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Your Strategic Agency Partner in FinTech Marketing

In a digital landscape where user behaviors are constantly evolving, and industry policies are ever-changing, traditional marketing strategies may no longer suffice. This is particularly true for specialized sectors such as Direct and Peer-to-peer Lenders, Neo Banks, Insurance, FinTech Startups, and Banking, as well as emerging markets like Blockchain and Crypto.


Llama Lead Gen stands out as a specialized FinTech marketing agency, serving as your strategic partner in this complex environment. With over two decades of aggregated data and a reach that spans billions of users, we offer FinTech marketing services that are both innovative and effective.


Our team of seasoned marketing experts is committed to proactive learning and data-driven insights. We create thumb-stopping, attention-grabbing campaigns designed to guide your target audience through the buyer's journey. Our approach delivers the results you seek in a more time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Explore below to discover the full range of our FinTech marketing services tailored for the FinTech sector.

6 million

people reached

$2 million


750k leads

created and counting

Success Stories

Our FinTech Marketing Agency Service Plans


  • Account Audit

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Targeting Audience Analysis

  • Writing FinTech Ad Copy​

  • FinTech Ads Campaign Builds

  • FinTech Ads Management

  • Pixel and Tag Setup

  • A/B Testing and Optimizations


  • Detailed Reporting & Action Plan


Everything in Alpaca, PLUS:

  • Media & Content Development Plans

  • Building Content Calendar

  • Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy


  • Developing FinTech Ad Creatives

  • Social Video Production (:06 - :60)

Llama Herd

Everything in Llama, PLUS:

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Funnel Development

  • Content Refresh

  • Crafting Organic Social Posts

  • Organic Social Media Management


  • Influencer Marketing & Management

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How Our Agency Drives Results with FinTech Marketing

A Comprehensive FinTech Marketing Strategy

In the fast-paced world of financial services, having a robust FinTech marketing strategy is not just an option—it's a necessity. At Llama Lead Gen, we specialize in crafting marketing strategies that not only resonate with your target audience but also drive tangible results. Our approach focuses on three core pillars: data-driven insights, innovative solutions, and increasing customer acquisition.

Industry Trends

The FinTech industry is ever-evolving, with new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning continually reshaping the landscape. At Llama Lead Gen, we stay ahead of these trends to offer you marketing strategies that are not just current but future-ready. Additionally, we keep a close eye on regulatory changes that could impact your marketing efforts, ensuring that your campaigns remain compliant while achieving maximum reach and effectiveness.

Data-Driven Insights

With over a decade of industry experience and a wealth of aggregated data, we have a deep understanding of the FinTech sector. This expertise enables us to identify unique opportunities and challenges for your business, forming the basis for a scalable and effective FinTech marketing strategy. 


We further enhance this strategy through advanced analytics tools, gathering insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This data-driven approach informs our highly targeted campaigns, from customer segmentation to personalized messaging, ensuring that every marketing dollar you spend is optimized for maximum returns.

Innovative Solutions

In an industry that thrives on innovation, your marketing efforts should be no different. We employ cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve. From content marketing to SEO and beyond, our multifaceted approach ensures that every aspect of your financial technology growth strategy is optimized for success.

Branding and Positioning

In a crowded FinTech market, standing out is imperative. We specialize in crafting compelling brand narratives that not only differentiate you from competitors but also establish trust with your target audience. Through case studies, testimonials, and thought leadership content, we position your brand as a reliable solution provider in the FinTech space, thereby driving both awareness and conversions.

Thought Leadership

Establishing your brand as a thought leader in the FinTech space can significantly enhance your market credibility. We help you achieve this through a variety of content forms such as webinars, whitepapers, and eBooks. These not only provide value to your audience but also position your brand as an authority in the field, thereby attracting more qualified leads.

Conversion Optimization

A well-designed landing page can be the difference between a visitor and a customer. We apply best practices in UI/UX design, coupled with A/B testing, to ensure that your landing pages are optimized for conversions. Our strategies are tailored to meet the specific needs of the FinTech industry, focusing on clarity, credibility, and call-to-action elements that prompt user engagement.

Increasing Customer Acquisition

At the heart of any successful FinTech marketing strategy is customer acquisition, a challenge that demands a nuanced, multi-faceted approach. Leveraging our expertise in SEO and content marketing, we tailor our strategies to meet the unique needs of the financial services industry. This enables you to rank higher in search results and attract quality leads. Additionally, we employ targeted campaigns and personalized messaging to engage potential customers at various touchpoints of their journey.


Beyond search engine visibility, we extend your reach and improve ROI through social media marketing and influencer partnerships. Our comprehensive methods are not only designed to attract new customers but also to nurture existing ones, thereby maximizing lifetime value. By combining these elements, Llama Lead Gen delivers a FinTech marketing strategy that drives results, fosters financial technology growth, and elevates your brand in the competitive landscape of financial services. Explore below to learn more about how we can help you achieve your FinTech marketing goals.

Customer Retention

Acquiring a new customer is just the beginning; retaining them is where the real challenge lies. Our customer retention strategies include targeted email marketing campaigns and loyalty programs designed to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. We also employ re-targeting and upselling techniques to maximize the lifetime value of each customer, thereby boosting your overall ROI.

FinTech marketing case study-01.png

Looking for the Best Strategies, Tips & Marketing Trends in FinTech Marketing?

Cost-Effective FinTech Marketing

Maximizing ROI and Minimizing Marketing Spend

In the highly competitive landscape of FinTech, optimizing every marketing dollar is crucial. At Llama Lead Gen, we specialize in crafting customized marketing strategies that not only meet your specific goals but also maximize the effectiveness of your budget. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, we provide transparent, data-backed recommendations for allocating your marketing spend across various channels. 


Additionally, we continuously track key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the ROI of your campaigns, allowing for real-time adjustments to achieve optimal results. This comprehensive approach ensures that your marketing budget is both effectively and efficiently utilized. Here's how our approach saves you both time and money:


Targeted Strategies for Lower CPC and CPL

We employ data-driven tactics to achieve the lowest possible cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL), ensuring that your marketing spend is optimized for maximum ROI.


Versatile Campaign Goals

Whether you aim to generate awareness for a new financial technology product, outshine competitors, or drive interest in your services, our tailored strategies can accommodate a range of objectives and budget sizes. This flexibility allows you to allocate your marketing spend where it will have the most impact.


Prudent Media Spend for Top-of-the-Funnel Results

We compile audiences based on a wealth of aggregated data, including interests and site events, to ensure that your media spend is wisely allocated. This targeted approach is particularly effective for generating awareness and achieving top-of-the-funnel results, making the most of every marketing dollar.


Supporting Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Llama Lead Gen provides specialized Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies to boost revenue for FinTech companies focused on high-value accounts or pioneering SaaS products. We pinpoint key decision-makers in your target organizations and customize campaigns to address their unique requirements. Our strategy includes shifting audience lists from events like webinars to targeted "Schedule a Demo" campaigns, ensuring efficient marketing spend that aligns with your sales objectives, facilitating a smooth transition from lead to customer.


Proactive Decision-Making

Our team constantly reviews campaign performance from multiple angles, allowing us to make proactive marketing decisions that drive your business forward. This not only saves time but also ensures that your marketing budget is spent effectively. To get an initial understanding of how we manage your marketing spend effectively, visit our step-by-step budgeting guide.

By focusing on these key areas, Llama Lead Gen offers a FinTech marketing approach that is both cost-effective and time-efficient, ensuring that your marketing spend delivers the results you seek.

List Building for FinTech Lead Generation

You may offer the ideal FinTech solution, but capturing the attention of cold leads can be a challenging task. At Llama Lead Gen, we specialize in transforming these indifferent attitudes into warm prospects through targeted marketing efforts designed specifically for FinTech lead generation.


To minimize friction and effectively engage your target audience, we utilize natively built lead generation campaigns that capture user information right within the platform. This strategy allows us to build an audience list that amplifies your entire marketing efforts. We then employ retargeting and automation across various marketing channels to nurture these leads further. For scaling your audience, we use lookalike targeting techniques to reach millions of similar users, thereby expanding your potential customer base.


As the role of marketing automation continues to grow in importance for any successful business, Llama Lead Gen has developed the "Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation." This comprehensive resource aims to help you understand the intricacies of MarTech and explore opportunities to gain a larger share of voice and revenue in the competitive FinTech landscape.


Llama Lead Gen’s efforts have increased customer acquisition and CAC rates, exceeding expectations. Their communicative, responsive, and collaborative approach cultivates a positive working relationship. They are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and outstanding results for us!

Alexandra wilson

Startup Search Lead @ Contrary Capital


Proven Audience Targeting for FinTech Lead Generation

The key to successful FinTech marketing lies in precise audience targeting. With access to a diverse and expansive user base, we offer unparalleled audience segmentation based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even geographical locations. This ensures a more cost-effective and efficient marketing spend, as you're reaching individuals genuinely interested in your FinTech products or services.

Targeting Strategies for Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Our approach is designed to target users at different stages of the customer funnel, from awareness to conversion, allowing us to tailor our messaging and targeting based on user interest and intent.

Top of Funnel (TOFU)

  • Demographic Targeting: Focus on users based on age, gender, location, and language.

  • Interest Targeting: Engage users who have shown interest in topics related to FinTech or financial services.

Middle of Funnel (MOFU)

  • Custom Audience Targeting: Reach out to users who have previously engaged with your brand, such as those who have visited your website or interacted with your content.

  • Behavior Targeting: Target users based on specific actions they have taken, such as downloading a whitepaper or attending a webinar.

Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)

  • Remarketing Targeting: Re-engage users who have shown interest in your FinTech solutions but have not yet converted.

  • Customer Retargeting: Focus on users who have already made a purchase or taken a desired action, leveraging this relationship for upsells or referrals.

Our targeting options offer additional layers and opportunities to draft the most niche and focused communities. While broader audiences can help ensure brand recognition, more focused pools allow for A/B tests that provide data-backed insights into which target audience, creative, and landing page generate the best ROI for your FinTech business.

Connect with Llama Lead Gen for FinTech audience targeting strategies that drive unparalleled growth!

What Do Our FinTech Marketing Services Include?

At Llama Lead Gen, we're committed to customizing our FinTech marketing services to align with your specific goals and objectives. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to maximize your success in the competitive FinTech landscape. Trust our team of seasoned marketing experts to guide your FinTech marketing campaigns with unparalleled proficiency. Reach out to us today to learn how our tailored FinTech marketing solutions can elevate your business.

Content and Messaging Strategy

(Pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with campaign builds)

  • Developing content themes based on target audiences, focusing on their needs, preferences, and the unique value propositions of your FinTech solutions.

  • Crafting specialized messaging for each target audience, including subject lines, body content, closing statements, and calls-to-action (CTAs).

  • Designing or refining creative assets to promote your services, such as images or videos with embedded CTAs.

  • Aligning creative assets with ad copy to ensure a cohesive message.

  • Refining landing page messaging, if necessary, to align with campaign goals.

  • Creating lead generation forms to capture user information for follow-up calls or consultations.

  • Offering suggestions for landing page or website optimizations, including clear CTAs and messaging.

sample of Ads created:

Campaign Construction and Budgeting

(Pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with content and messaging)

  • Identifying target audiences, including channel-specific targeting and lookalike audiences.

  • Budget planning, both daily and monthly, based on industry benchmarks.

  • Forecasting estimated reach and setting optimal bid prices based on campaign goals and industry averages.

  • Structuring ad sets to align with your end goals.

  • Implementing tracking pixels to gather data on target audiences and measure ROI.

  • Incorporating strategies like remarketing and account-based marketing.

  • Defining conversion actions and values, and ensuring proper tracking through UTM parameters.

  • Final consultations and updates before campaign launch.

Ongoing Campaign Management

(Post-launch: Monthly retainer)

  • Continuously optimizing and analyzing campaign performance.

  • Adjusting bid strategies, conducting A/B tests, and making necessary optimizations.

  • Implementing creative swaps or ad refreshes as needed.

  • Providing detailed reporting dashboards that include key performance metrics, insights, and analytics.

  • Regular review calls to discuss performance and potential adjustments.

  • Offering technical support, if needed.

  • Exploring additional platforms, campaigns, and audience targeting options as your audience size grows.

  • Identifying growth areas and suggesting improvements based on current campaign analytics.

  • By partnering with Llama Lead Gen, you're investing in a comprehensive, data-driven approach to FinTech marketing that's designed to deliver measurable results.

Additional Digital Marketing Services from Llama Lead Gen

Most of our clients see the best marketing results and advertising ROI by working with additional marketing and advertising channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.


In addition to our marketing services, we offer other platform and industry-specific marketing services. Discover our services range, read our case studies, or get in touch with a Llama to discuss how a holistic digital marketing strategy could look for your business.

Why you should choose Llama Lead Gen for your FinTech marketing campaigns


Your Ideal Partner for High-Impact FinTech Marketing

When it comes to achieving your business objectives in the competitive FinTech landscape, you need a team of experts who can deliver results that truly align with your goals. Our marketing professionals bring a wealth of knowledge in targeting various channels, audiences, and creative ad strategies. We're proud to be recognized as one of the top marketing agencies by Clutch.


Our team excels in providing in-depth analysis and crafting your ideal buyer persona based on meticulous audience research. Our premium service goes a step further by analyzing user behavior and site events to ensure that your marketing budget is allocated most effectively. We continuously monitor performance to ensure that your investment yields the desired results.


Llama Lead Gen is the perfect partner for organizations that prioritize results, quality, and sustainable growth. However, if your focus is solely on quick, bargain leads or if you expect a faster ROI than your typical sales cycle allows—such as expecting revenue within the first 3-4 months when your sales cycle is usually nine months—we may not be the best fit for your needs.


You want to save time

Are you juggling responsibilities like SEO, programmatic advertising, email marketing, budgeting, optimizations, and partner management, all while trying to navigate the complexities of FinTech marketing? For marketing leaders in the fast-paced FinTech industry, the notion of saving time can often seem like a distant dream given the multitude of challenges that lie ahead.


That's where Llama Lead Gen comes in. Our team of seasoned FinTech marketing experts offers a comprehensive, full-funnel approach that allows you to optimize every stage of your sales funnel. By partnering with us, you can free your team to focus on achieving tangible results without getting mired in the complexities of multi-channel marketing strategies. Our holistic approach ensures that your marketing efforts are not only effective but also efficient, saving you both time and money.


Interested in extending your team's bandwidth without compromising your current strategies? Reach out to a Llama Lead Gen representative today to discover how our tailored FinTech marketing services can help you achieve more with less.

You lack the internal resources

Crafting an effective FinTech marketing strategy can be a complex endeavor, especially if you're working with limited internal resources or experiencing diminishing returns on your existing campaigns. Determining the right KPIs and objectives to ensure you're making the most of your marketing efforts can be particularly challenging.


At Llama Lead Gen, we specialize in developing and implementing tailored FinTech marketing strategies that combine proven techniques with data-driven testing. Our expertise allows you to take a comprehensive view of each campaign, ensuring you don't miss any opportunities to drive business growth in the competitive FinTech landscape.


We stay ahead of industry trends and have been invited to beta-test new advertising opportunities, giving us the foresight to develop innovative campaigns that provide our clients with a competitive edge. Additionally, we maintain direct lines of communication with technical support teams for various marketing platforms, ensuring we're constantly updated with the latest changes and ready to adapt our strategies accordingly.


Our resources and expertise equip you with a customized FinTech marketing program tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you're aiming to increase brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, or drive sales, we have the skill sets and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

What determines the cost of our FinTech marketing agency services?

At Llama Lead Gen, we recognize the critical role that a well-structured fintech marketing budget plays in achieving your business goals. That's why we offer a range of customized pricing plans tailored to fit your specific needs and financial constraints, all aimed at maximizing efficiency and delivering measurable results for your fintech advertising campaigns.


Unlike agencies that charge a percentage based on your ad spend—which can encourage unnecessary expenditure and lead to inefficient outcomes—we charge for the strategic planning, creative development, copywriting, campaign setup, and ongoing management. This approach ensures that every dollar allocated to your fintech marketing budget is invested wisely, delivering a tangible return on investment.


Our pricing model is intricately designed around the specific strategies we implement for your fintech advertising efforts. We allocate a set number of hours towards awareness campaigns, while focusing on conversion campaigns to drive revenue and leads. This isn't platform-specific; it's about guiding your potential customers through the entire buyer's journey. For instance, top-of-the-funnel metrics like cost per impression (CPM) are priced differently than mid-to-bottom-of-the-funnel goals like cost per lead (CPL) or cost per acquisition (CPA). Throughout the campaign, we employ compelling calls-to-action, carefully chosen campaign objectives, and a focus on customer lifetime value (CLV) to maximize your desired outcomes.


It's important to note that our management fees are separate from the actual ad costs, which are an additional expense. For our international clients, we can assist with billing and even cover the ad costs on your behalf.

How Can I Tell if My FinTech Marketing is Working?

Implementing Conversion Tracking

To accurately assess the impact of your FinTech marketing efforts, setting up conversion tracking on your website is essential. While there are multiple methods for doing this, Google Tag Manager is commonly used for its versatility. It allows for effortless tracking of various conversions, such as form submissions, site engagement duration, button clicks, and phone calls. We can assist you in defining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and guide you through the implementation of conversion tracking.

Monitoring Key Metrics Across the Funnel

For each stage of the marketing funnel, specific KPIs can be identified to gauge whether your FinTech marketing strategy is achieving its objectives. Here are some example KPIs for each section of the marketing funnel:

Top-of-the-Funnel: Focusing on awareness, we optimize media spend to generate quality video views, tracking metrics like the percentage of the video viewed (e.g., 50% or 75% of the video viewed).

Middle-of-the-Funnel: Capturing lead information is crucial at this stage. We facilitate this by utilizing autofill features that allow potential customers to easily provide their details, categorizing them as interested leads based on the call-to-action (CTA).

Bottom-of-the-Funnel: At this stage, retargeting and compelling CTAs are employed to encourage actions like app downloads, adding items to the cart, or scheduling a demo call.

With our extensive expertise in FinTech marketing strategy and execution, we understand the importance of aligning with key metrics throughout the entire process. Whether you're a new FinTech startup seeking to define your campaign objectives or an established player aiming to reach a new audience, we can tailor KPI goals to meet your specific business needs.

Reasons to invest in professional FinTech marketing services

Navigating Intense Competition in the FinTech Space

The FinTech sector is not just rapidly evolving; it's fiercely competitive. With startups disrupting traditional financial systems and established industry players fighting back with their own innovations, standing out is more challenging than ever. This intense competition makes it crucial for FinTech companies to have a robust, data-driven marketing strategy that can adapt to market changes and consumer behaviors.

The Competitive Edge in Your Sales Funnel

At Llama Lead Gen, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a competitive edge, especially when it comes to your sales funnel. Our team of seasoned professionals has conducted extensive research and A/B testing across various markets. This allows us to craft unique, data-driven marketing strategies that can significantly impact your business outcomes.


Why allocate valuable time and resources to experimenting with unproven methods when you can partner with us for assured results? Our tailored FinTech marketing services are designed to give you the competitive advantage you need to thrive in this cutthroat environment. By entrusting us with your marketing needs, you can conserve valuable resources and focus on your core objectives, while we manage the intricacies of strategy and execution.


Reach out to us today to learn more about how our specialized expertise in FinTech marketing can elevate your business in a crowded and competitive field.

Amplify Your Strategy With the Right Tools and Tactics


Seamless Integration with MarTech Solutions

In the fast-paced world of FinTech, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Our team at Llama Lead Gen has rigorously tested a multitude of marketing technologies to ensure that your strategy is not just robust but also scalable. Whether you need real-time analytics, lead categorization across your sales funnel, or effective distribution of press releases, we can provide expert recommendations tailored to your specific goals.


Save Time, Implement Growth-Driven Strategies

Partnering with us allows you to bypass the time-consuming process of vetting various tools and tactics. Imagine saving over 50 hours that would otherwise be spent on sales calls, only to focus on implementing strategies that are directly aligned with your company's growth objectives. Our proactive approach to FinTech marketing ensures that your strategy is not just effective but also efficient, hitting your business goals with precision.


In-Depth Insights into Our Approach

For a comprehensive understanding of how we operate, take a look at our in-depth FinTech marketing guide. This resource will walk you through the complexities and nuances that go into crafting a successful FinTech marketing campaign, providing you with valuable insights into our methodology.

Contact us today to learn how our specialized FinTech marketing services can help you achieve your business objectives in a competitive landscape.

Unlocking Long-Term Success in FinTech: A Strategic, ROI-Focused Approach to Lead Generation


Strategic Partnership for Long-Term Success

At Llama Lead Gen, we don't just see ourselves as a service provider; we aim to be your strategic partner in FinTech lead generation. Our team of experts works closely with your internal stakeholders to align our marketing strategies with your business objectives. This ensures that our efforts are not just tactical but also contribute to your long-term strategic goals, providing you with a sustainable competitive advantage in the FinTech marketplace.


ROI-Focused Approach

We understand that ROI is a key metric for any senior-level decision-maker. That's why our FinTech lead generation strategies are designed with a focus on maximizing returns. We employ advanced tracking and analytics to provide you with real-time insights into campaign performance. This data-driven approach allows us to make timely adjustments, ensuring that your marketing budget is always optimized for the highest possible ROI.


Scalability and Flexibility

The FinTech industry is dynamic, and your marketing strategies need to be equally adaptable. Our lead generation campaigns are built with scalability in mind, allowing you to quickly adjust to market trends and opportunities. Whether you're looking to expand into new markets or pivot your services, our flexible strategies can be adapted to meet your evolving needs.


Risk Mitigation

In the volatile FinTech landscape, risk mitigation is crucial. Our strategies are designed to be both effective and compliant with industry regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications that could impact your business. We continuously monitor for changes in regulations and adjust our strategies accordingly, ensuring that you remain compliant while still achieving your marketing objectives.


Thought Leadership and Brand Authority

Senior decision-makers understand the value of thought leadership in establishing brand authority. Our "Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation" is just one example of how we can help position your brand as a thought leader in the FinTech space. Through whitepapers, webinars, and targeted content, we can help you build a strong brand presence that resonates with both customers and industry peers.

By partnering with Llama Lead Gen, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a strategic ally committed to driving your business forward in the competitive FinTech landscape. Our comprehensive, ROI-focused approach ensures that your marketing investment is not just spent, but invested in creating long-term value.

  • Can You Target Groups With Linkedin Ads?
    Yes! As mentioned above, LinkedIn supports groups targeting. Groups can be a great way to target a highly engaged audience of LinkedIn users because most people that are part of groups engage with the platform more frequently, so you have a better chance of reaching them.
  • Can You Target Individuals on Linkedin?
    Yes! You can either upload an email list and LinkedIn will match back to each of their LinkedIn profiles, or a company list and instead of just targeting John Doe, Sales Manager at Company X, you can target all Sales Managers at Company X. You can also use LinkedIn targeting which is highly effective.
  • How is LinkedIn Ads targeting better than Facebook ad targeting?
    For business owners, heads of marketing, founders, and CEOs, advertising on LinkedIn is going to be your best bet to promote your company, product, or service offering (especially for lead generation in B2B markets). We dive into the targeting differences between LinkedIn and Facebook in our Social Media Marketing Guide. What makes marketing on LinkedIn unique is that it allows you to target by company lists (something that Facebook and other social media networks do not offer). You can upload a company list, which enables you to target specific individuals at a company. All social media networks will allow you to upload email lists, but company lists can expand your reach even more.
  • How Can I Use LinkedIn Matched Audiences?
    Using LinkedIn Matched Audiences in your ad campaigns are a great way to narrow down to either a list of prospects you have, a list of companies, previous customers, “abandoned cart or drop-off” leads, or people who visited your website but then bounced. Here’s a step by step to set up your matched audiences: Click the Account Assets drop-down within Campaign Manager and select Matched Audiences Select Create an Audience and then you have a selection of options in the drop-down menu: Follow the instructions within each
  • How Can I Target a List of Companies I Have?
    Step 1: Add the Companies If you have less than 300 companies you want to target, then you can simply add in each company by their company name. If you have more than 300 companies, download LinkedIn’s Company List upload template. This is important because although you might have your own excel file or google sheet, LinkedIn has a specific format you need to replicate in order to upload. It’s easiest to simply copy and paste your company list into LinkedIn’s formatting. Step 2: Fill in the Following Information Into The .CSV File company name, company website, company email domain, LinkedIn company page URLurl, stock symbol, industry, city, state, company country, and zip code. *It’s okay if you do not have all of the following information. Usually, it is fine to simply have the name of the company and their company page URL. What LinkedIn will do is match what you have with their system internally to use for your marketing campaigns. Step 3: Make Sure to Save As a .CSV File LinkedIn does not allow standard .xlsx file formatting. Step 4: Upload Your Company List .CSV File to Linkedin Step 5: Wait for LinkedIn to Match Your Company List Upload Back to the LinkedIn Company Pages This process generally takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to process. For more extensive lists, expect a longer wait time. While you are waiting, and when you first upload, you’ll see the ‘audience building’ indicators and that your company list size is too small (<300). Step 6: Once Finished, You Can See That Your Audience Is Now Ready and the Results of Your List Upload, Including the Following Information: Match rate - how many of the companies you provided in which LinkedIn was able to match back to (which you can now target) Audience size - the number of people who work at those companies which you can now target in your campaigns Step 7: Add Your Newly Created Company List As a Target in Your Campaign
  • How Can I Target a List of Emails I Have?
    Step 1: Upload the Emails If you have less than 300 emails you want to target, then you cannot use LinkedIn’s email list upload feature. If you have more than 300 emails, download LinkedIn’s Email List upload template. *This is important because although you might have your own excel file or google sheet, LinkedIn has a specific format you need to replicate in order to upload. It’s easiest to simply copy and paste your email list into LinkedIn’s formatting. Step 2: Fill in the Following Information Into The .CSV File email, first name, last name, job title, employee company, country, apple id, and google id. *It’s okay if you do not have all of the following information. Usually, it is fine to simply have the email, first name, and last name. What LinkedIn will do is match what you have with their system internally to use for your marketing campaigns. To note: most people use their personal emails to sign up for LinkedIn, so although you might have their work email, it might be better to include their personal email instead. Step 3: Make Sure to Save As A .CSV File LinkedIn does not allow standard .xlsx file formatting. Step 4: Upload Your Email List .CSV File to LinkedIn Step 5: Wait for LinkedIn to Match Your Email List Upload Back to the Linkedin Profiles This process generally takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to process. For more extensive lists, expect a longer wait time. While you are waiting, and when you first upload, you’ll see the ‘audience building’ indicators and that your company list size is too small (<300). Once Finished, You Can See That Your Audience Is Now Ready and the Results of Your List Upload, Including the Following Information: Match rate - how many of the emails you provided in which LinkedIn was able to match back to LinkedIn profiles (which you can now target) Audience size - the number of people which you can now target in your campaigns Step 6: Add Your Newly Created Email List As a Target in Your Campaign

Ready to improve your FinTech marketing efforts?