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How We Achieved A 12% Conversion Rate For A B2B Pharma Marketing Campaign

+140% follower growth for a pharmaceutical company by implementing paid ad lead generation campaigns.

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The company offers drug testing kits to businesses to fight against drug abuse. The goal was to generate sales leads for their target customers who wanted to purchase drug testing kits in bulk in order to conduct pre-employment drug screenings on their employees. 

The client needed a marketing consultant who understood the pharmaceutical industry. They were looking for someone with a track record of success in B2B marketing strategies, specifically with pharmaceutical digital marketing campaigns on Linkedin. They wanted recommendations on the correct setup of their pharmaceutical digital marketing strategies, to create and manage their ads, and to give CRO feedback on their landing pages.







Data shown is for a 6 month campaign flight







  • Averaged a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 0.60% whereas the benchmark was 0.35%

  • Achieved a conversion rate of 12% which is double the standard benchmark of 6% for B2B pharma marketing campaigns

  • Acquired an extensive re-marketing list based on our social media marketing healthcare campaigns’ results

  • 294 social actions (likes, comments, shares) and over 140% follower growth to the company

Our approach

1.Developed holistic pharmaceutical marketing consulting 

Included goals and KPIs, benchmarks, materials needed, phased approach, creative strategy and implementation guidelines.

2. Created a media plan specific to the clients' goals

Mapped out targeting, keywords, campaign and ad groupings, email lists, text ads, sponsored content, budget, bids, flights, and messaging concepts to test.

3. Built and managed pharmaceutical marketing campaigns

Aligned ad sets to target audiences across each platform, copywriting and set budgets and bids.


The target audience developed was mostly employers hiring blue-collar workers with an emphasis on locations that had frequent illegal and prescription drug abuse, and pro-marijuana legislation within the United States.

Specifically targeted by job functions such as HR, Purchasing, Sales, and Business Development. We also targeted specific job titles and account lists.

Content utilized

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Blog Posts

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Co-branded Case Studies

Ads and reporting

Pharmaceutical Lead Generation Marketing Results Screenshots

Strategy through informed research

  • Through our research, we determined that other pharma companies were providing free sample drug tests in exchange for user’s contact information with the goal of bringing in loyal customers. We set up a sample drug testing campaign utilizing best performing targets and ad products - Sponsored Content and InMail mix.

  • Video advertising campaign to engage users through this highly effective medium

  • Create/utilize more content to share on LinkedIn to increase audience engagement and followers within the healthcare industry


Successfully promoted the sale of drug testing kits to the target audience established. Built brand awareness and positioned the client as a thought leader, while driving sales leads for the sales reps to convert. Gathered substantial insights for re-marketing.

Achieved higher than average benchmarks in key categories such as CTR, followers (both organically and paid), and conversion rate, which led to the sales (in bulk) of their drug testing kits.

Some words from the client ...


Stellar provider. LLG was strategic, experienced, professional, and a great asset to our campaign. We are looking forward to working with them more. We recommend Adam and his team to anyone, especially those targeting Linkedin as a platform.

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Mike Lyons

VP of Marketing @ Test Country

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