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Generating Enterprise Leads for a B2B SaaS Transportation Company

We implemented a digital marketing strategy and garnered 1,501 social engagements for a SaaS digital transformation company in the transportation space.

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Video Views

Data shown is for a 7 month campaign flight


Social Engagements


Enterprise Leads

  • Identified an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate qualified enterprise leads that led to 158 clicks to their LinkedIn page

  • Created informative video content that resulted in 41.01% video view completions

  • Developed lead content and form generation resulting in 420 lead form opens and a 6.97% completion rate

  • Produced an email marketing campaign to help improve awareness and education, and nurture leads through the sales funnel we developed

Our client, Connixt, had developed critical software that improved the insights and efficiencies for enterprise organizations within the transportation space. The problem? Their target audience held misconceptions about their needs and struggled with getting their employees to adopt digital software. 


Our client knew that a digital marketing campaign could help reach and educate its audience. They searched for a marketing consultant that specialized in the SaaS B2B lead generation marketing to help them generate interest in what they had to offer their buyers.


Llama Lead Gen (LLG) helped Connixt to start a digital presence with educational content, video and image ad creatives, effective ad copy that inspired action, a sales funnel that worked for their goals, email nurture sequences, and consistent A/B testing. With our lead generation strategy, we acquired 33 high-quality leads at a CPL (cost per lead) of less than $300 for an enterprise product worth thousands of dollars.

About the Client
Connixt Logo.png

As a mobile-first, cloud-based enterprise suite, Connixt helps organizations digitize and automate their asset maintenance, safety, wok and crew management, compliance, and inventory. With rapid, no-code deployment,  Connixt can get enterprises up to speed in a matter of weeks instead of months like other software and enable flexibility and integration with existing operating systems.

Marketing goals

Connixt wanted to display their software’s ease of use to their potential customers. A critical concern of Connixt’s potential customers was that the technology needed to be user-friendly to the average blue-collar worker. The company wanted to highlight how their product could fit seamlessly into their lead’s business and improve their day-to-day processes.

Connixt’s target audience also had many misconceptions about their current technology needs. As a result, those who would benefit from Connixt software weren’t learning more about it. We came up with a marketing strategy, sales funnel, and valuable content to help their target audience understand that: 

  • Their employees could easily use Connixt

  • It will help improve efficiency

  • Their data will be secure

  • The software will easily integrate with their current systems


Our lead generation tactics also helped to reduce many of the barriers that tend to keep leads from moving further down the marketing funnel, and ensuring that leads were high-quality for sales.

our responsibilities
  • Identifying key personas and market trends to inform a digital marketing strategy

  • Assessing and implementing a digital marketing strategy, including consulting leaders and team members, offering strategy and best practices

  • Setting up workflows and marketing automation

  • Creating content themes, writing, and designing lead magnets

  • Crafting ad copy and mocking ad creatives

  • Developing and writing email nurture sequence

  • Setting up Connixt’s marketing stack, managing PPC campaigns, and email marketing funnel

  • Evaluating and managing campaigns while A/B testing and optimizing for highly qualified inbound leads

  • Regular phone calls with the client to review campaign performance in detail

A sneak peek into the campaign...

To help provide education that would eliminate the common misconceptions of the target audience, our lead generation campaign centered around valuable information and providing education on efficiency for leaders. The goal was to enable leads to download valuable content and then funnel them into an email nurture campaign.

Execution and implementation

By analyzing the client and their target audience, we broke their goals into the following areas:

Creating a buyer persona and developing the digital marketing strategy for B2B transportation SaaS 
  • Conducted discovery calls with the Connixt team and assessed the needs, goals, target audience, and challenges

  • Completed in-depth research to uncover two key buyer personas: senior-level decision-makers in operations and IT

  • Based on experience, we recommended that Connixt target their marketing efforts towards the operations persona since they are the most open customers that could more easily translate to customers. The IT persona was more conservative and prone to skepticism that is challenging to overcome in a short video or picture ad campaign

  • Created an ad strategy centering around the needs of the customer based on our research: video and picture ads that demonstrate the ease of use and improved efficiency that the software had to offer

Sales funnel.
Target audience.
Case study ad.
eBook ad.
Case study ad.
eBook ad.
eBook ad.
Built Campaign Ads to Shape Messaging and Provide Value to Viewers
  • Defined what the target audience cared about to shape our messaging and copy. This included creating more direct content that encouraged qualified leads to engage

  • Assessed current content to align with client goals

  • Produced eBooks to serve as lead magnets that provided value and built trust with the audience

  • Utilized case studies as social proof that is critical for the target audience

  • Built their entire ad campaign on LinkedIn and their email nurture program in HubSpot

  • Created short videos and images to keep the attention of qualified leads and encourage clicks and shares. These videos spoke to the target audience’s pain points, providing valuable information and education

  • Created messaging, content themes, ad copy, and lead magnets for organic social posting

  • Created lead generation forms that reduced the number of steps to encourage high-quality leads

Monitored campaign strategy to enhance performance and increase number of leads
  • Utilized A/B testing to ensure that campaigns were optimized to get the best results 

  • Built reporting dashboards to evaluate campaign performance and improve insights

  • Scheduled regular client phone calls to review campaign performance, and provide growth strategies.

Creating a B2B Transportation SaaS campaign from scratch

Lead Llama Gen developed a campaign marketing strategy for Connixt from the ground up. By unearthing and exploring customer personas, we were able to pinpoint what was important to leads and create marketing campaigns that were targeted towards their needs.


With the insights and campaign help from Llama Lead Gen, Connixt was able to generate 33 high-quality enterprise leads that understood how the mobile-first software could help them and their employees.

Some words from the client...


“I liked Llama Lead Gens’ approach to the entire project on hand - including the fact that we may have fine-tuned approach and deliverables as we progress. We were impressed with the fact that Adam and the team were ready to work with a broad scope which they helped break down into manageable, time-bound chunks that could then be fine-tuned as needed. Once the campaign launched, we are starting to see steady growth in leads flowing through.”

G. Satish.jpeg
G. Satish

Founder and CEO @ Connixt

Are you looking to get more high-quality enterprise leads for your business? We can help. Our team of experts can help you create and implement a marketing strategy to take your company to the next level. Our expertise and process have helped our clients find success and generate more leads than ever. Schedule a call today to see how we can get these results for your business.

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