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Generated Registered Sign Up's For A Community Engagement Platform

Achieved steady sign-up growth and over 225 asset downloads through an expertly crafted B2B SaaS lead generation marketing strategy.

Illustration for Community Engagement Marketing Case Study

The client developed a unique software as a service to help large enterprises involve employees and customers in serving their community, empowering them to share inspiring stories and showcasing their volunteer efforts to initiate brand advocacy.

They were struggling with customer acquisition (in part due to their high price tag) so they were searching for a B2B SaaS marketing consultant with strong expertise in executing marketing campaigns and generating SaaS B2B marketing leads on LinkedIn.


We came up with a marketing strategy, a sales funnel, created ad copy (from their blog posts), email marketing, and creatives (images and videos) to A/B test. The end goal was to create a holistic lead generation strategy, generate brand awareness, and ultimately schedule demos with executives to garner registered sign-ups to their platform. 







Social actions
(likes, comments, shares)


Cost per lead

Data shown is for a 4 month campaign flight


Content downloads


Registered sign up's

  • Identified 2 creative concepts, setup campaigns, ad groupings, and tracking

  • Designed ads based on creative content concepts and set the messaging and tone of voice

  • Created lead generation forms to capture contact information for demo calls for their free trial

  • Ran both gated and ungated case studies and white papers.

We generated 550 social media engagements (likes, comments, and shares), a steady CTR in line with the campaign goals (~0.75% and above the benchmark of 0.35%), and 5 high quality sign-ups over the duration of a 2-month campaign. For perspective, we had an average CPL of $200 for a product that cost several thousand dollars to implement.

Target goals

  • Identified 2 creative concepts targeting the following buyer personas: CEO, CMO, COO, and VP of Community Affairs of large corporate foundations at large enterprise organizations in the U.S. that have significant philanthropic spend

  • Designed creative concepts based on our SaaS marketing strategies including: sponsored content display and mobile ads

  • Set up target audience criteria, placement options, ad groupings, tracking UTMs, pixels and conversion tracking

  • Monitored analytics during the marketing campaign and optimized based on top performers

Our proposed strategies and social media tactics

  1. Build themes

  2. Create engaging ads

  3. Leverage content

Creative strategy


Share how much good your company is doing and enhance your company's value and culture. Making it is easy for employees to share their volunteer experiences, non-profit work, charitable causes and for your board executives, government representatives, and customers to see the impact your company is making in the community.


We analyzed their landing pages and organic traffic to understand what content marketing pieces were driving the most traffic. We wanted to show potential customers the value of this platform through case studies, white papers and customer testimonials. The content pieces we utilized were meant to be informative, showing the benefits of incorporating the clients’ community engagement platform into their company’s org.

Subject lines
  • How to inspire your employees to take action

  • [Case Study] Building an incredible employer brand

  • Be recognized for the amazing work you do

Ads and reporting

Ads for SaaS Registrations Screenshots Community Engagement Platform

Some words from the client ...


LLG helped create and optimize multiple LinkedIn campaigns for us. They were able to understand the need and context quickly. Their ability to share ideas and insights based on their experience helped to shape a successful campaign. They hit all milestones on time and were great to work with!"

Abisheg Elijah image
Abisheg Elijah

VP of Marketing @ Co.tribute

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