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1.8x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Top IT Enterprise Consulting Company

Developing a holistic marketing strategy, organic social content calendar, leading a CRM migration, building and managing paid social campaigns, and email nurture sequences for IT company. 

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While market trends favor companies that provide digital transformation, that market need does not always translate into a steady and profitable business for all IT enterprise organizations. Companies need an organized and streamlined approach that dovetails with proactive marketing campaigns and prospect nurturing once ad campaigns have brought clients into the funnel. Our IT client badly needed all this and transitioned to us so we could provide multi-stream, targeted ad campaigns, using a marketing strategy that consolidated CRM efforts.

Our client is a top IT consulting company that focuses on data privacy, process mining, and interoperability, among other services. They needed a digital marketing company like ourselves to implement a marketing strategy and develop several organic and paid social campaigns. Generating new qualified leads, converting those leads, returning clients to the funnel, and/or transitioning them to a new funnel was crucial to positive growth.







Our work involved

  • Driving innovative ad campaigns designed to generate qualified leads

  • Developing a content development plan and a content calendar posting schedule

  • Boosting presence on Twitter and LinkedIn through organic social posts

  • Developing email nurture sequences for their SDRs in Outreach

  • A full CRM migration from Salesforce to HubSpot

  • Creating popup banners, marketing chatbots, and workflows within HubSpot

Digital marketing strategy

We created an all-encompassing marketing strategy that touched upon the clients’ main goals. Generating brand awareness and interest among IT professionals who are already skeptical and guarded was a key challenge, and we incorporated that hesitancy into our plan. With that in mind, we pursued both paid and organic social media activity. It was essential to create short, targeted video messaging as viewer attention spans have decreased. Our client also wanted to establish an online presence to boost brand recognition, so we created a path for increased presence and visibility on relevant platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Creating a content calendar established the framework for increasing customer engagement.

Organic social content calendar and posting schedule

We constructed an organic social content calendar and a posting schedule during critical times of the day. We identified the top best-performing posts through our analysis and research to determine what made them successful and how best to replicate that successful click-through engagement on future posts. We also researched competitors’ digital footprint, what they were posting, what was working, and what wasn’t to get a clear picture of the landscape. This strategy helped create a dynamic and adaptive approach that grew with the social performance trends and our client’s goals.

Top-performing post topics included:
  • Winning awards in the industry

  • Announcements of new partnerships

  • Inclusion of trending topics

  • Article publications from company leaders

  • Employee spotlights and achievements

  • Promoting their webinar series

  • Event registrations

These top-performing posts generated measurable results:
  • Driving the number of impressions and reach from hundreds to thousands per post

  • Generated more consistent lead form completions per campaign

  • Funneling traffic more effectively to the client’s LinkedIn page and CRM for additional engagement.

We audited past posts to determine top-performing posts and why. Our audit identified that the client’s top 10-15 posts featured employee news, partnerships, and awards. These posts built familiarity and trust and could lead to a further increase in follows, sharing, and mentions. The client held several events, so we created an event posting strategy that significantly increased the number of social engagements and attendees at their virtual events. One event alone has generated nearly 13,000 impressions, a reach of over 10,000, and significant click-throughs to the company’s landing and LinkedIn pages.

LinkedIn ad campaigns

LinkedIn was well suited for what we were trying to accomplish, engaging the IT professional, B2B crowd. A regular review of underperforming ad campaigns prevented us from an improper investment of ads budget and time. Offering a bonus or benefit to potential clients such as a free download resource or guide also prompted heightened engagement and generated qualified leads. Several LinkedIn data privacy campaigns featured a free download offering as a funnel entrance to either immediate lead conversion or into the email nurturing program we developed.

Sales funnel and email nurture sequences

Much of the groundwork leading to eventual conversions begin with a solid foundation of content marketing and subtle social media cues that aim to unify and align the various platforms with the website. We created a sales funnel that established a consistent look and feel. Offering free and useful downloads built trust with IT professionals, who immediately entered our email nurture program. This holistic program improved on basic drip emails assigned to our clients’ inside sales representatives to follow up and address any questions or concerns.

The most email engagement occurred when emails included:
  • Specific stats with relevant resources

  • Resources that aimed to add value to our target audience’s day-to-day

Implementing and integrating a new CRM

Generating positive click-throughs and customer interest through a difficult CRM transition is an achievement in and of itself. Through our research, findings, and experience, we suggested moving away from Salesforce and to HubSpot. Implementing content that performed well on LinkedIn and Twitter warmed up our marketing efforts and aided in moving new clients into our funnel. Once there, it was vital to nurture the client through each step. Prospective customers have more things than ever before competing for their attention, so providing a personal feel and removing barriers was instrumental. A curated email nurture sequence campaign kept clients connected and allowed Prolifics the client to communicate more technical information to prospects. We also held training sessions with their sales team on how to use HubSpot effectively and how it integrates with Outreach (their sales enablement platform). Adding chatbots and pop-ups engaged prospective clients and provided opportunities to ask for any needed clarifications.

A more streamlined and integrative approach

Campaign sustainability hinges on understanding clients’ pain points and how they may change over time throughout the lifecycle of their campaigns. Because our client is one of many in the IT data privacy space, we had to develop a unique value-prop that positioned them as standing out from the rest. Consistent, polished messaging coupled with engaging and original content that provided relatable and valuable information was key to our success.

Applying organic social media posting best practices at the onset of our engagement created a framework for our posting schedule. Revisiting our engagement at the 30-day mark sparked an opportunity to fine-tune content and timing of organic posts. Regular auditing and examining metrics month over month allowed for course corrections and helped scale back or eliminate dead-end paths. Honing in on their focus on innovation and thought leadership in the industry led to solid gains in followers, engagement, and click-throughs and created a flexible framework that can adjust to future industry trends.

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