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We Are A Premier Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

As a leading digital marketing company, Llama Lead Gen has unique experience working with cybersecurity firms to build and manage marketing campaigns that drive qualified leads to your business.
Whether you’re new to marketing and advertising, have tried running campaigns with lackluster results, or are just looking for an expert to build and optimize your marketing campaigns, we can help.

17 million

people reached

$8 million


1 million leads

created and counting

Cybersecurity Success Stories

Our Cybersecurity Marketing Plans


  • Account Audit

  • Target Audience Analysis

  • Writing Google Ad Copy and Headlines

  • Researching Competitive Google Ads Keywords

  • Analyzing Keyword Volume and Bid Pricing

  • Google Ads Campaign Builds

  • Google Ads Management

  • Pixel and Tag Setup Through Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • A/B Testing and Optimizations

  • Detailed Reporting & Action Plan


Everything in Alpaca, PLUS:

  • Media & Content Development Plans

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Developing Google Display Ad Creatives 

  • Social Video Production (:06 - :60) for YouTube Campaigns

  • Landing Page Refresh

Llama Herd

Everything in Llama, PLUS:

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Funnel Development 

  • Content Refresh 

  • Landing Page Re-design

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The 3 ways we are different from other cybersecurity marketing agencies

Innovative B2B lead generation through digital marketing

We don't use cold calls to find potential customers - instead, we use digital marketing and online advertising to generate new leads for you. We create a custom media plan for your specific business and cybersecurity marketing objectives. We don’t sell you a one-size-fits-all package.

No commission on ad-spend

We do not take a commission on ad-spend and are 100% transparent about your marketing dollars. No built-in agency commission is taken from your budget. This also allows us the freedom to be more creative with our marketing plan and test omnichannel marketing opportunities.

We are the right team for the job

Having the right team is just as important as having the right tools. Our team is experienced in fast-tracking the longer sales cycle that normally occurs with cybersecurity companies.

How we drive results with Cybersecurity Marketing

Turn each challenge in the cybersecurity market into an opportunity with Llama Lead Gen! With our proven track record, see how we can generate more qualified leads and scale marketing efforts for growth.


There is no better time than now to invest in the rapidly changing industry. Be the first to generate urgency for your cybersecurity practice with your target audience. 

Combine multiple media types to create a full-funnel strategy

Llama Lead Gen is experienced in complete done-for-you marketing or as an extension of your marketing team. Whether you need a full-funnel, a single prospecting campaign, or would like to increase your cybersecurity company’s brand awareness, LLG will align with your goals and seek creative ways to help you meet your objectives.

A visual example of each stage of the digital marketing funnel, from awareness at the top to advocacy at the bottom.

Analyze your website traffic and optimize ads accordingly

We aim to understand how your visitors interact with your website and instill best practices for SEO. By analyzing your website traffic using Google Analytics and comparing the data with what we find in Google Ads, we gain valuable insights for optimizing and scaling your campaigns. Utilizing the Google ecosystem allows us to bring your sales funnel to life and adapt to changes in real time. No more creating a 6-month marketing plan and hoping it pans out in the end. LLG will continually adjust your Google Ads strategy to scale what's working and pull back on what is not.

Actionable data as a marketing investment

By analyzing your website traffic data and which Google Ads keywords or LinkedIn audiences are most effective at reaching your target audience, we can help find any gaps in your current Conversions Rate Optimization. The data you can glean from Google Analytics or past Google or LinkedIn Ads campaigns can help shape your marketing strategy going forward on the best strategies to implement. Every click and website visit is an opportunity to learn more about your user base.

Proven audience targeting

Targeting on platforms such as Linkedin and Google Ads is one of the most granular and effective methods in the Digital Marketing landscape. Their algorithms are pretty good at targeting the right audience, making it easy for companies to maximize conversions within their desired demographics. In our campaigns, we strive to ensure that your ads are relevant to your target audience while keeping the top-of-the-funnel campaigns as broad as possible. 


We experiment with the built-in targeting functionality (interest targeting, geo-targeting, age, etc.) until we strike the right balance. This allows us to create holistic marketing funnels, which we generally recommend for most businesses, although there are cases where directly targeting users with buyer intent makes the most sense. In that case, you should expect the cost to rise slightly compared to the multi-step approach.

User-generated content holds the key to success

For your evergreen marketing campaigns to succeed, we believe that user-generated content is key. If you are in an industry where everything about creating authentic video content seems uncertain, user-generated content (UGC) often is the solution. A single video can be split into shorter, one-minute videos, creating a story campaign that deepens the audience's challenges in an authentic way.


In the B2B industry, and especially for B2B SaaS companies, TikTok offers a way to promote content such as user testimonials and product demos in a video-native, easy-to-digest format for the first time. The potential of this evergreen video content is further amplified by TikTok’s best-in-class ad targeting.

The client was looking for an experienced cybersecurity marketing firm to provide recommendations to drive brand awareness, affinity, and purchase intent. Their main goals were lead generation to add to their inbound marketing efforts. We did this by promoting their product/service offering by focusing on key tenets such as: risk management, data security, data protection, and cyber threats.  

Some words from one of our clients...

Llama Lead Gen played a crucial part in building Versive's digital marketing footprint over the course of several months that I've had the pleasure to work with them. LLG worked with us to build out a full marketing strategy and game-plan for the types of platforms we should run on, appropriate budget, target audience, and even taught our team about different advertising and digital media metrics to watch out for. In addition, they also worked to craft our messaging, worked alongside our designer to generate our creatives, A/B tested, and set up our conversion tracking.


LLG is great at communication and highly skilled at what they do. Throughout our time working together I felt at ease that they were in the driver's seat, walking us through every step of the way, and keeping us updated on ways to improve. I would highly recommend working with Llama Lead Gen to scale your team and company's digital marketing!

Jennifer Fowler.
Jennifer Fowler

Director of Marketing @ Versive (now eSentire)

3 cybersecurity marketing tactics that generate leads

With the improvements in online network capabilities and digitalization for nearly every aspect of business and life, the chances of falling victim to cybercrime have drastically increased in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the demand for cybersecurity resources continues to rise exponentially. As a result, cybersecurity solutions will be needed whether you are an individual protecting multiple digital resources or a business venture with rapid growth.


While it may seem clear that businesses need to prioritize cybersecurity, it still requires a holistic marketing strategy to find your brand's competitive edge and shift the minds of busy business owners. Whether or not the owners are confident in what they believe is proper cybersecurity, educating them effectively through nurturing content and cybersecurity ads can be the deciding factor in inquiring about your cybersecurity solutions. 


Marketing for cybersecurity companies has its fair share of challenges. New cybersecurity companies are constantly entering the space, making it cluttered and competitive. While it is imperative to stick out from your competitors, your brand's credibility is of the utmost importance when dealing with security and the livelihood of a business or individual. Finding that perfect balancing act of credibility and standing out will be challenging.


Alongside the importance of credibility, education and being informative in the space is vital in captivating initiators and decision-makers at companies. With constant news of cyber hacks and data breaches, business owners need digestible information to determine their cybersecurity needs.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of comprehensive content, most businesses rarely focus on cybersecurity. 


Whether you want to leave a lasting impression with cybersecurity advertising or generate leads for an upcoming event or campaign, Llama Lead Gen has a proven track record of curating a cybersecurity marketing plan to generate sales and leads by ensuring your solution and services stand out to potential prospects. LLG sees opportunities with all the challenges cybersecurity firms face today.


LLG has helped generate qualified leads for cybersecurity through credible content marketing and campaigns that stand out to the target audience. In addition, LLG has the tactical understanding to maintain a healthy marketing funnel for any cybersecurity firm.


Below are three marketing tactics that help cybersecurity companies succeed!

Content marketing that generates credibility

Compelling content can educate, build trust, and drive action to generate cybersecurity leads. For example, blog content can help develop and draw attention during each phase of the buyer's journey. Once a prospect is aware of the latest cybersecurity concerns, they can move further down the funnel as you address their cybersecurity needs as a business. Based on the tone and call-to-action of the content, you can start swaying potential prospects into different audiences to help determine their most effective cybersecurity solution. By offering e-books and whitepapers to your categorized audiences, you can see which candidates are heavily interested in cybersecurity as they consume long-form content. These strategies increase the chances of generating a cybersecurity sale as you nurture the bottom-of-the-funnel leads. 


Whether it is top-of-the-funnel awareness by informing readers on the latest cybersecurity news or lower funnel lead capture with downloadable content, look to LLG to create data-driven content that is digestible and goal-oriented for all business owners and decision-makers.

Draw attention to dependable case studies

As businesses become more educated on the severity of cybersecurity, most decision-makers will request case studies and review the results generated. However, business owners also have many other priorities besides cybersecurity. Through strategic marketing, you can generate urgency by promoting case studies and meeting business owners and IT leaders where they naturally reside.


As you engage with middle-of-the-funnel prospects with case studies, see how LLG generates trust as they work through the buyer's journey and develop sales enablement for cybersecurity leads. Whether through strategic marketing channels or lead nurturing, LLG's marketing experts can create a significant return from the team's existing best-in-class case studies.

sample of Ads created:

Reducing friction when generating quality leads

Even when you have the perfect content that addresses the prospects' needs and the case studies to generate credibility, there is still the challenge of interrupting a decisionmaker's busy day to request information. 


Luckily at LLG, your company can rest assured that the lead gen process will be seamless with little to no friction. These results are capable when utilizing in-platform lead capture forms when implementing cybersecurity advertising. Viewers are two to three times more likely to sign-up compared to traditional ad placements. Whether viewers use the autofill feature or prefer staying within their desired digital platform, LLG seeks the best lead-generating strategy with captivating creative and messaging. Look to see a seamless transition from ad experience to scheduling meetings with quality leads for your sales and account teams with LLG.

Final thoughts

Cybersecurity marketing is entering each phase of the buyer's journey for cybersecurity needs with a strategic intent to drive the targeted outcome and results. Whether determining the best awareness campaign to draw attention to the latest news in cybercrime or capturing leads through case study promotion, strategizing around specific objectives helps generate the key metric based on the targeted audience. 


To do so, we build a holistic full-funnel marketing strategy to ensure as many prospects turn into cybersecurity sales. We also determine the competitive edge of each company's solution with credible and unique brand positioning and growth-focused amplification strategies. Finally, through each tactic, we take the prospect's perspective and experience for each campaign and ensure that messaging is clear and the experience is nearly seamless.

Ready to improve your cybersecurity marketing?

What do our Cybersecurity marketing services include?

Our cybersecurity marketing agency services are designed to help you reach your goals. Whether your objective is to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your event, generate cybersecurity leads, or make new sales, we’ve got the right solution for you.

We can help with these goals and more by providing three core areas of service: Creative and Ad Copy, Paid Social and Search Campaign Builds, and Monthly Management. Here’s a detailed description of what’s included in each of these areas:

Creative and Ad Copy for Cybersecurity companies

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with campaign builds)

  • Generating content themes based on your target B2B audience (i.e., what they care about, why they care, what is the selling point/value prop? etc.)

  • Creating ad copy and specific messaging for each target audience (subject, body, closing statement/hooks, CTAs)

  • Designing creative assets or tweaking mock-ups of existing creatives to promote (images/videos with CTAs)

  • Pairing creatives (images/videos) with ad copy to ensure synergies

  • Tweaking messaging on landing pages that we will be driving to (if necessary)

  • Creating lead gen forms to capture users’ information to schedule a call (if we are using lead gen forms instead of driving to LPs)

  • Tweaking or providing suggestions and optimizations for the landing pages or main website domain to include a clear CTA and messaging (if needed)

sample of Ads created: