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case study

Elevating Landing Pages for Higher Ed & SaaS Platforms

Discover how Llama Lead Gen helped clients achieve their goals with landing pages and improve their online presence.

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Landing pages play a crucial role in driving conversions and capturing leads for businesses. In this case study, Llama Lead Gen takes pride in showcasing the successful redesign of landing pages for three distinct SaaS platforms. By leveraging our UI/UX design expertise, we aimed to create engaging and persuasive landing pages for, a Higher Education SaaS Platform, and and, two Influencer Management SaaS Platforms.





Client Background

Parchment serves as a vital bridge between learners and academic institutions, simplifying the exchange of academic credentials. Our objective was to create landing pages that streamlined the user journey, improved the information architecture, and incorporated clear calls-to-action, resulting in a seamless and efficient credential exchange process.

CreatorIQ empowers brands to connect with influencers and execute successful influencer marketing campaigns. Llama Lead Gen aimed to design landing pages highlighting the platform's features, offering intuitive navigation, and delivering persuasive content to drive brand-influencer collaborations.


Tribe Dynamics provides influencer marketing analytics and insights, enabling brands to optimize their influencer strategies. Our goal was to craft a landing page that effectively showcased the platform's monthly insights and resources in an easy-to-use way to attract clients seeking comprehensive influencer marketing information.


Research and Analysis

To ensure the success of the landing page redesigns, we conducted in-depth user research for each industry. We gained valuable insights into the target audiences' behavior, preferences, and expectations through surveys, interviews, and analytics analysis. Additionally, we conducted thorough competitor analysis, studying the landing pages of industry leaders and identifying best practices that could be adapted for our clients' platforms.

Design and Development

Collaborating closely with each client, we established clear project objectives and identified the target audience's needs and pain points. Wireframing and prototyping stages were tailored to each platform's unique requirements, ensuring optimal user experiences. Through iterative design and feedback cycles, we refined the layouts, visual elements, and content to align with the client's branding and messaging strategies, fostering an impactful first impression.


Our design focused on simplifying the user interface, ensuring the key actions were prominently displayed. We employed a clean and modern typography style, utilized a consistent color scheme, and improved the visual hierarchy to guide users effortlessly through the credential exchange process.


Recognizing the importance of user engagement, we strategically highlighted the platform's features and benefits throughout the landing page. A visually appealing and intuitive design enabled users to navigate seamlessly, encouraging them to explore the advantages of influencer collaborations.

Tribe Dynamics

Leveraging a captivating storytelling approach, we combined compelling copy and immersive visuals to convey the platform's value proposition. We worked with their data sets to help showcase the platform's best insights and reports, establishing credibility and trust with potential clients.