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Diversity Marketing Case Study: Uniting Voices and Amplifying Change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

9x Higher CTR Against Prior Campaign Benchmark
56% of YouTube Ad Clicks Resulted In Engaged Website Sessions (20+ sec)

Launched in 2015, Love Has No Labels is one of Ad Council’s landmark social movement campaigns. It is a social movement campaign aimed at promoting diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. The campaign focused on raising awareness of issues currently impacting the LGBTQ, AAPI, and Black communities through powerful video messaging. 


In this campaign, 3 creative iterations were leveraged at various video lengths across YouTube. The goal was to drive video views for our messaging and direct users to the Love Has No Labels landing page to read more about the various issues. The campaign targeted A18+ with specific search term groups as well as broader political interests to reach those who already have an interest in these topics.


The result wrapped with impressive metrics, with 13.9M video impressions, 3.6M video views, 431K clicks, and 241K web sessions that lasted over 20 seconds. Most notably, the campaign saw a strong CTR at 3.09%, which was 9 times higher than our Love Has No Labels campaign on YouTube in the prior year! This achievement reflects the effectiveness of the implementation of our learnings from the prior year. We continued to optimize and hone in on the audiences most ready to receive the important message of actively being a part of a better society.








Unveiling a Decade of Impact: Love Has No Labels Campaign Evolution and Execution

Launched in 2015 by the Ad Council, the Love Has No Labels campaign is now in its ninth year of execution. This diversity marketing campaign is a landmark, award-winning success for the Ad Council. It was the winner in the “Social Goods Campaign” category at the Shorty Awards in 2016. At one point, it was the 2nd most-viewed video on Facebook in 2015 and was the second most-viewed social activism video ever behind Kony 2012. Love Has No Labels strives to foster understanding and empathy across different identities and communities by bringing attention to implicit biases that exist within us. 


Over the 9 years, the campaign objective has shifted to fit the needs of the times. In partnership with Llama Lead Gen, our execution aimed to mobilize those who believe in equality but are currently complacent and inactive about achieving it. The campaign leveraged 3 different video variations centered around issues faced by the AAPI, Black, and LGBTQ communities. The goal was to reach socially conscious viewers who believe in equality but are currently passive towards the cause, coined as the “Armchair Supporter”. 


The campaign targeted various groups of specific search terms around each video as well as a broader interest in political and social advocacy terms. The goal was to raise awareness of the social issues and drive viewers to the landing page to engage deeper with the cause.

Diversity Marketing Campaign Objectives and Goals

This campaign's primary objective was to continue raising awareness and knowledge of issues faced by diverse and marginalized groups. Love Has No Labels aimed to:


Address current divisiveness in our society by building empathy and eroding implicit bias


Increase understanding of issues currently faced by the AAPI, Black, and LGBTQ communities


Mobilize and empower those who have an interest in social issues but are currently complacent and inactive


The Challenge

Refining Audience Segmentation and Engagement Tactics

The Ad Council team came to Llama Lead Gen to continue to refine and optimize this historical activation. With a range of videos targeted towards three different causes, it was important to correctly segment the videos to the specific audiences while also finding an overarching audience that fits our “Armchair Supporter” segment.


The main challenge of this campaign was to understand the proper split between specific and broad audience segmenting to ensure that each of the causes/videos received sufficient support. With longer-form video creatives available, we were looking to find the balance between driving video views and the campaign’s ultimate goal of driving engaged viewers to the landing page. 


The Ad Council sought collaboration with Llama Lead Gen to refine their strategy for effectively engaging the ideal audience and boosting both video viewership and website clicks. Building upon the success of previous campaigns between The Ad Council and Llama Lead Gen, we leveraged existing trust and prior learnings to ensure a successful campaign.


Diversity Marketing Strategy

The Ad Council and Llama Lead Gen chose YouTube as the main platform for this video campaign. The team wanted to leverage advanced keyword and search targeting on YouTube to serve our videos along with relevant content. Across YouTube, the campaign targeted search terms that are broadly related to Political and Social Advocacy interests. Additionally, given the social cause-specific video creatives, we also segmented out audiences that were targeted towards specific keywords relating to AAPI, LGBTQ and Black communities.


The campaign leveraged 15, 30, and 60-second video creatives to drive traffic back to the campaign landing page. The goal was to get viewers to go to the landing page and engage with more information about specific social issues faced by different communities. With the campaign set up, we were interested in understanding performance differences between each of the communities as well as the difference between Search Terms and Interest targeting in their effectiveness drive viewers to our website.


We monitored the campaign performances and made regular budget optimizations based on audience performance. A mix of videos was leveraged to allow platform optimization flexibility. Llama Lead Gen worked together with the Ad Council to ensure that the ad copy aligned with each video.  


Solution & Implementation

Upon gaining a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's strategy and objectives, we collaborated with the Ad Council to finalize ad copy and ensured alignment with the selected target audiences. The Llama Lead Gen team was fully responsible and owned campaign setup, execution, and regular optimization on the YouTube platform.


Our diversity marketing campaign was launched, followed by our meticulous QA process to ensure the proper setup of campaigns, audiences, and ads. Our team diligently monitored daily performance, making budget adjustments based on the effectiveness of ads and target audiences. Strategically reallocated media weight to more efficient audiences and ads.

Throughout the campaign flight, the pacing was consistent. However, the campaign did struggle to serve the LGBTQ video creative (Barbara) as Google deemed that it violated the ‘Sexual orientation in personalized advertising’ policy. Through the remainder of the flight, Google continued to restrict impressions served against this video creative.


Diversity Marketing Campaign Performance & Data

The campaign had a primary objective to raise awareness of three different social issues and drive viewers to the Love Has No Labels landing page to learn more. We leveraged both broad Interest and issue-specific Search Terms targeting to hone in on our ideal users. Throughout the campaign, we garnered impressive metrics at 13.9M video impressions, 3.6M video views, 431K clicks, and 241K web sessions that lasted over 20 seconds. Most impressively, we were able to achieve a CTR of 3.09% which is 9 times higher than our Love Has No Labels campaign on YouTube in the prior year at 0.34%!

Overall, we noted that broad interests in political and social advocacy search terms drove the strongest results in CTR. Specifically, interest in political sites and terms saw a CTR of 3.01% and received 38% of all campaign impressions. Of the issue-specific keyword targeting, the videos focused on AAPI and Black communities saw similar results with CTR hovering around the campaign average. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ ad group received very limited impressions throughout the flight due to Google’s policy violation flag of the creative.