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4 Reasons Why You Should Advertise On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform for both job seekers and professionals yet, if you are not using it for marketing, you're missing out on a premier platform for marketers, advertisers, brands, agencies, and companies. Read on for insight on why you should use LinkedIn marketing for your business over other social media platforms.

Why should your business use LinkedIn to advertise your product or service?

You may be wondering what makes LinkedIn any better than other platforms and why you should use LinkedIn for your business’ marketing focus. Here's one metric that may catch your interest.

“LinkedIn is the #1 social network for lead generation for businesses -- with Facebook 4th on the list behind Twitter.”

- Demand Wave's State of B2B Digital Marketing report

There are many reasons to invest in LinkedIn. Here are a few of the top reasons to choose it for your marketing channels.

Return on investment (ROI)

One of the differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is the return on investment. According to research conducted by NewsCred and featured on Business 2 Community:

“The ROI of LinkedIn marketing is 17.6, whereas that of native ads is 14.9 and Google Adwords is 3.1. It gives a glimpse of what LinkedIn ads can achieve for businesses that run their marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget. LinkedIn is also the most favorite marketing channel of digital marketers among all social media networks.

An eMarketer survey has yielded the results that 64 percent of marketers use LinkedIn for pre-sale process and 51 percent use it post-sale. The second best is Twitter with 47 percent and 42 percent for presale and post-sale engagement respectively.”

If you want a more in-depth analysis, check out Advice From An Ex-LinkedIn Employee: How To Advertise On LinkedIn To Maximize ROI.

Built-in intent

Each social media platform has a different purpose. For instance, many people use Instagram to follow celebrities. Facebook is notorious for sharing memes or unfortunately, arguing over the latest news. And Twitter is, in some ways, a combination of the two.

LinkedIn is a networking site and you have built-in intent that is better suited to sell your product/service offering. People are on LinkedIn for:

  • Connecting with other businesses that can help their company and advance their own careers

  • Networking with thought leaders and like-minded professionals

  • Sharing job status updates and LinkedIn profile updates with their professional network

  • Learning new tips and tricks of their trade

  • Updating their LinkedIn company pages

  • Joining LinkedIn groups to network with professionals with similar goals

  • Getting the word out about and growing their small business

  • Gleaning insights from content that helps them do their day-to-day jobs more effectively and sharing content that can help others do the same

This is already built into the community and when advertising on LinkedIn, you are reaching potential clients who already have this intent baked in — something that is highly sought after and effective in any proficient social media marketing strategy.

Targeting on LinkedIn

There are many ways to target specific demographics on LinkedIn. While this is also possible on Facebook, the results are not as reliable. On LinkedIn, you can target your ideal customer based on traits like their job title, functional role, company name, industry, skills, and by their professional interests whether it is for Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, or both. Here are a few examples:

Job title and function

This is an ideal starting place because you can further expand on this with some boolean logic. While targeting by job title is very specific and what most advertisers choose to target by on LinkedIn, targeting by job function is incredibly smart and arguably more efficient. You can gain scale efficiencies by reaching not just the lead engineer but by reaching all engineers. You can then narrow down by layering on seniority, so if you only want to target VPs and above, you can do so.


You may want to reach only those with specific skills. For example, someone with email marketing experience. You can then pinpoint who to choose based on their specific skillset within email marketing like Mailchimp, Marketo, Drip Sequences, etc.

LinkedIn groups

Another way to reach a more specific audience is to target certain groups within your campaigns. This can include groups who have attended specific events, those within certain industries, or groups that are centered around specific topics.

Company list (ABM - account-based marketing)

LinkedIn is the only social media platform that allows you to upload a company list. All other platforms allow for email list uploads only. Company list targeting allows for a myriad of scale. For instance, instead of just being able to target Jim Halpert who is a Senior Sales Manager at Dunder Mifflin, you can expand your reach by targeting all Sales Managers at Dunder Mifflin (👋 Dwight) and then layer on seniority to only target the higher-level sales leaders at that same company. This gives you more reach than possible with other platforms that do not have this option.

For even more insights on LinkedIn targeting, check out our Complete Guide To Successful LinkedIn Targeting.

A better choice for marketing

LinkedIn has become a critical platform for marketers and if you're not focusing on it, you're missing out on expanding your ROI and increasing your conversion rates. It is the only real professional social platform. And as this article mentions:

"With 562 million users, LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It’s not only about who you know but about who your connections know."

We realize not everyone is a marketing expert. Hopefully, this information allows you to see what LinkedIn marketing can do for you but if you want to learn more, need marketing help, or just advice on your next marketing investment, schedule some time to chat with us so we can assist.

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