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We Are A Premier Reddit Marketing Agency

With 48 million active users and 1.6 billion visitors each month, marketing leaders are intrigued by the opportunity with Reddit marketing but need help knowing where to start. Luckily for you, Llama Lead Gen has executed robust Reddit campaigns that reached business goals and generated strong returns.


Whether you are looking to incorporate new marketing channels or are curious about AMAs and subreddits, our marketing experts can help you make an immediate impact when reaching Reddit users.

17 million

people reached

$8 million


1 million leads

created and counting

Reddit Success Stories


Thanks to Llama Lead Gen's effort, the client reported a fantastic performance on a number of campaigns they worked with. They are also successful in launching beta campaigns and non-English creatives testings. The team's communication was clear and thorough throughout the engagement. They are consistently quick to respond with clear and thorough answers and are a pleasure to work with. I'm convinced Llama Lead Gen does not have bad days. :)

Kira Federer

Director of Business Marketing @ Reddit


Our Reddit Plans


  • Account Audit

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Targeting Audience Analysis

  • Writing Reddit Ad Copy​

  • Reddit Ads Campaign Builds

  • Reddit Ads Management


  • Pixel and Tag Setup

  • A/B Testing and Optimizations


  • Detailed Reporting & Action Plan


Everything in Alpaca, PLUS:

  • Media & Content Development Plans

  • Building Content Calendar

  • Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy


  • Developing Reddit Ad Creatives

  • Social Video Production (:06 - :60)

Llama Herd

Everything in Llama, PLUS:

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Funnel Development

  • Content Refresh

  • Crafting Organic Social Posts

  • Organic Social Media Management


  • Influencer Marketing & Management

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How our agency drives results with Reddit marketing

Strategic & cost-effective Reddit marketing

Pending your company goals, Llama Lead Gen takes a fine lens to strategically understand the most effective CPL (Cost per Lead), CPC (Cost per Click), and more regarding Reddit marketing and your business needs. Then, as we turn your goals into comprehensive numbers, you can see how each strategic tactic can lead to your team's success by month, quarter, or timeframe. 


As we understand and break down the buyer's journey for your business, we can strategically determine the top-performing targeting tactics and audiences within Reddit based on the objective. For example, you can reach specific followers of subreddits that align with your product or upload specific audiences to retarget that are cost-effective for your entire marketing strategy.

Suppose you are unable to understand your goals at the moment. In that case, Llama Lead Gen can help determine an opportunity to test and learn while maintaining cost-effective budgets across your marketing portfolio. 

List building

Combat the cookieless world when you build your first-party data by drawing attention to your brand with list building when you execute Reddit marketing and advertising. See how you can gather potential customers with top-of-the-funnel strategy tactics across Reddit to help hit specific goals within the funnel.


For example, we can reach the healthcare community via community (i.e., r/healthcare, r/globalhealth), interest (i.e., Health), and custom audience (i.e., Reddit pixel) targeting. As you draw attention from these qualified viewers, you can capture their interest via list building with newsletter sign-ups, event marketing, and more.


Additionally, organic comments can strategically align with conversations naturally with a community of potential users and generate list growth at zero cost. 


Strategic list building allows you to follow up dynamically with additional opportunities across other platforms like Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and email to push consideration for app downloads, demo calls, and other business objectives. 

Proven audience targeting

As mentioned in list building, Reddit marketing allows you to reach specific niche communities and audiences. 


Based on the strategy, you can access the following audiences:

  • Reddit Targeting: Reach users based on Location, Device, Time of Day

  • Interest Targeting: Reach users across various interest groups (i.e., Food & Drinks) and specific sub-groups (Cooking), and specific communities (r/gifrecipes); Even exclude sub-groups and communities to target specific interest groups

  • Community Targeting: Plug your ad within communities (i.e., r/food, r/DIY) that align with your target audiences; Sub-Reddits are highly active and engaging users that are passionate about their communities

  • Audience Targeting: Retarget highly qualified users that have triggered the Reddit pixel or engaged with one of your ads (i.e., viewed a post and watched it to a certain % of completion, upvoted, and clicked the ad)


By crafting these audiences based on the goal, you can generate interest, leads, and even conversions at an alarming rate. Llama Lead Gen has utilized these targeting tactics across various strategies to generate engagement with qualified communities and users. 

Visit our case study to see how Llama Lead Gen drove Reddit communities to receive their COVID vaccination.

Authentic content holds the key to success

While Reddit can help companies achieve various goals and objectives, the content shared can effectively draw strong brand awareness and top-of-the-funnel interest. As the 1.6 billion monthly visitors visit their Reddit communities, they are hyperaware users likely to recognize the synergy across other social media channels. Strategic frequency can allow your company to generate brand lift if you retarget users across multiple channels amplifying the awareness with affluent online users. 


Knowing that these users are conscious of the ad placements and messaging, it is mission-critical to utilize value propositions that resonate with the viewer. Therefore, driving direct purchase intent must be highly strategic and potentially postponed to ensure the viewers enter the buyer's journey strategically. Additionally, aligning your content and messaging with the positioning opportunities within Reddit marketing can draw qualified users and generate community engagement. 


Due to this, it is crucial to consider if and when you want to sell within Reddit marketing. Without providing value to these cognizant communities, you can potentially draw negative attention to your brand and even turn into a meme or the butt of the community joke. 


Organic opportunities are unique and crafted for the Reddit user. Organic comments that align with the conversation can be upvoted and awarded by community viewers and generate witty follow-ups. AMA with industry leaders will bring the community together to have one-on-one discussions with the industry leader. Crafting a strategic AMA before driving users into the buyer journey will develop trust in the brand and content.


While Reddit marketing and promoted posts might look similar to Meta's feed placement, Reddit social users experience the ad differently since they are very different users. Reddit users are looking to take action and engage with the value proposition, so "coming soon" or "available this fall" will not work compared to Meta social users. 


Reddit users are hyper-aware of advertising and marketing. The opportunity here is utilizing the wit and humor that these users are familiar with, allowing brands to poke fun or make inside jokes with affluent viewers. Perfectly delivered in various meme templates that users are organically sharing can help viewers learn an in-depth side of the brand.

Llama Lead Gen was tasked with developing a robust social media engagement strategy on Reddit. Using the platform’s beta ad products, we were able to keep costs low while still obtaining high CTR. We used various ad styles to engage the target audience, such as banner ads, video ads, AMA, and conversation ads.

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What do our Reddit marketing agency services include?

Our Reddit marketing agency offers services to help you reach your goals. Our services include three core areas: Reddit Creative and Ad Copy, Reddit Advertising Campaign Builds, and Monthly Reddit Marketing Management. Here’s a detailed description of what’s included in each of these areas:

Reddit Creative and Ad Copy

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with campaign builds)

  • Generating content themes based on the target audience (i.e., what they care about, why they care, what is the selling point/value prop? etc.)

  • Creating ad copy and specific messaging for each target audience (subject, body, closing statement/hooks, CTAs)

  • Designing creative assets or tweaking mock-ups of existing creatives to promote (images/videos with CTAs)

  • Pairing creatives (images/videos) with ad copy to ensure synergies

  • Tweaking messaging on landing pages that we will be driving to (if necessary)

  • Creating lead gen forms to capture users’ information to schedule a call (if we are using lead gen forms instead of driving to LPs)

  • Tweaking or providing suggestions and optimizations for the landing pages or main website domain to include a clear CTA and messaging (if needed)

sample of Ads created: