do not offer). You can upload a company list, which allows you to target specific individuals at a company. All social media networks allow you to upload email lists, but company lists can expand your reach even more.

Jumpstart your marketing on LinkedIn

Social media marketing has had a big impact on the advertising world. However, not all platforms are great for marketing. That’s why most marketers struggle with the question, what channels should I advertise on?

The channel should help you target your audience, connect with them, and build a network that will grow your brand. Marketing on LinkedIn gives you all three. If you’d like to dive deeper into LinkedIn check out our other in-depth articles:

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