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Struggling to gain quality leads, trying to kickstart your marketing efforts, or looking for strategic advice to market your product/service? Whatever your problem is we'll work with you to create an actionable gameplan and clear steps to reach your goals.

Strategy and Consultation

We're an experienced B2B lead generation agency that works with you to create a holistic marketing strategy for your business goals and objectives. We ensure your marketing strategy is tailored to your specific industry, business needs, and marketing goals.

Our full competitive audit and marketing strategy includes:

  • Social media marketing strategy on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and many more

  • Target demographic analysis on each platform

  • How to build your accounts and campaigns

  • Content themes and messaging breakdown/ideas for your product or brand

  • Platforms breakout - where to advertise and where your audience lives

  • How to create brand awareness through social media, content marketing, and organic marketing efforts

  • Lead gen strategies to lead prospects through your sales pipeline

  • Campaign goals, KPIs, and estimated timeline

  • Paid advertising strategies and methodologies

  • Mapping out your daily/total budget, bids, and flights (dates)

  • Re-marketing strategies, conversion optimizations, and A/B testing goals

  • Competitive analysis: learn what your competitors are doing online

What we did for Co.tribute

We delivered a holistic digital marketing strategy including competitive analysis, social media platforms to run on, organic marketing, and strategies to improving lead generation and driving qualified sign-ups.

Campaign Builds and Execution

End to end execution is our bread and butter. We're an experienced lead generation company comprised of ex-LinkedIn and ex-Facebook marketers, which makes us well versed in working with social media ad accounts across multiple platforms.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, Twitter... consider it done. We have experience working with multiple CRMs, chatbots, and email marketing platforms as well. 


What we can do for you:

  • As an experienced lead generation company, we'll generate a consistent stream of high-quality B2B leads for your sales development

  • Paid ad campaign builds and management

  • Scope out your target audiences 

  • Bids, estimated reach, setting total and daily budgets

  • Creating milestones and timelines for each step 

  • Building out content marketing messaging, ad copy, and images/videos to sponsor

  • Pairing with any content you have to promote (blog posts, white-papers, explainer videos, etc.)

  • Setup of marketing automation pipelines

  • Email marketing/drip nurture sequence creation

  • Sales funnel creation and/or review

  • Setting up conversion tracking and logic to measure ROI and ROAS

What we did for Cornerstone OnDemand

We built paid social media campaigns across a variety of channels. We also set up marketing automation chatbots and heat mapping analysis to improve lead generation performance. 

Campaign Management and Optimization

We'll dig into the numbers and keep you informed throughout your campaign's lifecycle.


Measuring campaign success is based on reporting dashboards we create, analytics, as well as the KPIs we set forth at the beginning to measure ROI and ROAS. We also suggest re-marketing and re-targeting tactics to further engage leads through the funnel we create.


  • Creative refreshes and ad copy edits and updates as we learn from the data

  • A/B testing images/videos, ad copy, and/or landing pages

  • Reporting metrics based on analyzing the data 

  • Optimizations based on campaign goals

  • Nurture sequences for sales leads 

  • Suggestions for re-marketing campaigns to test 

  • Thinking about new strategies and demand generation ideas to take your campaigns to the next level!

What we did for Betts Recruiting

We provided B2B lead generation services and managed 12 of their LinkedIn and Google ad campaigns, monitoring ROI and ad effectiveness, running A/B tests, and optimizing based on benchmarks and KPIs we set forth from the beginning of the campaign.

Ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level? 

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