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How We Made the Top 10 List Of Best Marketing Agencies In New York

We’re extremely proud to announce that Clutch recently named Llama Lead Gen one of the best marketing agencies in New York and one of the top B2B companies in the United States (check out our shiny new badges!).

Clutch is one of the most trusted guides for business decision makers who are searching for firms to work with on all manner of projects. Aggregating data, reviews, and consumer and competitive insights, Clutch makes it easy to find the best of the best for whatever your business might need to accomplish. We’re pretty thrilled to be honored by Clutch for our work.

When accolades like this come along, they act as milestones and inspire us to reflect on our journeys. It’s been a long road building our little marketing agency, and it in fact started while CEO Adam Yaeger was traveling around the world. So let’s take a moment to look back along the path to what made us one of New York’s best marketing agencies and a top US B2B company.

Who we are and what we do

Sure, you can head over to the About Us page to get to know us better, but we’re celebrating here! And we want to acknowledge where we came from and how we rose to the top. It all began with our fearless leader Adam, who saw an opportunity to help other businesses make an impact while he was traveling with Remote Year. A program for those seeking new adventures and experiences around the globe while being able to work—and network—remotely, Remote Year allowed Adam to step back from his regular office life as a successful marketer and take stock of what he really wanted to do. Living in the presence of many budding and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and having a background working as a digital marketer for huge, well-known companies and brands, Adam saw an opportunity to really leverage his skills and his network to build an agency that could help clients big and small to strategically get more qualified leads through the (digital) door.

Over the last three years, Adam has built out a complementary team of technical and creative talent that can strategize and execute high-performing paid and organic digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and others). Llama Lead Gen works with both B2B and B2C clients alike and understands that every industry has its unique challenges and paths toward growth. It’s with this understanding that we’re able to create bespoke digital advertising campaigns that align with each client’s specific objectives—both in the short term and with the bigger picture in mind.

How we became one of the best digital marketing agencies

At the end of the day, success in running digital marketing campaigns comes down to results. The data-minded part of us would say that being the best is all about the fact that we make the numbers go up for our clients—more engagement, more leads, more sales, more growth. And yes, that’s a big part of what it means to be great.

But we’re also a team of people, and we don’t want to forget that old Maya Angelou quote that you’ve probably seen thrown around before: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What makes us one of the best marketing agencies in New York is our balance of brain (in the form of tactical execution and data-driven optimization) and heart (in the form of getting to know our clients deeply, crafting strategies that are unique to them and their resources, and being as hands-on and attentive as possible every step of the way). One of our clients said it simply and powerfully: "They do what they say they’re going to do, and are interested in helping clients grow their business."

Whether you’re a large company with a marketing department of your own or you’re a one-person show, we think you’re a rockstar for building a business and reaching out for help, and we always aim to treat you like one.

What is a great marketing company?

We know what makes LLG great, but generally speaking, we asked ourselves, what are the criteria for building a list of the top marketing agencies?

A great marketing company is one that not only provides top-quality services to their clients, but one that...

  • Goes above and beyond expectations by helping them to understand more deeply what their product or service is all about and how they are perceived by consumers across the digital space.

  • A great agency shares the strategy and deeper thinking of what they do with their clients and doesn’t just feed them favorable analytics reports from week to week.

  • Clients who work with a truly great agency come away feeling cared for, successful, and like they better understand how all the elements of how they market their product or service work together as they move forward.

  • And a great marketing agency is one that clients want to work with again!

Who are the best digital marketing companies in NY?

Clutch’s list of the best marketing agencies is smart and well researched, and we are proud to be in such good company. Some of the other heavy hitters include Tinuiti, Phase 3, and Social Fly. We’re #2 on this list! Not too shabby.

Who have we worked with?

Our collective backgrounds allow us to seamlessly create successful campaigns across many industries. We’ve worked on SaaS, IT enterprises, health and pharmaceutical campaigns, eCommerce, and lots in between. What really matters is being able to understand the context of each business, and the audience they’re trying to reach. One of the things that we think makes us one of the top New York agencies and top B2B companies in the US is our approach to deeply understand these elements up front so that we are able to build campaigns that truly connect with the intended target audiences, and therefore get great results! Check out our case studies for a deeper dive into some of our client history.

Where we’re headed

We’re super proud of our recent successes, but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s time to rest. Marketing is evolving at light speeds as platforms proliferate and expand and more products and services come online to meet both consumer and business needs across expanding markets. The importance of a strategic marketing plan and the tactical expertise to execute on and measure its effectiveness is of the utmost importance for any company with a product or service that has a presence online. Now more than ever Llama Lead Gen is dedicated to working through our clients’ greatest challenges and helping them reach their audiences. We continue to expand our team capabilities and knowledge and aspire to remain one of the best marketing agencies in New York and beyond for years to come.


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