Social Media Marketing

Need a boost to your social media presence? It's time to increase your followers, engagement, and level up your posts and ads. 


Llama Lead Gen specializes in both paid and organic social media marketing across a variety of different platforms including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and many more! 

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

Social media marketing strategy icon

Struggling to get followers? Need an increase in engagement? Wondering how to emulate your competitors? We'll put together a social media marketing strategy tailored to your business' needs, marketing goals, and objectives.

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copy and creatives

We'll craft copy that will resonate with your target audience and pair it with custom creatives that best showcase your brand.

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building your social media marketing campaigns

Our team will create a 90-day content calendar of organic social postings to promote your brand across a variety of channels. We'll also build your paid social ad campaigns.

Email and marketing funnels icon
email sequences and marketing funnels

Writing email sequences and developing a marketing funnel to nurture qualified leads.

Marketing automation and crm icon
marketing automation and crm review

Linking social media marketing tools with your CRM and developing chatbots and pop-up forms to reduce lead flow friction and nurture our leads.

Launching and managing your social media marketing icon
launching and managing your social media marketing campaigns

Our team will have ongoing calls with you to review before we launch. Once our campaigns begin, we'll provide you with an extensive reporting dashboard and set up calls to review performance with you.

Repeat icon

Rinse and Repeat!

Once we've found a winning formula, we'll create re-targeting campaigns for prospects who have shown interest but who have not yet engaged. Establishing additional growth areas based on optimizations and marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing Ads, Posts, and Reporting

Social Media Marketing FAQs

How does social media marketing work?

You can advertise your product or service through a variety of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc. At a high-level, you'll want to choose ad copy and creatives that will resonate with your target audience, so you can A/B test what works best to drive the results you're looking for.

How much does sociel media marketing cost?

Since this is our most frequently asked question, we’ve created a guide on How To Budget For Your Digital Advertising Campaigns. Use this as your social media marketing ads budget calculator to spend and scale efficiently.

How to use social media for small business marketing?

If you run a SMB, social media can be a great tool to promote your business. Depending on what your goals are, you can drive awareness for your brand by posting on your company pages across a variety of social channels, or you can set up a paid social advertising campaign to generate leads, calls, sign-up's, etc.

How to be successful in social media marketing?

There's a lot of noise out there! It's tough to break through. Content and messaging is everything. Make sure that you are speaking directly to your target audience and providing valuable content that they would actually read and engage with.

How do you measure social media marketing success?

Reverse engineer it. What's your goal? Is it to generate leads? Is it to reduce your CPL? Whatever it might be, you'll want to factor these KPIs into your plan while you're creating your strategy.

What is the minimum budget for social media marketing?

Generally speaking, $1,000 should be your bare minimum. It’s always best to start small and scale upwards once you learn from the data to understand what’s resonating with your target audience. We’ve created a guide on How to Budget for your Digital Advertising Campaigns.

Why should I choose a social media marketing company like yours?

  • Run by an ex-LinkedIn marketer

  • Results-oriented goals and outcomes

  • Expert level understanding to take your social media marketing campaigns from 0 to 100 

  • Huge time-savings for your team 

  • You haven't quite found the results you're looking for just yet

  • Lack of internal resources and expertise to carry out a social media marketing strategy

  • Ability to keep pace with fast-moving and savvy competitors

Ready to level up your social media marketing efforts?