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We Are A Premier Instagram Marketing Agency

Explore the potential of Instagram marketing services to amplify your brand's reach and engagement. At Llama Lead Gen, we're more than just an Instagram marketing agency; we're your partner in success. Utilizing our comprehensive Instagram advertising strategy, we focus on increasing brand awareness and driving campaign engagement, making us the preferred Instagram advertising agency for businesses aiming for excellence.

22 million

people reached

$11 million


2 million leads

created and counting

Instagram Success Stories


We hired Llama Lead Gen for their expertise in building and managing campaigns, serving as our main marketing/advertising partner for our historic COVID-19 vaccine campaign. They were our day-to-day points of contact with planning, building, managing, and reporting the campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. To date, the campaign has exceed expectation and generated $3.68M in spend, 497.7M impressions, 148.7M users reached, and 732.4K sessions to the website.

rasheia harris

Digital Media Director @ Ad Council


Our Instagram Marketing Service Plans


  • Account Audit

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Targeting Audience Analysis

  • Writing Instagram Ad Copy

  • Instagram Ads Campaign Builds

  • Instagram Ads Management

  • Pixel and Tag Setup

  • A/B Testing and Optimizations

  • Detailed Reporting & Action Plan


Everything in Alpaca, PLUS:

  • Media & Content Development Plans

  • Building Content Calendar

  • Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy


  • Developing Instagram Ad Creatives

  • Social Video Production (:06 - :60)

Llama Herd

Everything in Llama, PLUS:

  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Funnel Development

  • Content Refresh

  • Crafting Organic Social Posts

  • Organic Social Media Management


  • Influencer Marketing & Management

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How our agency drives results with Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing strategy

Our Instagram advertising campaigns are built around understanding your business and its unique requirements. We provide tailored Instagram marketing services that include planning, executing, and optimizing your Instagram marketing strategy. From identifying your target audience to creating engaging content, we work strategically to ensure your brand resonates with your audience.

Instagram content development

Content is king, especially on Instagram. Our team of experts crafts visually appealing and engaging content that resonates with your audience. From stunning visuals to compelling captions, we ensure that your brand's story is told in a way that encourages interaction and builds a connection with your followers.

Instagram page growth

Witness organic Instagram growth as we put our specialized strategies into action. Increasing Instagram followers, boosting Instagram likes and comments, and expanding your Instagram reach and impressions have never been easier. Our methods focus on building a genuine audience that connects with your brand.

Strategic & cost-effective Instagram marketing

At Llama Lead Gen, we don't just offer Instagram marketing services; we provide strategic and cost-effective solutions. As a premier Instagram advertising agency, we focus on delivering results that maximize your ROI. Our innovative approach to Instagram advertising ensures that your marketing investments are well-spent, driving real results.

Discover how Llama Lead Gen used Instagram to drive 155 attributed registrations (a $92,845 value) for a financial expo.

List building

Instagram marketing is more than just about visibility; it's a powerful tool for list building. Traditional marketing might receive a cold shoulder, but our Instagram strategies take those tepid attitudes and warm them up through targeted engagement, making it easier to connect with potential customers.


Like our approach with Facebook, we natively build lead gen campaigns on Instagram, capturing user information in-platform. This strategy, combined with our “Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation,” amplifies your marketing efforts, helping you scale your audience list and reach millions of similar users through lookalike targeting.


By employing the below strategies in conjunction with your broader Instagram marketing services, Llama Lead Gen can effectively help with list building, reaching the right audience, and nurturing them through the sales funnel.


Utilize Lead Generation Ads: Instagram (being part of the Facebook family) allows businesses to run lead generation ads. These ads can be tailored to collect specific information like email addresses, names, or phone numbers. By providing a compelling offer, such as a discount, ebook, or exclusive content, you can encourage users to share their information.


Offer Exclusive Content through DM (Direct Message): You can encourage users to send a direct message to get access to exclusive content or offers. This personalized interaction can be used to ask for their email or other information.


Collaborate with Influencers: Influencers can help promote your lead magnet, product, or service to a broader audience. By collaborating with influencers whose followers align with your target audience, you can reach more potential leads.


Engage Through Comments and Community Building: Encourage engagement through comments, and be active in responding. Building a community fosters trust, and followers may be more willing to join your mailing list or participate in exclusive offers.


Use the 'Swipe Up' Feature in Instagram Stories: If you have over 10,000 followers, you can leverage the 'Swipe Up' feature to direct users to a landing page where they can enter their details to access special content or offers.


Utilize Instagram Shopping and Product Tags: If you have a business account, you can set up shoppable posts. Users who show interest in your products can be directed to a signup page before completing a purchase.


Host Contests and Giveaways: Running a contest where participants need to provide their email to enter can be a quick way to build your list. Just ensure that the process complies with Instagram's rules and your local regulations regarding data collection.


Utilize Bio Link: Your Instagram bio is a prime location for a link that leads to a signup page. Tools like Linktree allow multiple links, directing users to various lead magnets or sign-up opportunities.

Proven audience targeting

Instagram advertising offers a wide range of targeting options, allowing businesses to reach specific audience segments. Since Instagram is part of Facebook's advertising network, many of the targeting options available for Facebook ads are also applicable to Instagram. Here's an overview of the targeting options that can be utilized for Instagram ads:


Core Audiences

Target specific demographics like age, gender, location, language, their interests and/or online behaviors.


Lookalike Audiences

Reach new people who are similar to your existing customers or leads.


Connections Targeting

Target users with a specific connection to your page, app, or events.


Custom Audiences

Target customer lists using existing customer data, website visitors who have visited specific pages of your websiteand/or users who have engaged with your app (like installs and purchases, etc).


Life Events Targeting

Reach users who are experiencing specific life events like anniversaries, birthdays, or recent moves.



Target users who have shown interest in your products or services by visiting your website, engaging with your content, or adding items to their cart.


Engagement Targeting

Target users who have engaged with your content on Instagram, such as likes, comments, shares, etc.

The combination of these targeting options enables businesses to craft highly focused and effective ad campaigns on Instagram. By understanding and utilizing these targeting methods strategically, Llama Lead Gen can create campaigns that resonate with the ideal audience, ensuring better engagement and conversion rates.


With Llama Lead Gen's Instagram marketing strategies, you can reach various business objectives, from building brand recognition to generating ROI. Reach out to a Llama Lead Gen representative today and see how our Instagram marketing services can elevate your business!

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What do our Instagram marketing services include?

We at Llama Lead Gen are dedicated to tailoring our Instagram marketing services to suit your unique goals and objectives to accomplish desired outcomes. Our extensive range of services includes expertly designed Instagram creative and ad copy, personalized Instagram campaign construction, and diligent monthly management to ensure maximum success on the platform.


You can trust our team of former Meta marketing experts to lead your Instagram marketing efforts with the highest level of proficiency. Get in touch with us today to discover how our customized Instagram marketing services can help take your business to the next level.

Instagram Creative and Ad Copy

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with campaign builds)

  • Generating content themes based on the target audience (i.e., what they care about, why they care, what is the selling point/value prop? etc.)

  • Creating ad copy and specific messaging for each target audience (subject, body, closing statement/hooks, CTAs)

  • Designing creative assets or tweaking mock-ups of existing creatives to promote (images/videos with CTAs)

  • Pairing creatives (images/videos) with ad copy to ensure synergies

  • Tweaking messaging on landing pages that we will be driving to (if necessary)

  • Creating lead gen forms to capture users' information to schedule a call (if we are using lead gen forms instead of driving to LPs)

  • Tweaking or providing suggestions and optimizations for the landing pages or main website domain to include a clear CTA and messaging (if needed)

sample of Ads created:

Instagram Advertising Campaign Builds

(pre-launch: 2-4 weeks in tandem with creatives/messaging)

  • Scoping out your target audiences - channel-specific targeting, lookalike audiences, and audience list

  • Budgeting (both daily and total budget per month)

  • Forecasting based on benchmarks for your industry

  • Estimated reach - how many people in your target can we reach

  • Bid prices - setting optimal bids based on campaign goals and industry averages

  • Ad sets - setting up campaigns in a structure based on your end goals

  • Installing pixels to gather data on target audiences and measure ROI and effectiveness of ad campaigns

  • Inclusion of remarketing, account-based marketing, and/or lookalike audiences

  • Creating conversion actions and values to trend towards and ensuring UTM parameters are in place

  • Consultation and final updates before we launch 

sample of campaign builds: