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Growing Healthread App User Base from the Ground Up

Llama Lead Gen came up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to generate app installs and executed several marketing campaigns which lead to over 65K downloads.

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The client, Healthread, developed an app to connect patients with the same or similar medical conditions to one another. Users would find support and encouragement from the community and find a safe space to discuss health issues.


They needed to build awareness, brand presence, app downloads, installs, and ultimately sign up’s. It called for a marketing organization with a strong background in executing successful marketing campaigns.


We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included organic and paid social media, ad copy, blog posts, email marketing, and creatives. Our team created a powerful lead generation strategy, built brand awareness, and engaged target users from different demographics.







Data is shown over a two-year period


App Installs


Average CTR


Users signed up

  • We helped Healthread grow its user base from zero to over 12,000+ and counting within two years.

  • Google paid search ads produced a CTR of 2.3%, demonstrating the strength and success of our paid social media campaign.

  • Our email nurturing efforts kept Healthread’s target audience engaged, resulting in over 65,000 downloads of the app.

About the client

Healthread is a mobile phone app that aims to build a community of individuals who face similar health challenges regardless of geography or background. Through the app, users can find support and encouragement by talking through their medical issues together. The app is not designed to connect users to medical professionals but rather to talk with others going through the same things. This shared experience and new perspectives are vital to emotional and mental health in difficult times.


Whether you are a concerned parent, a college student grappling with isolation, a caregiver of another individual, or a patient, Healthread allows you to connect with others who share your concerns and questions.



Healthread is a new app that offers a different approach than other medical or health apps. They needed to garner a following and brand awareness to drive installs and ultimately sign ups. Healthread was also looking to generate subscribers on various marketing channels, including social media and email to attract users from their target audience and demographic.  

Our responsibilities
  • Develop social media strategies for the target audience that would increase the user base

  • Oversee all their digital properties for paid ads, organic social, and email marketing

  • Create a media plan, content development plan, build landing pages, set up and run giveaway campaigns, and nurture sign ups over email

  • Build campaigns to generate awareness, download key pieces of content, and initiate app installs

  • Manage interactions within the app and help to facilitate conversations that increase app engagement

Our approach - Execution and implementation

Taking the lead on Healthread’s digital media strategy, we divided our activities into the following areas:

Strategy and Branding
  • Our content writers worked to spread the message and share Healthreads’ value with others

  • Posted content that resonated with the target audience to build brand awareness

  • Along with building a strong following, we also created a brand voice for Healthread

  • Created ads and campaigns surrounding key health topics

  • Optimized the landing page to ensure CTAs were clear and form fills were above the fold, making it simple for leads to fill out

  • Built engagement within the app and prepared content to help users navigate their way through the site


A/B testing different creatives

Organic Social Content
  • Platforms used: Buffer

  • We used a combination of organic posts and paid social media ads to generate awareness of the app

  • Using dynamic marketing techniques, we created specific messaging tailored to different audiences

  • Built company pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Optimized the use of platforms so we could reach target audiences at the best time

  • Created engaging messaging, videos, and images to tell Healthread’s story across social media channels

  • With posts, we invited the target audience to follow Healthread social media accounts

  • Built brand ambassadors and got organic impressions of posted content

Email Marketing
  • Platforms used: MailJet

  • We built a landing page for email sign up and nurtured sign ups to maintain their interest before launch. Our goal was to keep the audience interested until the app was ready for download. To do this, we sent emails that contained information such as videos and blog links that were relevant to the Healthread audience

  • Continued email marketing campaigns aimed at engaging Healthread users, communicating new feature and product releases, promoting giveaway campaigns, and sharing engaging content

Paid Social Ad Campaigns (Google, Apple, Facebook/Instagram, and Reddit)
  • Platforms used: Apple, Google, Facebook/Instagram, Reddit

  • Used paid social ads to encourage the target audience to sign up for the free platform and drive brand awareness. Ultimately the goal was to get interested people to download the app and sign up for an account

  • We aimed to avoid ad fatigue by ensuring users did not see the same ad more than seven times

  • Altered content depending on the platform so we could better engage the audience

  • Utilized dynamic marketing techniques and created specific target messages that would be more relevant to that audience

Ads we created


Quote from a happy user



Working with Healthread from inception, we helped them grow from zero users to over 12k. We built brand awareness and a voice. Insights gathered were crucial for re-marketing efforts.


Our marketing team successfully reached high CTR and app download and install rates. We cultivated an interest in the app through organic and paid social ads. We also nurtured leads with a robust email marketing strategy to keep users interested, engaged, and wanting more.