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Sometimes budgeting can be confusing, and even a little scary. Luckily, you have this step-by-step guide to help you figure it out. Read on for help with creating a marketing budget and translating your campaign's goals into numbers.





LinkedIn is likely the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal (especially if you’re a B2B marketer). LLG is founded and run by an ex-LinkedIn marketer, so let us guide you on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn advertising.






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Kicking off an advertising campaign on two of the biggest social media platforms in history is a task easier said than done. From optimizing your ads to growing your social media campaigns exponentially, this is your ultimate guide to Facebook and Instagram advertising.





This guide to Reddit advertising aims to break down exactly how using Reddit as part of your marketing strategy can work, why it’s potentially worthwhile, and how best to take advantage of this sprawling yet community-oriented platform to get your message out there.





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Illustration for Sponsored Content and InMail guide

What are the different types of ads available to run on LinkedIn? Which LinkedIn ad format is best? Create winning Sponsored Content and InMail campaigns on LinkedIn using these targeting tips from an ex-LinkedIn marketer.




To create a unified experience across digital media and the physical world, it’s crucial to structure anonymous traffic and create a “whole-person view.” Having connected all identifiers to a person, you can then make informed decisions regarding targeting, personalization, and ultimately the physical shopping experience.






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Digital advertising is a channel often underused by pharmaceutical companies, a wasted opportunity, as it helps address the industry’s manifold and often unique challenges.




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