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Increased the Number of Sign-Ups for Voter Platform

Llama Lead Gen got over 275 new users to sign up and a 1.36% CTR on our social media ads.

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OneV is a nonprofit organization that strived to increase voter turnout at election time. During the November 2020 presidential elections, they needed a campaign to encourage US citizens to get out and vote. They wanted to do this through effective social media ads to increase the number of voters in the election.


The organization also has a tool aimed at connecting and informing users about upcoming elections. As part of their lead generation efforts, OneV asked Llama Lead Gen to increase the number of users on their platform.


We designed and built ad campaigns for OneV on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit to increase engagement and generate sign ups. The campaigns also aimed to inform voters about the process and opportunity of mail-in ballots. This was particularly topical as the pandemic and lockdowns lead many states to implement mail-in voting procedures.








Overall CTR across social media channels

Data is shown over a 3-month period


Sign-ups to OneV

  • Developed several social media marketing campaigns to engage the target audience

  • Improved paid social media ads performance

  • Increased the number of sign-ups and subscribers to the platform

About the client

One Nation Every Vote (OneV) is a nonpartisan organization that aims to educate and increase voter turnout. Founded in 2018, they focus on civic engagement to preserve democracy in the United States. Some of the ways they have sought to engage the public include a History of Voting podcast during the midterm elections in 2018. They also use their website and social media channels to share facts and stories about the importance of voting, including elections that have razor-thin margins.


OneV uses TurboVote, a tool that sends text and email reminders to users about critical election information, including dates and deadlines. They’ve also promoted vote-by-mail policies to various levels of government, including State Senates, State House reps, and governors across the county. It was a particular concern during the November 2020 elections, held during the middle of a pandemic.



During the November 2020 presidential election, OneV aimed to see a higher voter turnout and civic engagement. They also wanted to increase the user base for their TurboVote tool. The organization was looking for social media ad campaigns to raise awareness of TurboVote. They also needed creatives designed to be pushed to users of their platform.

Our scope

Llama Lead Gen was brought on to plan and create paid social media ads to encourage voters to participate in the November 2020 election. We built campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. It was extremely topical as the pandemic caused many states to use mail-in ballots.

Our approach - Execution and Implementation

As part of our work with OneV, we enhanced the performance of their paid social media campaigns over the three months leading up to the November 2020 election. We focused on boosting awareness of the election and OneV’s tool. We built and implemented paid social media ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. From powerful images to videos, we encouraged people to vote in the election. We achieved a 1.36% overall CTR across Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, throughout the social media ad campaigns.


Our strategy also saw a significant increase in the number of sign-ups and subscribers. OneV’s tool was designed to connect with voters and share key information about upcoming elections, including dates and deadlines. Through our marketing efforts, we saw over 275+ additional sign-ups to the platform. As part of our marketing efforts, we designed powerful creatives to be pushed to our target audience that were clear, concise, and captivating.


Ads we created


OneV brought us in three months before the November 2020 elections. They were looking for a way to galvanize voters and increase the turnout for the election. There was a growing interest in mail-in ballots as the election took place in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. They asked us to design a robust paid social media ad campaign to increase awareness among voters, and boost users on their platform.


Our marketing team was able to improve OneV’s paid social media performance. We earned 1.36% overall CTR across Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. We were also to grow the number of users on their TurboVote tool by over 275 sign-ups.

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