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We Are A Premier B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Welcome to Llama Lead Gen, your trusted B2B SaaS marketing agency with a proven track record in driving qualified leads and building brand awareness through effective campaigns. If you're struggling with lackluster results from your advertising efforts or are new to B2B SaaS marketing, you're in the right place. This page is your one-stop shop for expert advice, success stories, and solutions to your marketing pain points.

Through our proven track record, we have built a reputation as a leading digital marketing company that helps businesses like yours overcome their marketing challenges. On this page, we'll share our expertise and success stories to showcase why we're the experts you can trust to take your B2B SaaS marketing to the next level.


Let us help you unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts. Explore this page to learn more about our services and how we can help you drive qualified leads and build brand awareness through effective campaigns.

17 million

people reached

$8 million


1 million leads

created and counting

B2B SaaS Success Stories

We understand the frustration of ineffective advertising campaigns and the importance of finding a solution that works. That's why we're here to offer our expertise and guide you toward success. Our unique experience working with B2B SaaS companies has equipped us with the tools and strategies necessary to build successful campaigns that achieve real results.

Our B2B SaaS Marketing Plans


  • Account Audit

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Targeting Audience Analysis

  • Writing B2B SaaS Ad Copy​

  • Developing B2B SaaS Ad Creatives

  • B2B SaaS Ads Campaign Builds

  • B2B Saas Ads Management


  • Pixel and Tag Setup

  • A/B Testing and Optimizations


  • Detailed Reporting & Action Plan


Everything in Alpaca, PLUS:

  • Media & Content Development Plans

  • Building Content Calendar

  • Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy


  • Developing B2B SaaS Ad Creatives

  • Social Video Production (:06 - :60)

Llama Herd

Everything in Llama, PLUS:

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Funnel Development

  • Content Refresh

  • Crafting Organic Social Posts

  • Organic Social Media Management


  • Influencer Marketing & Management

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How our agency drives results with B2B SaaS marketing

Developing a Targeted Lead Generation Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies

At Llama Lead Gen, we know that developing a targeted lead generation strategy is critical for B2B SaaS companies looking to drive sales and grow their business. Here are some key steps we take to develop a targeted lead-generation strategy:


Identifying the target audience: We start by identifying the target audience of our client. We define the ideal customer profile based on factors like company size, industry, job title, and pain points.


Creating targeted content: Once we know our client's target audience, we create content that speaks directly to their needs and pain points. This could include blog posts, case studies, webinars, videos, and more.


Leveraging social media: Social media is a powerful tool for B2B lead generation. We identify the social media platforms our client's target audience is most active on and use them to promote our client's content, engage with potential leads, and drive traffic to our client's website.


Implementing an SEO strategy: Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for driving organic traffic to our client's website. We ensure that our client's website is optimized for the keywords and phrases their target audience is searching for and focus on creating high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.


Using email marketing: Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and drive conversions. We create targeted email campaigns that are personalized, relevant, and engaging and make sure to track key metrics like open rates and click-through rates.

Using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Generate More Targeted Leads for B2B SaaS Companies

At Llama Lead Gen, we also use account-based marketing (ABM) to generate more targeted leads for our B2B SaaS clients. Here's how we use ABM:


Identifying high-value accounts: ABM is most effective when focusing on a small number of high-value accounts. We identify the accounts that are most likely to convert into customers based on factors like company size, industry, and revenue.


Developing personalized content: Once we've identified our client's target accounts, we develop highly personalized content that speaks directly to their needs and pain points. This could include personalized emails, case studies, and webinars.


Leveraging social media: Social media is a powerful tool for ABM. We use social media platforms to engage with key decision-makers at our client's target accounts, share personalized content, and build relationships.


Leveraging retargeting: Retargeting is a powerful way to stay top of mind with our client's target accounts. We use retargeting ads to show personalized content to key decision-makers at our client's target accounts.


Measuring and optimizing: ABM requires a high degree of personalization, so tracking our results and continuously optimizing our campaigns is important. We track key metrics like engagement rates, conversion rates, and customer acquisition cost (CAC) and adjust our approach as needed.


We hope these strategies give you a better understanding of how Llama Lead Gen drives results with B2B SaaS marketing. We're committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses through targeted lead generation and account-based marketing strategies.

Ready to improve your B2B SaaS marketing?

We needed a holdover while we found a full-time equivalent that could manage our paid search, Google Ads, social, LinkedIn, etc. This involved creating a digital marketing strategy for us, building out campaigns and landing pages, executing them, and tracking results. Llama Lead Gen ran our Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns. They started by leading an audit of our channels and then implemented recommendations based on the audit results. 


I liked that Adam used to work at LinkedIn because we lacked that expertise. After the initial results, I felt confident to let Adam run with the project. We’ve have learned a lot, especially leveraging LinkedIn for campaigns. We performed lots of A/B testing, running hundreds and hundreds of campaigns. it added rigor and effectiveness to each campaign.


They’re open to whatever communication methods we asked for and we used Monday for project management and tracking. Llama Lead Gen had a small team that allowed them to add a personal touch. They were accountable, engaged, and responsive. They were flexible with time zone differences. Adam would make himself available at crazy times of the evening for us. Llama Lead Gen is an organization that I plan to stay close with because you never know when you’ll need additional help. 

Headshot of Negin Kamangar.
Negin Kamangar

Head of SMB Marketing @ Cornerstone OnDemand

What do our B2B SaaS marketing agency services include?

At our SaaS marketing agency, we understand that your business goals are unique. That's why our services are designed to help you reach your specific goals, whether that's increasing brand awareness, generating more traffic to your website, or growing your customer base.

We specialize in B2B SaaS marketing and offer three core areas of service to help you achieve your goals:

Lead Generation Strategy: We work with you to develop a customized lead generation strategy that targets your ideal customer profile. This includes identifying your target audience, creating high-quality content that speaks directly to their needs and pain points, and leveraging social media and email marketing to nurture and convert leads.

PPC Advertising: We offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services that are specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies. We create targeted ads that appear on search engines like Google and Bing, as well as on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM): ABM is a highly effective strategy for targeting key decision-makers at your ideal customer accounts. We work with you to identify your highest-value accounts, create highly personalized content that speaks directly to their needs, and use a combination of social media, email marketing, and retargeting to engage with these accounts and drive conversions.

Whether you need help with lead generation, PPC advertising, or ABM, our SaaS marketing agency has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your B2B SaaS business.

B2B SaaS Creative and Ad Copy

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with campaign builds)

  • Generating content themes based on the target audience, including their pain points, needs, and interests, as well as the unique value proposition of your B2B SaaS product.

  • Creating ad copy and messaging that speaks directly to each target audience, including subject lines, body copy, closing statements, hooks, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that drive conversions.

  • Designing creative assets or tweaking mock-ups of existing creatives to promote your B2B SaaS product effectively, including images, videos, and other visual elements that resonate with your target audience.

  • Pairing creatives (images/videos) with ad copy to ensure a cohesive and compelling message that maximizes engagement and conversions.

  • Tweaking messaging on landing pages that we will be driving to, if necessary, to optimize for conversions and ensure that messaging aligns with the ad copy.

  • Creating lead generation forms to capture users' information and schedule a call, if we are using lead generation forms instead of driving to landing pages.

  • Providing suggestions and optimizations for the landing pages or main website domain, if needed, to ensure a clear call-to-action and messaging that aligns with the ad copy and drives conversions.

sample of Ads created:

B2B SaaS Advertising Campaign Builds

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with creatives/messaging)

  • Scoping out your target audiences - channel-specific targeting, lookalike audiences, and ABM lists

  • Budgeting (both daily and total budget per month)

  • Forecasting based on benchmarks for your industry

  • Estimated reach - how many people in your target can we reach

  • Bid prices - setting optimal bids based on campaign goals and industry averages

  • Ad sets - setting up campaigns in a structure based on your end goals 

  • Installing pixels to gather data on target audiences and measure ROI and effectiveness of ad campaigns

  • Inclusion of remarketing, account-based marketing, and/or lookalike audiences

  • Creating conversion actions and values to trend towards and ensuring UTM parameters are in place 

  • Consultation and final updates before we launch

Monthly Management

(post-launch: monthly retainer)

  • Optimizing and analyzing reporting performance throughout the lifecycle of the campaign

  • Campaign management, bids strategy adjustment, A/B testing, and optimizations 

  • Revisions needed and creative swaps/ad refreshes 

  • Detailed reporting dashboards including key performance metrics, insights, and analytics

  • Calls to review (normally bi-weekly) and consultation on what's working/what we need to change, etc.

  • Technical support (if necessary)

  • Possible remarketing and retargeting campaigns once we’ve obtained enough audience size

  • Other platforms to explore, campaigns, and audiences to market to

  • Growth areas: analysis of the current campaigns and what to improve upon

Why is Llama Lead Gen one of the leading B2B SaaS marketing companies?

Follow along as we show you how we led digital marketing efforts for Cornerstone OnDemand, a top HR learning and development SaaS leader.


leads and conversions


closed-won deals


average ROI

Additional Digital Marketing Services from Llama Lead Gen

Most of our clients see the best marketing results and advertising ROI by working with additional marketing and advertising channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.


In addition to our TikTok marketing services, we offer other platform and industry-specific marketing services. Discover our services range, read our case studies, or get in touch with a Llama to discuss how a holistic digital marketing strategy could look for your business.

Why you should choose Llama Lead Gen for your B2B SaaS marketing campaigns

You want to work with the best

You want expert, results-oriented work that aligns with your business objectives. You are confident that LLG has a proven track record of delivering successful B2B SaaS marketing strategies that drive measurable results. As a leading B2B SaaS marketing agency, we specialize in creating and executing end-to-end marketing campaigns that are tailored to your unique needs and goals. We are dedicated to working with you to create a custom B2B SaaS marketing strategy that drives quality leads and revenue, but if you're looking for a quick fix or bargain hunting for leads, LLG may not be the right fit for you.

You want to save time

You want to save time and unburden your team with complex B2B SaaS marketing strategies, tactics, and execution that they may not fully understand. Partnering with Llama Lead Gen will allow us to support you with an end-to-end B2B SaaS marketing strategy and implementation or just the missing pieces that will allow your internal team to hit the ground running. Our expertise in B2B SaaS marketing means that we can help you streamline your marketing efforts and generate quality leads, all while saving you time and resources.

You need to keep up with the competition

In the fast-paced world of B2B SaaS marketing, it's essential to keep up with your competition. As a B2B SaaS marketing agency, we stay ahead of the curve and keep pace with the latest industry trends and best practices. We've been A/B testing B2B SaaS marketing campaigns since the beginning, and we're confident that working with us will give you a competitive edge. With our deep expertise in B2B SaaS marketing, we can help you optimize your campaigns and generate quality leads, all while staying one step ahead of the competition.

You lack the internal resources

Lacking the internal resources and expertise to carry out a successful B2B SaaS marketing strategy can be a significant hurdle for a holistic marketing approach. The leads that come from one strategy will be different than the leads you get from another, so the best B2B SaaS marketing programs include a mix of effective strategies (which we will provide) rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. As a leading B2B SaaS marketing agency, we provide the expertise, experience, and resources you need to execute a comprehensive B2B SaaS marketing strategy that delivers results. Whether you need help with B2B SaaS marketing campaigns, creative, ad copy, or monthly management, we have you covered.

Why llama lead gen?

You want to work with the best

You want to save time

You need to keep up with competition

You lack the internal resources

What determines the cost of our SaaS marketing agency services?

At Llama Lead Gen, we understand that cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing a marketing agency to partner with. We want to be transparent about how we determine the cost of our SaaS marketing agency services. Here are the main factors that influence our pricing:


Scope of work: The scope of work for each project is unique and will affect the overall cost. We take into account the size and complexity of the project, the amount of research and strategy development required, and the number of deliverables.


Timeline: The timeline for a project will also impact the cost. If a project requires a quick turnaround time, we may need to allocate more resources to ensure we meet the deadline, which could result in a higher cost.


Expertise and experience: Our team is made up of experienced and skilled professionals who have a track record of delivering results. Our pricing reflects the expertise and experience that we bring to each project.


Customization: Our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client, and our pricing reflects the level of customization required to meet those needs.


Results: Ultimately, the cost of our services is determined by the results we deliver. We are focused on providing a high return on investment for our clients, and our pricing is aligned with the value we bring to each project.


We understand that every client has unique needs and goals, and we are committed to providing customized solutions at a fair and reasonable price.

Contact us today for more information and a complete statement of work (SOW) with pricing tailored to your specific needs and SaaS marketing campaign goals.

How can I tell if my B2B SaaS marketing is working?

As with any marketing campaign, it's important to track and measure the effectiveness of your B2B SaaS marketing efforts. Here are some key indicators to help you determine if your campaign is working:

Traffic and engagement: One of the most basic indicators of a successful B2B SaaS marketing campaign is an increase in website traffic and engagement. You should see an uptick in the number of visitors to your website, as well as a boost in the amount of time they spend on your site.


Conversion rates: Ultimately, the success of your B2B SaaS marketing campaign will be measured by your ability to convert visitors into paying customers. Keep a close eye on your conversion rates and make adjustments to your campaign as needed to improve them.


Qualified leads: Another key indicator of success is the number of qualified leads generated by your campaign. A qualified lead is someone who has expressed interest in your product or service and is a potential customer. Track the number of leads generated by your campaign and make sure they are of high quality.


Return on investment (ROI): You should always be mindful of the cost of your B2B SaaS marketing campaign relative to the results you are seeing. Track your ROI closely to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars.


Customer feedback: Finally, don't forget to listen to your customers. Solicit feedback on your product or service, as well as on your marketing efforts. Use this feedback to improve your campaign and to make adjustments to your product or service as needed.


Overall, the key to determining whether your B2B SaaS marketing is working is to track your progress, measure your results, and make adjustments as needed. By doing so, you can optimize your campaign for success and drive growth for your business.

Reasons to invest in professional B2B SaaS marketing services

As a B2B SaaS company, investing in professional marketing services can help you stay ahead of the competition, reach your target audience effectively, and achieve your business goals. Here are some key reasons why you should consider partnering with a professional B2B SaaS marketing agency like ours:

Stay ahead of the competition in a multichannel world

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it's important for B2B SaaS companies to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends to effectively reach their target audience. As consumer behavior shifts from one platform to another, it's crucial to keep up with the changing trends and engage with your audience where they spend the most time. With our professional B2B SaaS marketing services, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and reach your target audience effectively. We understand that the traditional marketing channels may not be as effective as before, which is why we believe that a multichannel marketing approach that includes B2B SaaS marketing can help boost your brand's visibility and increase conversions.

More power for experienced marketers

B2B SaaS marketing offers new opportunities for marketers, including different ad formats like interactive ads, personalized landing pages, and behavior-based targeting. Our B2B SaaS marketing professionals have been in the trenches testing B2B SaaS marketing strategies and staying ahead of industry trends.

Access to industry-leading expertise, tools, and data insights

Partnering with a professional B2B SaaS marketing agency like ours gives you access to industry-leading expertise, tools, and data insights. We have a team of experts who are trained to deliver authentic, creative, and engaging marketing strategies that align with your business objectives. We invest in the latest technology and tools to ensure that we can deliver the best results for our clients. With our data-driven approach, we can help you make informed decisions and achieve your marketing goals.

  • Can You Target Groups With Linkedin Ads?
    Yes! As mentioned above, LinkedIn supports groups targeting. Groups can be a great way to target a highly engaged audience of LinkedIn users because most people that are part of groups engage with the platform more frequently, so you have a better chance of reaching them.
  • Can You Target Individuals on Linkedin?
    Yes! You can either upload an email list and LinkedIn will match back to each of their LinkedIn profiles, or a company list and instead of just targeting John Doe, Sales Manager at Company X, you can target all Sales Managers at Company X. You can also use LinkedIn targeting which is highly effective.
  • How is LinkedIn Ads targeting better than Facebook ad targeting?
    For business owners, heads of marketing, founders, and CEOs, advertising on LinkedIn is going to be your best bet to promote your company, product, or service offering (especially for lead generation in B2B markets). We dive into the targeting differences between LinkedIn and Facebook in o